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Are skinny jeans, midi dresses, and high heels your kryptonite? Why don’t you reconsider your options? Fashion has a funny way of being cynical. Because every couple of decades, a new clothing trend resurfaces. Cargo pants are one such item. What pops up in your mind when you think about these practical pants? Well, we bet it is the loose pockets, hugely oversized bags, tiny micro purses or fanny packs.

However, the look and feel of the cargo pants are polarising. Also, that’s because they have a long sartorial history. World war II saw its creation. Amazing, isn’t it? And still, we are sure that many of you have a preconceived notion of these trousers being brown and baggy. However, that’s only partially true. Because when they first became a thing in the ’90s, most of them were brown and baggy. And yes, the cargo pants did have many pockets. However, today, these practical pants are far more than just being loose and brown. They come in different styles, cut, and type. They are available from skinny to a relaxed fit and come in colours such as white, bright blue, navy, green, and many more. Shall we have a look at their types then?

Mark your true presence with these types of cargo pants

Did you know? These cargo trousers have initially been named combat pants because the military wore them during the 1930s by the British army. Later, these comfortable pants were used for outdoor work as well as for hiking purposes. You can find these cargo pants in different materials and styles. To name a few, front pocket cargos, women’s old navy cargo pants and many more. For those curious and interesting fashion fanatics, we bring you the list of cargo pant types that are stylish yet comfortable.

Get sporty with the jogger pants

These peculiar pants are an interesting mix of two classic styles, streetwear and sportswear. Both styles have become popular over a few years, and the combination of these two styles looks seamlessly inevitable. They look best with lighter tan or beige shades and work well in any casual style. Try wearing these joggers with a simple black T-shirt and some converse sneakers. If you are someone who loves wearing figure complementing clothes, then go for their low waist cargo pants version. They are also an asset for the fitness geeks.

Strength is the key! – buy ripstop pants

These cargo pants for men, the ripstop, are necessarily one of the most durable men’s wardrobe staples. You usually find them in woven fabrics. These fabrics typically come in nylon materials. It is quite intriguing how the hot air balloons use these materials for their parachutes and balloons. This is probably the reason that they are so strong and are extremely resistant to rips and tears. Therefore, this lightweight material makes a perfect choice for a pair of men’s designer combat trousers because it is both durable and stylish at the same time.

Get the best look anytime with the camo cargo pants

Cargo camo has an eye-catchy print and suits well with any tops. This adds a twist to the usual stereotyped plain type cargo pants. The British armed forces first wore the Camo or camouflage cargo pants in 1938. These originally were designed with large pockets for the paratroopers to hold radios and extra ammunition. However, over the years, these pants have improved, evolved and genuinely made a style statement in the fashion industry. These freely cut trousers are best for challenging outdoor tasks and are usually restricted to conventional camouflage colours such as brown and green.

Show your other self with these slim-fit pants

Though these pants are generally baggy, the skinny style also looks stylish. Take the traditional cargo and team it with a jumper and a lightweight shirt for that perfect finish to your street style outfit. You could also add some loafers if you want a smart casual get up for this summer season. Also, as an alternative to this, the skinny zipper men’s cargo trousers are an ideal choice for bikers who enjoy dressing in an unconventional way. They are unique and come with a single zip closure pocket. This slimline aesthetic surely is favourite wear for formals and informal alike.

Explore the action-packed cargo tracksuit

If you are all about the Sportif look, then this style of cargo pants seamlessly blends with your athletic look. You can complete this look by wearing a matching jacket or a shirt. A crisp white shirt always does the job. You can also add in heeled booties and some shades to look dapper. A much better variant of this is the six pocket unisex cargo jeans. They are an ideal pick for those who travel a lot and tend to store stuff in pockets. However, you can also go hiking in wide-leg cargo pants if you are an adventure freak. They are the best hiking pant you can ever get.

Tips on how to buy Cargo Pants online

Cargo pants are usually not an ideal item to wear in formal and semi-formal sessions. In spite of that, you can wear them in a lot of exciting ways to make yourself stand out on casual occasions. In case you were wondering how to pull off cargo pants, take a cue from us. The loosely cut, combat-ready bottoms you probably love to have must be worn in style with the right combination. Let us share some tips from our wardrobe to get you in that perfect fit and style.

  • Style them wisely — Styling cargo pants with the right kind of combination is quite tricky. Wearing these voluminous cargo trousers feels like a walk in the park. But not when you style them with the right tops and accessories. If the trousers have a more tailored silhouette, we suggest you opt for a slim fit smart shirt to go with it. However, be careful if you are choosing to wear cargo pants as a formal outfit. Also, always try to stick to soft colours such as olive, black, and navy.
  • Go for a high-quality fabric — Cargos usually come in a lightweight material, and they are much more form-fitting than traditional pants. Most materials used in making them are a mixture of comfort and durability. However, it is essential to realise that different work environment requires different types of workwear materials. Therefore, you must be aware of this to opt for suitable cargo pants.
  • Ensure an appropriate fit — It is crucial to purchase a cargo pant that fits your size. Make sure you do not get yourself a pant that is too baggy. Many of them make the mistake of buying pants that are too baggy, thinking that loose pants would be comfortable. However, the opposite is true. When they are too baggy, you quickly start to feel heavy and awkward.
  • Analyse your body type — These pants are well suited for harsh and tough activities. But remember that they are ideally best for people who are of a tall structure. This is because they are baggy and aren’t skin-tight. If you are short and end up buying these baggy pants, then there are chances of you tripping and falling. Therefore, always get your measurements right before you end up making a fashion disaster.
  • Assess its quality — Determining its quality is a crucial factor when buying cargo pants. You must look for the colour fastness, the material strength, the shrinkage and of course the comfort too. The method of fabric construction and the hems are also essential factors when selecting these pants. This is because they are ideal as workwear pants. You generally wear them to harsh working environments.

The stylish and versatile cargo pants fit practically for any occasion, business, or organisation. These cargo trousers are renowned for their practical nature. They are tailored carefully and are available in diverse types. Therefore, it is apparent that often buying the right one might get a little tricky. We hope this guide has helped you and will guide you to make an informed decision while purchasing the Cargo pants. Find a wide range of options right here on our product search engine .

Question & Answer

How to wear cargo pants?

These typically are loose-fitting pants designed to be suitable for outdoor activities. They are highly durable and usually have a multitude of pockets. If you are getting bored of jeans, you can then definitely go for these utilitarian pants. Wear them, and you’ll get some extra dimensions to your look. Therefore, you can wear them in a multitude of ways. If you want to get a simple skater look, try a plain white T-shirt and top with a cap to finish off the look. You could even opt for a formal and classy look.

Are cargo pants out of style?

Cargo pants may have started as battle dress uniforms but, over the years, have improved a lot by adding in various modern style elements. This variety of stylish cut pants has found its way in the fashion world and does not seem to go out of sight to date. Are you looking for a style with lots of tactical pockets? Or would you want a slimmer and a more fashionable look? Either way, with a bit of research, you’ll find your desired pair of cargo pants easily. Indeed, these humble cargo pants became a fashion trend, and it still is.

How to style cargo pants in 2020?

Styling your cargo pants is one challenging task. Because they must be paired and designed precisely to give out the desired look for the event or the occasion you are attending, you should have a knack to pick out the right accessories and the tops to pair them with. An adequately styled look should feel sophisticated, pleasant and comfortable. Also, there is nothing more refreshing than adding a touch of modern print and colour to these killer cargo pants while styling them.

How to stretch cargo pants?

If your pants have gotten a little too tight or smaller at the waist, do not banish them right away. There are several ways to get them into the desired shape. One way is to put on the pant and zip till you can and then manually pull and stretch your pants with your hand. You could also squat down while doing this; it makes the job easy. However, if you do not want to go through such turmoil, then get yourself the stretch cargo pants. They are fantastic because their stretch quality makes them last longer than your regular cargo pants.

Where to buy cargo pants in Dubai?

Among all the fashion trends, cargo pants are one of the easiest to wear. This is because they are so versatile, and you can style them down with a pair of simple sneakers and a crop top and look swanky. The options are truly endless— which makes them a trend to invest in! At, you’ll find an impressive collection of cargo pants from the best online stores. Moreover, you can purchase cargo pants from popular brands like Calvin & Klein, Lee, Levi’s, Sanctury, DKNY, Karen Scott, Denim, Timberland, Adidas, and Off-White here!

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