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Joseph wide-leg trousers - Black
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About Palazzo Pants

In the purest sense, palazzo pants are high-waisted pants with flared-out legs that start from the waist right up to the ankles. They are generally long and flowy pants designed in different fabrics. The trend started a few years back and has caught up successfully around the world. The trousers are incredibly versatile and comfortable clothing and not restricted to casual or formal wear.

Palazzo pants are the best and simplest option when it comes to being comfortable and yet making a style statement. However, convenience here does not mean boring! These long, flowy pants can be teamed up with just about anything and still look chic. Wear it to work, for a casual meet-up with buddies, for a spa appointment, to a work party, while chilling out at home, etc. You will be amazed at how a single pair of clothing can do so much! After making a statement at many fashion shows, events, and being donned by celebrities, palazzo pants have genuinely turned out to be a revolution!  

Getting together the right palazzo pants outfit 

There is nothing to be intimidated by when it comes to palazzo pants. Think of them as just another pair of trousers or pants that you own, except that they are slightly flared. With specific blockages in their minds, most women refrain from wearing these gorgeous and super comfortable pants! First and foremost, it is essential to bear in mind that this type of clothing is prevalent — women all over the world wear and love palazzo pants. Next, always start at home. Make a simple casual statement with it before opting for a formal look. Thirdly, always be comfortable. Believe us, it shows. 

Choose your way 

With palazzo pants, you can keep it simple or go completely overboard and still look great! Begin by choosing the right kind of pants. Cotton palazzo pants and lycra are fantastic for casual wear, satin for parties and corporate events while a palazzo with a thick material is perfect for office wear. Don’t forget to flaunt your unique style statement instead of copying someone else. Of course, you need to stick to the basics of what will work and what won’t. However, don’t forget to add your personal touch to make every outfit stand out. With versatile options, you can play around as much as you wish. 

Make choices 

Second, with the wide variety of different types of palazzo pants that one can choose from, opt for the best ones to suit the occasion. Choose from the slightly fitted or loose, taller, shorter, with or without pockets, mixed fabric palazzos, neon or bold colours, and more. Cotton palazzo pants have the best versatility since they look good with most top-wear and you can work it up in multiple ways. It’s also a great idea to mix and match. Don’t refrain from trying out a new look if you feel it can work for you. However, to ensure it won’t turn into a wardrobe malfunction, always try wearing it at a casual event, rather than to work. 

Mix and match 

Alternatively, you can also team palazzo pants with a long top, comfortable slip-on shoes or heels depending on the occasion. In case long tops are not your style, a short tee or crop top also goes well with a high-waisted palazzo. Make sure you team up your palazzo pants outfit with good shoes since they’re visible when you wear them with palazzos and make the first impression when someone sees you. Coming back to clothes, palazzos work well with any top-wear and the outfit as a whole, looks fabulous! Choose a printed tee with a solid palazzo and vice-versa to balance it out! 

Accessorise your look 

Another good tip is to accessorise your palazzo pants outfit look – wear danglers, bangles or a thick wrist band, headband or fun hair clips and bracelets too. The trick here is to work the accessories depending on your look. If cotton palazzo pants are what you’re wearing, then opt for a few accessories, however for something a little more refined, it is best to keep the accessories limited to one or two. If you’re not too sure of what kind of tops to wear with the palazzos, you can focus on a simple one and up the look with stunning accessories instead. Choose thick bracelets, a neckpiece or even a statement anklet to help your outfit stand out. 

Play it with shoes 

With palazzos, heels, flats, open slippers, sneakers, and even flip-flops work well. If you’re wearing palazzo pants with a long top, simple slippers or any open sandals should be good. For a corporate look, closed shoes, boots, or stilettoes in a solid shade work well. Whatever you chose to wear, ensure they go with the look. You can also choose to keep the complete outfit simple and focus on stunning shoes. If this is the case, ankle-length palazzos also work. Here, you can wear stilettos or any cute heels, so your shoes catch the attention immediately. While opting for daring shoes, keep everything else from the clothing to the accessories and the makeup light and simple. 

Tips on how to buy Palazzo Pants

Shopping for palazzos doesn’t have to be excruciating! Just think about them as any other regular kind of pants, and you’re good to go. So many online stores have some amazing designs and variations of the good old palazzo. You can choose something that is designer or simple – whatever you please. Focus on its pairings like tops, blouses, shoes, accessories and makeup to make the simple palazzo stand out. While shopping for them, the fit is everything.

  • Go online – Online shopping has its advantages: you can buy from wherever you are, compare prices on different websites, have multiple choices from different brands, get your products home-delivered and comfortable returns too. Many of these take a lot more time and effort when you’re shopping physically, leaving online shopping as the preferred alternative for most people around the world.
  • Selection – In Dubai, you can be seriously spoilt for choices while shopping online. We offer you a beautiful collection of some of the best brands on a single platform allowing you to choose as desired. Check out the stunning offerings on this UAE search engine.
  • Bring it all together – After comparing and making a choice, it is easy to get your outfit together in a few minutes while shopping online. Complete your look with matching top wear, accessories, and shoes, and you’re set!
  • Don’t forget to take a few tips from fashionistas – You cannot figure out every look on your own, and that’s okay. Check out Pinterest and Instagram and follow fashion bloggers. Sometimes the simplest tips can make your outfit unique. Once you like something that they’re wearing, try to add your touch to it instead of replicating the same idea.
  • Team it up with accessories – Accessorise like chunky bangles, earrings or a neckpiece go a long way. Follow the thumb rule of “simple outfit = heavy accessories” and vice versa. Finish the look with open slippers, heels or flats and a small clutch/handbag as per your comfort level.

Keep the overall look simple but not boring. You can even make it unique with small additions like hoops and scarves to add a feminine touch. Bags, purses and clutches too, make a noticeable difference to your outfit. However, it is also important to make sure that you let the palazzo shine in its own way. Don’t overdo the look. Since it is such a simple and comfortable outfit, make sure you add little things to only complement how it looks.

Question & Answer

How to wear palazzo pants with a kurta?

One of the best ways to style palazzo pants is probably with a fitted kurta. The look works great for a casual or professional look, and you can even accessorise it as per your choice. Choose the right kurta by checking which length works best for your height and body type. Those who are lean and tall can opt for short or mid-length kurtas while those who have a medium or heavy build look great with longer kurtas. Ensure the colours of the kurta and palazzo pants complement each other. But don’t overdo the look by matching both completely.

How to wear palazzo pants to the office?

Opt for palazzos that are slightly more fitted and in a flowy material. Silk and rayon work best here. If you’re comfortable with cotton, opt for a mixed material option to ensure proper fitting. The material should not be very thin as it gives casual vibes. You can opt for products with lining material in this case. Not just that, lining even make the pant look more formal and elegant. For top wear, choose simple blouses, fitted shirts, kurtas or palazzo pants with a long top also works well. Add a formal blazer, shrug, or good jacket to the equation, and your look is complete.

Which accessories should you consider with palazzo pants?

For accessories, stick to essential pearl/gold/silver earrings or a delicate single thread neckpiece or bracelet. Shoes again should be kept elegant but not bold. Classy pumps, kitten heels, or simple flats will be perfect to complete your look. Add to that a tote bag or wallet, and you’re good to go. Always remember to tone down your look for the office, without, of course, making it dull. For good palazzo choices, check out ZARA, Forever 21, H&M, GUESS and Ralph Lauren.

What are cropped palazzo pants?

Just like a crop top, palazzo pants have an option for a cropped version too. These palazzo pants may end at the ankles or slightly above them and are best for casual wear. With this type, the best thing is to choose a top that looks casual and suits the cropped design of the pants. Shoes too, make a big difference when it comes to the overall look of cropped pants. Wear it with a hat or scarf to add a little bit of an extended style statement to these pants.