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Investing in functional rainwear is essential. With monsoon as a periodic season, it goes without a say that monsoon clothing like rain trousers, raincoats, waterproof boots, umbrellas, monsoon glasses, and caps are much-needed accessories. Since monsoons also mean muck, puddles and dirty rainwater, this may often mean spending considerable amounts on dry cleaning bills.

However, don’t restrict monsoon wear to raincoats and umbrellas alone. Especially for people who walk to work or are dependent on public modes of transport, i.e., those who don’t have their vehicles for travel need proper rainwear. Rain trousers are one such clothing that makes monsoons bearable. Team it up with a monsoon jacket, cap, and boots, and you’re ready for the storms. For those who are new to the concept, well, monsoon coats, trousers , and other rainwear gear are generally made of waterproof material like nylon, polyester or rayon or perhaps a blend of two. Rainwear can be worn on top of your regular clothing while travelling to and from work. The material is made of 100% water-resistant material and dries off quickly.

Aspects to bear in mind while choosing the right rainwear

Having a unique style statement is a must. It creates a specific personality that makes an impression on people’s minds and ensures they remember you. While at work too, a style statement can bring respect and appreciation to you. Dressing right and being trendy with your clothing choices is also a part of this. Some clothes like monsoon wear and jackets etc. may not seem as very important; however, they are. They can instantly make or break your look if you fail to match them well. It is thus, vital to ensure your wardrobe has a set pattern that works with your bravura and creates a unique style statement.

Wear it right

One can use monsoon wear for both office and casual wear. Due to their outer appeal, most individuals prefer removing them before they step into their workplace and wear it back once they’re on their way back home. Another reason for this is that rainwear is generally not very comfortable since it is made of plastic-like material, so wearing it for longer durations while indoors is usually not always possible. However, you don’t have to be boring even if you choose to wear a raincoat. Popular options like Vinyl, see-through and bright, neon shades make your outfit look trendier instantly.

Determine your need before purchasing rainwear

Are you on the lookout for waterproof trousers for cycling, waterproof hiking trousers or formal waterproof trousers? Today, brands offer some of the best full-zip waterproof trousers in darker shades designed to suit your work attire. Some of the best waterproof trousers for cycling are also made to provide maximum comfort and a good fit while using them during the monsoons. If you aim to look formal even in your monsoon wear, opt for darker shades. Stick to a jacket and pantsuit if you wear pants/trousers to work. Alternatively, you can also choose a full-length raincoat in a darker shade.

Comfort is also an essential factor

While selecting waterproof trousers for cycling, check them to see if they promote comfortable sitting, standing, riding, and walking. Your waterproof hiking trousers should especially be comfortable while trekking and hiking in the monsoons. Irrespective of whether it is a two-piece set or a single cover, ensuring it works for you is essential. Along with looking good, a monsoon jacket or trousers should do their primary job right, i.e. protect you from rains. If your travel duration is long, comfortable rainwear will make it better. Always have fabric or tissue at hand reach so you can wipe off some of the water when you get on public transport. This will avoid the need for removing your rainwear all the time.

Go for complete protection

Another critical factor is the ability of rainwear to prevent water from entering inside. Rainwear that has buttons or Velcro fitting has an issue of water seeping inside during heavy monsoons and proves to be inconsistent in protecting the wearer against heavy showers. To eliminate this concern, go for waterproof trousers for cycling or waterproof hiking trousers that are made for heavy monsoons and avoid water from entering inside even when the flow is rough. It makes for an excellent option to wear with your workwear since there are minimum chances of water getting inside.

For kids

Many brands also offer waterproof trousers for kids that are convenient during playtime or travelling to and from school. You can pair it with a raincoat or rain jacket depending on the convenience of the child. A rain hat or umbrella can be used to shield their head from heavy rainfall. Children especially, always insist on purchasing monsoon wear that is comfortable and does a good job. You can pick up ones that are bright and colourful, so your kids like wearing them. Pick trousers and monsoon wear sets that are easy to wear and remove. It is essential also to teach your child how to do it himself so he can protect his body from the rain.

Tips on how to buy Rain Trousers

Choosing the right rainwear is essential. Since you’ll be using it frequently during the rains, investing in the right one is critical. When choosing rain trousers or rain gear, checking its practicality is the first and most important thing. Secondly, its visual appeal is also vital if you plan to use it for workwear. Comfort, of course, is always most important. Keeping these factors as your priority is the best way to start shopping for rain pants.

  • Opt for good brands – Some of the good brands that offer excellent choices in rainwear are Tchibo, Decathlon, Wired for Adventure, Jack Wolfskin, Mountain Warehouse, Cotswold Outdoor, Trespass, Golf Support, Tiso, Cycle Superstore and Regatta. These brands are available both in stores and online. Online shopping is a preferred choice in this case since it offers the comfort to check out a wide magnitude of options from the comfort of your home.
  • Comfort level – Monsoon wear should be comfortable to move in, good for travelling, and be great for storing and travelling. Check for options that come with an included bag or storage option that make it comfortable while not in use and keep it safe. Brands often make monsoon wear with plastic-like material that rips easily, so go for something thick and durable.
  • Pick colours that you like – When it comes to colours, go with dark shades if you are considering it wear them with your office wear. Dark colours also have another advantage – they don’t show stains easily and with heavy monsoons, stains due to the storms, muck water, etc. will be a part of the game. You may opt for light-coloured rainwear if your intention is for everyday use – work or otherwise.
  • Waterproof comfort – Waterproof trousers for kids are best if it is the right size and fit since they will help them to walk and move with ease. Trousers for monsoons, jackets, and coats that are too small or large may pose an issue while moving about and often lead to dangerous consequences in lousy weather conditions. Make the child wear it and let him decide if it is an excellent choice to go ahead.
  • Choose rain pants with care – Waterproof walking pants are another excellent investment and something that a lot of big brands offer. These are great to wear with a simple monsoon jacket when you’re not travelling far or when the monsoons are not too harsh. They are lighter than regular rain trousers, however, cannot often bear heavy storms. It is an excellent option to consider if your country does not receive heavy showers or you drive a car to work and prefer a lighter alternative to stay shielded.
  • Weight your options – For regular use, team up the monsoon wear with your choice of trousers and shirts to see if they fit well. It should have room for movement and yet offer a great overall fitting. Check for multiple options before you make a purchase.

With the wide variety of choices available, ensure you take a good, close look before purchasing any rainwear. Although the watch may be necessary, the original concept of any rainwear is the guarantee that you’re protected against monsoons so go forth keeping this aspect in mind. You can go in for a full outfit or pants and shirt set, depending on how you like it. Women mostly opt for the former and men for the latter.

Question & Answer

What are rain trousers?

In the purest sense, any trousers that are designed specially to shield the wearer against rain are rain trousers. The concept is precisely similar to raincoats. However, rain trousers or pants are much more comfortable and do a better job of keeping the rain out as well. Rain pants and monsoon wear are worn as a set and are widely available around the world today. They are great for both kids and adults. Just like raincoats, rain pants too are made of water-resistant material and can be of one or more of these materials – polyester, nylon, vinyl and rayon etc.

Can you use rain trousers for office wear?

Ideally, no. Rain trousers, just like raincoats, are outerwear clothing items, designed only to protect you against showers. They are not a part of regular clothing options like shirts, trousers etc. You can, of course, wear them on the way to work and after work while travelling back in the monsoons. Rain trousers are made of thin, water-resistant material, making them easy to store. Regardless, keep checking out how you can make your style better by including the right rainwear as part of your attire. You can also use this Dubai product finder for a flawless shopping experience.

Do I need to buy rain trousers in Dubai?

Although the UAE is generally dry and humid during most of the wear, it does see occasional rains. It is best to keep a pair handy, in case you come across a few showers when the summer starts coming to an end. Since monsoon wear is snug, it does not occupy too much space and will conveniently fit into your office bag. If you drive to work, it is even more convenient since you can reserve a small container for storing your monsoon wear and fit it in the back of your car.

Are rain trousers in style?

Although you cannot classify them as bold style statements on their own, you can make them work as per your look for sure. If you wear rain pants to work frequently, ensure they are fitted and suit your body style. Wearing loose rain gear can also look unprofessional. Choose options that make you feel comfortable at the same time. If you’re not sure how to make it work, it’s better to let go of the rainwear before you step into the office. Honestly, monsoon pants and suits don’t have too many options so teaming them for workwear can be quite a challenge.

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