Harem Pants

About Harem Pants

Baggy harem pants are one of the coolest things on earth. You can wear them on a night out with friends or on a summer holiday. By mixing and matching them with the right tops, you will look and feel good.

Harem is a full-length baggy trouser that is spacious near the crotch and fitted at the ankle. Historical evidence shows that in 1910, Parisian designer, Paul Poiret, introduced them in western fashion as “harem skirts.” Its design was inspired by the harems of Middle Eastern sultans dating back to the earlier 20th century. However, at first, they were considered a controversial way of introducing trousers to women. Today, contemporary harem pants are styled in many different ways. That is what we are going to discuss on this page, so read on.

Types of harem pants to consider

A comfortable harem trouser is a must in your wardrobe. It has evolved much over time. Thanks to its dramatic aesthetics and elegance, it is still in demand. Plus, it is stunning and comfortable. So, you can carry it off with poise. You can also mix and match it with various outfits. Hence, fashionistas around the globe love harems. This is why you can find them for both men and women. Do you want to reinvent your style and spruce up your look this season? Let’s check out below the different types of this iconic apparel.

Bohemian harem pants

Harems are ultra-stylish, and this fact could not be denied. They are fashionable and fabulous. Particularly, Bohemian harem pants and overlay harems are some of the hottest trending items this year. They are well-loved for their individuality and variety of fabric, prints, and colours. Hence, you can indulge in endless style options. High-waisted harems are flattering and easy to pair with anything. It all boils down to your creativity on how to achieve the look you’re aiming for. If you are wondering where to find various harem pants, Newchic is one of the best shops to explore.

Festive harem pants

Once you get a cosy harem, you will never go back to body-hugging jeans anymore. Harems can help you rock a casual everyday look with comfort, especially if you are on holiday. If you have never tried the hippie way of styling them, then you are missing half of your life. A festive night is the best way to slay them. Shop for unique harem pants online to be the centre of attraction in the crowd. You can consider pairing a chequered or peacock-printed harem with a nude top. Of course, finish it off with the right footwear.

Harem pants for all seasons

You can wear them all year. Yes, you heard it right! You can pair them with a faux fur coat on snowy days or rock them with a floral top in summer. No matter the season, they always look fantastic. Though harem trousers can be quite thin to wear in winter, layering them up with a body warmer will not harm your look. Rather, it will keep you covered and comfy at the same time. Most importantly, there is nothing that harems cannot do. You can wear them for shopping, dancing, travelling, aerobics, motorbiking, yoga, beach time, sleeping, and more.

Tips on how to buy Harem Pants online  

Harems have recently made a comeback in the fashion world. They offer unlimited style options for men and women of different body shapes. By choosing the right tops and shoes, you will look dazzling in harem pants. We want you to make the right choice. So, check out below some tips that will serve as your guide when shopping online.

  • Selecting the fabric – Harem pants for men come in different cuts than those for women. The fabric drapes differently on each body. Thus, girls must look for harems made of cotton jersey, silk, or delicate fabrics. They stay wrinkle-free for long.
  • Finding a proper fit – Pants that sag in the centre halfway down to the legs are not flattering enough. So, ensure that the drop crotch is not below the mid-thigh. The folds must also fall neatly. Most importantly, your choice must not be too loose or too tight. Limited fabric is also the key to experiencing comfort in harems.
  • Choosing patterns and colours – Harems come in diverse colours, styles, and patterns. So, choosing the right combination is entirely up to you. Plus-size women look better in dark shades and larger prints. Meanwhile, Petites look good in lighter colours with smaller prints.
  • Social media for style ideas – Still not sure about the style you want to buy? Instagram and Pinterest can help you get a better idea. However, ensure to pick something that you are comfortable and confident in.
  • Choosing the right supplier – Online shopping is never risky if you buy from the right supplier. Our shopping search engine is the best place to find branded harems for women and men in Dubai. Plus, you can indulge in fantastic deals no matter the season!

From Jennifer Lopez to Halle Berry, all celebs are seen rocking harems. They wear it both on casual days and on the red carpet. Thus, these are no longer limited to yoga or gym workouts. They can be daring, edgy, or chic if need be. Find out the best harem pants in Dubai today!

Question & Answer

Are high-waisted harem pants in style?

Harem pants have recently made a big comeback in the fashion world. The core reason for it is the fact that they are uniquely comfortable and fashionable clothing items. Plus, they are versatile enough for both men and women. Not to mention, they look amazing on all body types. This is true, especially for those who want to hide their flaws or mummy tummy. Of course, they are also a perfect match for different tops. For so many reasons these pants are believed to stay in style for a really long time.

Are harem pants good for yoga?

Yes, these pants are really an ideal option for yoga lovers. According to many users, harems are a must-have, especially for those who love yoga. They are spacious enough to allow maximum movement in performing various yoga movements. Thus, you never have to worry about any disruption in your overturns. Aside from yoga, harems are also best for activities like dance cardio or barre class. They not only give you enough space to move but can maintain your style while working.

Can I wear harem pants to work?

Yes, they could be a sophisticated addition to your workwear collection. You can easily pair your harem pants with a white blouse. Be sure though to choose something with a corporate vibe. Thus, go for wrinkle-free trousers with a neutral tone like solid white, black, or tan. Of course, the same principle applies to the top of your choice. Last but not least, keep your accessories simple. For more design inspirations and ideas, you can explore the fashion influencer online. They share tips on how to mix and match clothing items to create new looks.

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