About Bermudas

What could you possibly think of when it comes to summer? Ice creams, lemonades, pool parties? Or is it the scorching heat? Either way, isn’t it all about the weather? The food you eat, the places you go and, most importantly, the clothing you wear are all part of this laid-back season.

We are sure that dressing up is what you love about summers. And what better way to chill, than slipping into those perfect pair of Bermudas Though these trousers are quite tricky to wear every day, the Bermudas certainly add clout to your dressing style. Hence, they are one of the best-laid back and folksy outfits that keeps the breeze around your knees. But did you know that the Bermudas come in varieties from Bermuda shorts plaid to Bermuda swimming shorts? These dressy shorts practically combine the comfort of slacks with the breezy, playful, and more alluring elements of a knee-length skirt.

Dive into an array of Bermudas

Fashion trends change overnight. Even if you are not following the latest fashion updates, you will need an upgrade as the weather changes. So it doesn’t matter if you are trying to revamp your wardrobe or just filling them in with some comfy clothes ideal for summers? Either way, you should know that these classic Bermuda trousers are one of the coolest pieces to own this season. They are perfect for those who are adventurous and want to feel the sea up close. That’s because they are super water-friendly and are comfortable enough for the beach. Let us delve deep into Bermuda fashion and explore its variations and alternatives below.

Feel the beach vibe with Billabong board shorts

We get it when you are bewildered about the right apparel to wear when you are out on the beach sporting. Then we insist you get into those chic Billabong shorts and tackle those waves on the board carefree. From an experienced swimmer to a novice, this style of shorts is designed to suit everyone. There are countless varieties and styles of board shorts in the market nowadays. However, depending on the primary use of the boardie features like stretch factor and fly closure are more important.

Feel sexy every day with Bermuda pants for ladies

Ladies, pants are stylish again! If you are not a fan of shorts and are looking for more formal attire, then try out Bermuda pants. Their length makes them suitable for work and could solve the problem of how to dress comfortably for both freezing offices and sweltering commutes. They give out a refreshed classic vibe if paired with an oxford shirt tucked into them and shoes that are covered such as espadrilles. You can explore the top fashion influencers to have a better insight into how you can style these pants.

Experience fashion freedom with cargo shorts for men

If you are looking for a welcome summer wardrobe update, then cargo shorts are a must-have. A few items in a men’s wardrobe seem to elicit as much debate as cargo shorts do. These close-fit safari shorts with side pockets are great for hiking or working outside anywhere that’s particularly hot. They come in stylish prints and traditional colours such as white, navy, khaki, and tan that give them a fresh utilitarian look.

Get walk shorts for all the places you go

Unlike the style, there’s less wiggle room with length. Therefore, going for something too short can put you in the risk zone of fashion blunder. So, if you want to wear something short but not that short, then we’ve got you covered. Aim for one that is not too short or too long. The walk shorts category of Bermudas are mid-length and give out a required casual vibe. Therefore, walk shorts are indeed a spring style piece you must own.

Be fabulous with plus-size  Bermuda shorts

Are you plump? Can’t get those perfect shorts to wear? Then why not try oversized shorts? These types of Bermudas are lightweight and run slightly large, making them apt to wear for the summer season. These are anywhere from the 8- to 10-inch inseam. However, make sure that they do not touch your kneecap, as this can make you look shorter. Go for thicker fabric that will hold up well and will not show your lumps or bumps on the legs. You can also pair them with heels or wedges to counteract the shortening effect.

Tips on how to buy Bermudas online

Do I keep my shorts long? Or perhaps short? Are they flashy, or are they dull? Shorts are a staple element for a jazzy summer look. However, with an ocean of varieties available in the market, picking the right one for yourself can become challenging. Moreover, getting the right look with these stylish pairs of pants is one complex task. Be it the walk shorts, the cargo or the plaids, each of them must be coupled with the ideal props to achieve your desired look. So, why not follow the tips below to buy Bermuda shorts online in the UAE?

  • Analyse your body type – Just because you love short Bermuda trousers doesn’t mean they are the best choice for you. If you have large thighs and a plumpish mid-section, Bermuda shorts are going to look awful on you. Therefore, keep your body type in mind when shopping for them.
  • Remember not to go too short – Try not to go for too short kind of Bermuda trousers. If they fall higher than your arms, then they are probably too short. Buy something that you will be comfortable wearing.
  • Don’t go too long – Bermuda trousers should never be too long. They leave you looking like you are shorter than you are. Shorts should never be longer than two inches above your knees. However, you can go for the longer ones, if you are a tall person.
  • Opt for a fabric that lets you breathe – Imagine walking outdoors, particularly in August. You would surely be drenched in sticky sweat! Therefore, shorts must be of a lightweight fabric to keep you fresh.
  • Make sure they are super comfy – Ensure that your Bermudas are comfortable to wear. Do a little moving when you try out your shorts. Can you squat wearing them? Are they comfortable when you are sitting? Consider all these factors when you are buying them.
  • Check for pockets – Pockets are a vital element in any shorts you buy. However, though they are essential, they can make or break the look and feel of the shorts. While some pockets can be slimming, some can make you look bulkier. So, go for the one that suits you best.
  • Refrain from wild patterns – Avoid getting shorts with large and wild designs. Try to stick to solid colours and patterns that give out a neutral look. Go for styles with flat fonts, because they are undeniably more flattering than any other design.
  • Achieve a flattering look – For the most flattering look, try matching Bermudas with your favourite white tunic tops. They not only make you look dapper but also solve the problem of ‘what to wear for a dressy yet creative business casual style.’
  • Pair it with the right accessories – Are you a heels person? Then there is nothing better than the look of heels and peep-toes with the Bermudas. And if heels are not your thing, dressy flats will also work. Since you are baring your lower legs, combining these shorts with the right accessories will enhance your look.

Now you know why it is essential to have the Bermudas in your wardrobe. Once you purchase these beautiful knee-length pieces, you’ll probably have more ideas on how to wear them. I hope, the above tips would steer you in the right direction when purchasing your favourite pair of Bermuda trousers online. So, do not hesitate to try out these ensembles!

Question & Answer

How to make Bermuda out of jeans?

Recycling things to make them last longer is fantastic! Converting your old jeans into Bermuda shorts is the perfect way to preserve them. It is quite simple, you know, turning your jeans into a Bermuda. You can give them the standard rolled up cuff look to your shorts. Cut two inches longer than the desired length, turn up the 1/4th inch, and finish the raw edge. Ultimately, fold them and press. You can then hand stitch it, and it is done! This is just one of the various methods of converting your jeans into Bermuda shorts.

Are Bermuda shorts flattering?

Bermuda shorts certainly look effortlessly chic. Their hemlines and distressed details score them extra fashion points. How can we not mention the denim Bermuda shorts? They are iconic fashion pieces that work well even with an edgy t-shirt. Plus, they keep you cool while also covering your thighs. So, you can dance, strut, and bend over without showing way too much skin. So, they can be considered as a piece of clothing that is way more flattering than any other pants.

Are Bermuda shorts in style?

With the amalgamation of fashion, comfort, and style, Bermuda trousers are on-trend right now. They feature modern styles that are not only beautiful but also versatile. This makes you look elegant and chic for any occasion. From dark blue knee-length shorts to bright yellow printed Bermudas, you can pair them with many types of tops. Be it formal or informal, you can wear them for any occasion.

How to style a Bermuda?

Remember that not all legs are the same. Therefore, styling Bermudas become a little tricky. But if you get a few details right, you can make waves with them. Note that fit is the key. Just like any other outfit, you need to ensure that you pick the right fit. To make it more enticing, pair it with a flattering cut top and elevate your footwear. Also, try to have fun with colours and prints. Follow these, and your Bermuda will go from frumpy to fabulous.

Where can I buy Bermuda pants online in the UAE?

Aren’t you tired of wearing dress slacks and skirts to the office? Why not upgrade your warm-weather style and get yourself a perfect pair of Bermudas? Here at, you can find different brands offering the Bermudas. These include Hugo Boss, INC, Epic Threads, Style & Co, Bershka, Kenzo Kids, Molo, Pull & Bear, and Epic Threads. Plus, explore popular online shops only on our retail search engine. So explore now to make the best buying decision this summer season.

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