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Symbolic of corporate attires, trousers have been an essential part of our wardrobes for a while now and are liked by both men and women. Pants are comparatively a little less formal clothing and offer more comfort than trousers. Thus, the battle between trousers and pants has been prevailing over the years, and people have their personal preferences when it comes to both.

When it comes to formal trousers for men, comfort becomes a key factor. However, trouser pants for ladies, when considered, come down to both looks and comfort. Both choose to pair trousers with crisp shirts, blouses for women and semi-formal shirts too. Today, a lot of brands offer smart trousers for women that give them the comfort of pairing them with tees for a casual day or a buttoned-down shirt for something a little more formal. The option of going with half trousers is also something to consider since it makes for a beautiful casual statement and can be conveniently teamed with a washed tee, jacket or tank top. If you’re confused while making up your mind about whether to opt for trousers vs pants, the perfect option is to check online for options.

Choosing the best trousers for men

Picking out trousers doesn’t have to be a task. Be it baggy, Bermuda’s, capri pants, cargo pants, leggings or palazzos, you can choose from so many options today! Although the idea that not all brands have the same sizing is right, it certainly isn’t rocket science. For the best outcome, try not going shopping when you’re bored, or you’ve just had a heavy meal. Pick out a good morning with minimum interruptions. Next, choose the stores that you like. Thirdly set a budget. With these three essential things planned out, you’re set to go shopping! Always remember to put your money on something you like and not something that is reasonably priced or offers a stellar discount! Here’s what else you need to keep in mind while shopping for pants.

Ask what you need

A lot of great brands offer fantastic options when it comes to formal trousers for men. Be it the fitting, style, colour, or customisations – brands never hold back when it comes to offering variety. Some even go a step further to custom-make products for individual customers when it comes to special occasions. Always ensure you ask for it at the store. Be it a change in colour, style to suit your body type or mild alterations for the size. Brands are happy to go the extra mile to make their customers happy. Also, inquire about other aspects like shopping online, returns and payment mediums. Always get the facts right before you make a purchase.

Choose according to your body type

While the option of half trousers is loved by many, it may or may not be the best choice for a formal office scenario. However, considering it for a semi-formal or casual look is a unique choice. It is recommended to pair half trousers with a good T-shirt or a washed-out shirt for maximum visual appeal. Depending on your build, i.e. slim, medium or heavy, you can choose the ones that work for you. Most men with good physiques look great in fitted trousers. The others can opt for slightly less-fitted choices. The choice, however, depends also on how your body type is. Motorcycle pants and rib trousers, for example, look great on those with a heavy physique.

The fabric

Aspects like thread count etc., is also essential to consider, given you’re investing in high-end trousers. Those who have a slightly lower budget can try good choices like cotton or cotton blends. These are great for everyday wear and don’t require a ton of maintenance either. Stick to reputed brands so issues like the colour wearing out, shrinkage etc., don’t worry you later. The fabric should also allow your skin to breathe. Skinny pants, sports pants, stretch and thermal pants and treggings all have excellent stretch options. Skin-friendly material will ensure comfort over long hours of wearing them. There are a lot of brands in the market that sell fabric that looks great at dirt-cheap prices. Always go for quality over design and other visual appeal aspects.

The fit matters

Formal trousers for men should be of proper fitting and the right length. Don’t be afraid to play around with colours. However, it is best to stick to the basics, considering it is for formal wear. Shades of black, grey, white, blue and brown work best and can be worn with pretty much any colour of trousers and look great. For the best fit, consider a regular pair that you like. Try analysing the pros and cons of this one and see where you can fill in the gaps with a new brand. Also, wear the trousers in the store and try to determine their fit, style and level of comfort. It should be easy on your body and not make you feel unusual.

The right occasion

Make sure that the cut and fitting of the trousers work for your body type too. While it is always recommended to wear excellent fitted trousers, make sure that it suits your body type. Those with a medium to heavy build should try to wear pants that are not too fitted, while those with a slender build can opt for perfectly fit trousers. Proper fitting will ensure the overall outcome of your outfit doesn’t look “unprofessional.” Depending on the occasion as well, you can choose the make and style of your pants. While an office scene calls for something fitted, perhaps in a solid shade, casual wear trousers can be fun and different.

Tips on how to buy Trousers

Whether you have been a regular shopper or not, certain regular clothing pieces like shirts and trousers too, require a bit of pre-shopping info to make the shopping experience a breeze. These tips will help you understand just what you need to keep in mind the next time you plan on going shopping for trousers. Although it is no big challenge to nail the right pair, a few things will surely make your experience better.

  • Don’t stick to the regulars – Although it is essential to keep it simple, don’t make your outfit boring. Colours like black, blue and brown are monotonous. To get a better idea, check shades that match your skin tone. As for the trousers, look on the internet for some ideas that may be available at your favourite stores.
  • Choose the right colours – Even if you love sticking to classics, there are varying shades in solid colours like black and brown that make it enjoyable. Options like ash black, charcoal back, mahogany brown, caramel and pecan look lovely. They add that touch of uniqueness that will make you stand apart from the crowd.
  • Opt for one type of fitting – Don’t experiment too much with the kinds of fit. For beginners, go to a store that will be able to get measurements for you and try on a few from their collection. Good trousers should neither be too tight nor too loose. It should be comfortable while sitting and walking. Once you find the perfect type, stick to it.
  • Pay attention to details – Certain aspects like the pockets, belt loops and button closure also make a difference. Some of these things will make it extremely easy to wear trousers. Weigh out your pros and cons. Always ask for new additions to pants every time you go shopping.
  • Inquire about maintaining the trouser – Depending on the make and fabric, some pants may require only dry cleaning, light pressing or sulphate-free detergents while washing etc. While purchasing it, inquire about these possibilities so you can follow them. These aspects also increase the life of the fabric.
  • Look up accessories – Trousers look great with a good belt and shoes. Try checking options for these when you buy a new pair. Especially if you’re experimenting with a different style, it goes without saying that you should purchase a few accessories to match it. Dressing formally does not have to be time-consuming. The trick is to find options in both top wear and bottom wear that suit you and see different styles and colours of the same.

You should consider your comfort and style above everything else. Similarly, choose your accessories well so they complement your attire – yet again, it is best to stick to one piece of accessories per outfit with the intention of not overdoing it. Check out, a fabulous product search engine to truly make your shopping experience a breeze!

Question & Answer

Where should trousers end?

Well, there is no definite answer to this question! Depending on the style of the trousers, their length also differs. Most ankle-length trousers end just at the ankles or maybe slightly above them. However, for a standard pair, it should touch the ankles but not flow below the lace-line of your shoes. The length can be slightly lower at the back than the front. The primary rule here is that your socks should not be visible. The trouser should not cover the shoe either. Good brands are Gucci, Burberry, Versace, ZARA, Khaadi, H&M, Denim, Tommy Hilfiger, Adidas and Prada.

How to choose good women’s formal pants outfits?

Many well-known brands offer good trouser pants for ladies and work well with both fitted shirts and blouses. If one likes the option of smart trousers for women, then it is essential to understand that teaming these with the right top-wear and shoes is an equally important decision. Go for brands that offer trouser pants for ladies in multiple colours and patterns to make the right choice. Once you decide on a type, opt for a few shades in the same fitting so you can incorporate it into your routine with ease. Smart trousers for women with closed formal shoes, heels like kitten heels and wedges or closed dressy sandals look great.

Which brands to consider while picking trousers for men?

Go with your choices. With endless options at your disposal, start by looking at brands that offer both comfort and selection. The new range of Replay Comfort Trousers, Forever 21, Sacoor Brother, Michael Kors, Lacoste, and Ralph Lauren offer a fantastic variety of choices. It is an excellent decision to also opt for a couple of shirts and top wear while selecting new trousers to ensure they go along with the look. Focus on comfort and style. Always try to keep it simple. If your pants have prints or detailing, wear a plain, simple shirt and vice versa. Shoes are best kept in black or brown (with alternating shades) to complete a corporate look.

Which brands to consider while picking trousers for women?

Women have the choice of investing in trousers, pants, high-waisted cigarette trousers, skirts, pantsuits, and other options when it comes to dressing up formally. Good brands in the UAE for women are Ginger Basics, Marks & Spencer, H&M, Gap, ASOS, Forever 21, Giordano, Ted Baker, Nautica, and more.  Always ensure that you stick to the basics yet try to alternate with your looks.  Amongst the styles, you can choose from include chino pants , zip pants, Bermuda’s, capri pants , cargo pant s, harems, and more.

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