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Womens  Treggings  Teal
Womens Treggings Teal
fine cotton blend with elastane provides a pleasant feeling. pants have a comfortable wide waist waistband. with belt loop two decorative pockets and two pockets are pickled like jeans but they are far more comfortable.
Womens Treggings  Gray
Womens Treggings Gray
high wearing comfort these treggings sit perfectly and remain in shape. the supersofte elastic quality ensures a comfortable wearing feeling. the pants have a comfortable elastic waistband.
Womens Treggings  Anthracite
Womens Treggings Anthracite
without this type of trousers this season simply can not do. the front side is the appearance of high-quality suede the back is made of soft viscose blend lenzing-viscose® and elastane. tregíny have a comfortable waist waistband pockets and fake fa
Womens Treggings  Gray
Womens Treggings Gray
these treggings fit perfectly and are resistant to deformation. soft material mix of cotton and elastane content makes it pleasant to wear them. they have a comfortable elastic band in the tunnel so do not oppress treggings. with belt loops two dec
Womens Treggings  Black
Womens Treggings Black
these treggings nestle like a second skin and emphasize the body in a pleasant way. the pleasantly soft and dimensionally stable trousers with cotton-blend quality adapts to the body and thanks to elastane is particularly resistant to deformation. in
Womens Treggings  Green
Womens Treggings Green
the treggings in soft cotton blend quality with two ornamental pockets two patch pockets belt loops zipper and decorative side stitching are a colorful basic. the comfortable elastic waistband sits perfectly without constricting.

About Treggings

The world of fashion keeps reverberating with a new glossary every day. For example, ‘flatforms’ are interestingly the term coined for the flat platforms heels that women wear. There are ‘sunnies,’ that means sunglasses. And just in case if you have missed it, there are ‘treggings’ too! And what are they exactly?  'Treggings' is the term used to define trouser leggings. They are very much form-fitting when it comes to the thigh region and legs.  

They are undoubtedly one of the most significant clothing trends to come along since leggings and jeggings. As confusing as they might sound, the treggings doesn’t feel the same when it comes to wearing. The treggings material is generally opaque looking elastically stretchable fabric. They often resemble other fabric materials such as leather, wool, corduroy, vinyl, etc. And, therefore, they are one of the chic trouser options for work that match well with blazers, oversized pieces, and any other tops. By the way, you should know that the aerated suede is the most flattering tregging material ever. They are some of the breathable fabrics that help you stay cool even in this form fitted bottoms. Let us introduce you to the beautiful world of these so that you can make wise purchases the next time you shop for treggings. 

Discover a few types and characteristics of treggings

Do you want to know an interesting fact? The treggings have initially been the innovation of Balmain, the French designer. However, the first treggings were born in the year 2010 with the Vogue models. They came in leather and shiny elastic fabric. Eventually, they evolved into different forms and cuts. Some even have embroidery and decorative elements on them. Here we’ve compiled for you some of their characteristics and the styles that’ll make your job a tad easier to choose the perfect one.  

Feel the sense of comfort, wear the cropped treggings 

Treggings have the edge over the jeans, trousers and leggings. You’ll find them more comfortable than jeans or any trousers. However, the cropped tregging is more versatile in style and is typically used for informal occasions. However, you can wear these pants for formal events too, but only if you style them wisely. Moreover, they give you a sleek look, ensure a snug fit, and usually are shorter than the normal treggings. This cropped pant can be a little tricky to wear as they look best when worn with tops that cover your bottom. Therefore, you can consider them as a multi-purpose garment that will pull together an outfit quickly and easily.  

Look stylish with a pair of high-waist treggings 

Although they look like trousers, they are far more than that. They are the perfect blend of trousers and a legging. It portrays the look of the trouser and the functionality of the leggings. This stylish hybrid of tregging, the high waist, is a bonus of all classic ones. They stay high on the waist and come with a simple elasticized wide waistband, belt loops, buttons, rivets, zip closures and much more. The best part about the high waisted treggings is that you can wear them high as well as low on the waist. They come in high stretch fabric, which is ideal for a slim but comfortable silhouette.  

What is the difference between leggings and treggings? 

The concept of skinny bottoms is a replacement for stockings or naked legs. And it is quite intriguing that primarily the tregging is one of the branches of a legging but are dissimilar to them in many ways. The stiffer pants can’t provide a sense of comfort that the leggings can offer. However, they are not sufficient pants on their own. Usually, you might have to wear them with a rear covering the top. And, here where the treggings come in. They are more forgiving alternatives. Unlike leggings, treggings is trousers that lend the wearer a formal look. Therefore, they are perfect bottoms for work. They are incredibly comfortable, and you can pair them with formal shirts and jackets.  

Tips on how to buy the best Treggings online

Shun your pair of jeans and start wearing the treggings.  treggings snuggly fit your body and are therefore far from being uncomfortable. Their well-fitting nature facilitates smooth movement and flexibility. They do not crumble up and thereby create a unique comfort zone. When it comes to its wearability, you can wear them for sport, formal brunch, as well as evening, eat-outs. You can match them with a traditional kurta or a contemporary chic top. Either way, you can pair them from anything and everything. Here are some tips to buy the right treggings in Dubai for the right occasion.

  • Analyse your body type— Ladies if you have plump thighs, that make you feel insecure and low, go for treggings plus size. This will hide away the fat quotient of your legs, and you can walk in confidence. It is best if you pair it with a fitting top that touches your waist. Try and invest in a seamless innerwear too. Remember that, the fitting nature of these pants can be a bit revealing. So, try and opt for pant liners.
  • Go for the right fit— Have you purchased a longer tregging? Then, make sure that you alter them to fit you right. You could also fold them in the ankle region, like the way you do it for your jeans and other longer fitting pants. Remember that these pants are form-fitting and can be a bit too revealing. Therefore, your main consideration must fit.
  • Pair them with right accessories— They must convey a kind of futuristic, hip vibe without sacrificing the style quotient. Because even though they are stylish, they work best when you wear them correctly. You can ensure that by bringing fluidity to your fitted look when you are wearing these. You can accomplish that by pairing them with flowy tops and jackets.
  • Do not settle in for cheap treggings— The higher the quality, the stylish and durable they are. Go for a sleek pair of treggings from Marks and Spencer and tuck your favourite button-down. Finish off your look with a polished pair of oxfords. You could also wear them with a classic striped sweater. Add in a pair of mid-heel pumps and silky scarf for the neck for that extra outfit oomph.

Leggings are tight-fitting bottom wears. They are incredibly comfortable to wear and offer the wearer freedom of movement. That is why they aid them to carry out any activity, both indoors and outdoors alike. Available in assorted colours and prints, they are undeniably an excellent fashion diet for those who prefer chic yet comfortable pants. The thick fabric that they come in makes them look slender and comfortable. This makes the pull effect of the treggings more prominent. Therefore, we can say that treggings ideally are semi-structured functional trousers that offer the comfort of a legging and the look of the trousers.

Question & Answer

What are treggings?

Even though they look like tight trousers, treggings are far more than that. They are a perfect fuse between a trouser and a legging. They merge the look of a trouser with the fit of a legging. This hybrid offers pretty much everything from ankle-skimming length to form-fitting and comfort features. They are relaxed and crumple free, which makes them ideal formal wear and snag resistant.

What are ponte treggings?

Ponte treggings is a little different to leggings in a good way. They are an amalgamation of leggings, trousers and skinny jeans rolled into one. These are designed to fit and flatter your shape and are sort of legging hybrid that goes through a double-knit process. They are tighter fitted at the leg and around the bottom than the normal trousers. And the best part about them is that they are generally machine wash and don’t need ironing!

What are treggings and jeggings?

The concept of treggings and jeggings is ideally the same, as skinny bottoms. They are the replacement of stockings or naked legs, and both branched from its parent—leggings. A leggings duty is to offer comfort for legs that stiffer pants cannot provide. However, these alternatives are more forgiving because wearing them is like visual heaven. Moreover, unlike jeggings, the treggings are worn to more conservative avenues.

Where are treggings sold?

So, women of the 21st century, if you want to climb up the social ladder, you need to get one for yourself, and that too a perfect treggings. Now that you know their exact purpose, it's time you find the perfect platform to buy one. But where can you buy treggings online that are stylish yet comfortable? Do you buy it online or go to a shop personally? Of course, you buy it online, because that is the easiest option. Or is it easy? Visit the best shopping search engine to find that out. We bet you’ll get a swoon-worthy collection of treggings from known brands like H&M, Zara, Marks and Spencer, Tchibo, Ponte, Whowhatwear, Dorothy Perkins, OVS Fashion, Sinsay, Cyrillus, and Seraphine. And online shops such as  Brands for Less, Ounass, Lacoste, Newchic, and many more.

Treggings are a fashion must, and the newer ones come with more sophisticated construction and styling. Therefore, being a popular trend in the fashion industry, you'll find them in almost all the acclaimed shopping sites and shops. But, none of them compares to the impressive collection of treggings at