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Women have been rocking dungarees for generations. From Jennifer Aniston in Friends to Naomi Watts on The Impossible, these have remained an important outfits in the fashion industry. However, different occasions call for different styles of dungarees.

After disappearing for a short while, they recently came back in style. Although initially used as work overall in the 18th century, they entered the fashion world during the 1950s as a symbol of revolution. Later in the 80s, the style had a brief rise in popularity when famous personalities like Kylie flaunted it. Since the 2000s, they have been a mainstream style and are now more on-trend than ever before. Easy to wear and adaptable, it is no surprise that they have become a favourite of fashion influencers and celebrities. From cord dungarees for winters to cotton overall for summer, there are many options. Today, we will reveal to you all the possible style options to enjoy with them.

The ultimate style guide on wearing dungarees

Do you want to don dungarees but are afraid to look like Mario? Well, fear not! We are here to help you style them properly. They are versatile for an off-duty, daytime chic style. Meanwhile, they are also perfect for a night out when paired with metallic heels. Additionally, they are fantastic as workwear and are incredible for layering up when you are not confident about the weather. Let’s explore below how they glam up fashion-forward celebrities like Alexa Chunga or Olivia Palermo. Of course, let’s also discover what good they can do for you!

Rock it for winter

They can be layered well during natural shifts in temperature. Likewise, they are best when you need to move in and out of a locality with extreme temperature changes. Consequently, you can easily manage body temperature by adding or subtracting a layer of clothing throughout the day.  Otherwise, use a roll neck statement sweater or a simple cotton shirt layering it with a jacket according to the temperature of your locality. You can also play with colours if you own a jet-black piece. Moreover, complete your look with block heel sandals and a slash of lipstick. Of course, you can also keep your outfit casual by pairing it with sneakers.

Vintage dungarees for work

It’s not just the handyman who can enjoy wearing them for work. If styled properly, they are suitable clothing items to wear in the office. However, apply the principles of minimalism to your outfit. You can pair a tailored black piece with a crisp white top. If you do not want to wear pumps, opt for a simple black heel. You can also pair your trouser dungarees with a crisp black collared top. Otherwise, you can tuck the suspenders into the pants of cotton made. For a trendy corporate look, pair it with black pumps and a formal blouse. Adding a blazer also spruces up your overall look.

Styling on a night out

Running late for a night out? They are your go-to items for the hustle and bustle. They make you look casual yet glamorous. You can pair them with a nautical stripe t-shirt, trust hoop earrings, and pointed heels. For a ladies’ night event, go for the sexy black piece. They go well with a barely-there top or a cropped tee underneath. However, if an all-black attire is not your thing, go for one with a natural tone. You can mix it with cool tops and gold accessories for a stunning look. Likewise, you can consider faux leather made for a chic style and recreate it with a Bardot style top.

Dungarees for daywear

You can pair a bright yellow dungaree with a white tank top for any daywear activity or occasion. Meanwhile, denim fabrics go well with a tank top, an off the shoulder top, or a bright-coloured t-shirt. Specifically, dark-toned denim dungarees perfectly complement striped or smoked crop tops. Try to fold the hem a little for an edgy vibe. Are you in college? Then you can rock them with a halter neck top and sneakers. Today you can carry this style everywhere from college to a shopping mall or even at work. The taste and look can change a lot with just the style and print of the top you wear with it. You can explore fashion influencers for more style tips.

Tips on how to buy Dungarees Dress online  

These are no more limited to straight pants with buckle straps. There has been a huge transformation in basic dungarees dress for baby girls, resulting in different styles. From flared to bodycon pants and culotte to tassel-detailed pants, you can find many different styles in stores like Top Shop, Denim, Asos, Dickies, Next, and more. Here are some tips that will help you make a better shopping decision. Keep them in mind when buying dungarees online in the UAE.

  • The straps – The classic buckle style is adjustable and perfect for a casual look. Therefore, it can fit different torso sizes and heights. Meanwhile, straps without excessive embellishment look polished while tied straps can give you a boho vibe.
  • The style of the bib – The bib holds everything together. It can make or break your outfit. Thus, choose the size or shape that suits your style preferences. Some like to have more coverage at the front while others prefer showing off the shirt underneath.
  • The fabric – They are not only made of denim. You can also choose from other material options. Go for faux leather made or pick something made of linen.
  • The length of leg – Varying lengths flatter different builts and leg shapes. If you were blessed with height, pick a flared pair. Meanwhile, consider a culotte with mid-calf length if you are short and want to look a bit taller. Are you petite? Then go for a cuffed or cropped pair.
  • The width of legs – All of us have a favourite cut when it comes to jeans. Go for the 70s flared bib jeans if you have skinny legs. However, avoid boyfriend jeans if you’ve got a big waist. Read the product description before making a purchase.  feature more than 500 stores where you can compare and buy dungaree dresses for women. Plus, you can also take your pick from various styles from top brands. Among the best ones, you can consider include Dickies, Tommy Hilfiger, Levi, Zara, Next, and Forever 21. Have a happy shopping experience!

Question & Answer

Where can I wear dungarees?

You can wear these clothing items on as many occasions as you wish. These are versatile clothing items that are available in a wide range of styles, colours, fabrics, lengths and fits. You can wear it on a day out with friends or family. Of course, you can wear them for night outs too. However, it is important to style them right. What’s more, these pant dresses are comfortable and spacious. Hence, they are perfect for casual and college wear. Or if you are a pro at styling your clothes you can wear them to work as well.

How to wear dungarees in winter?

They support the idea of layering. Thus, they are perfect winter wear. You can pair a skinny tight option with ankle boots and a statement sweater. A jacket or blazer can also be added when and if needed. For mild winter, you can consider pairing it with a round neck sweater and flat footwear for a casual and comfortable look. Moreover, you can use inner warmers with a loosely fitted dungaree. For more style inspirations, check the fashion vloggers and expert fashion divas online.

How should the dungarees fit?

The fit is the key to styling them like a pro. It is important that the entire suite sits well on your body. It must neither be baggy nor skin-tight from above the waist. If you are going for a skin-tight dungaree, it must fit your legs well. However, it must be comfortable enough to give you freedom of movement. It should also fit well in the waist, hips, and butt to avoid a baggy look. The same rule applies to dungarees for men.

Where to buy women’s dungarees? is a product search engine that offers more than 500 stores, including top clothing brands like H&M, Levi, Next and Zara. Here, you can also compare the price of products from one brand to another. Start your shopping experience with the world’s best fashion stores online. However, we recommend you read product reviews to be guided when making the final choice.

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