About Rib Trousers

Having a pair of super comfortable trousers is a wardrobe clothing essential. It works as a go-to option for when you have nothing to wear to work or have an emergency meeting. The trousers should be versatile so you can team them with any top-wear or blouse. Also, a good pair of pants never go out of style. Have them in a solid colour, and you’re good for years!

A good option as an investment, in this case, are rib trousers. These evergreen pair of pants are generally made of “ribbed fabric,” giving them the name. The pants mostly have a loose-fitting allowing the wearer more room to be comfortable. Rib trousers work well with most kind of top wear, and one can also team them with camisoles and long tees for a casual look. Hence, if you’re on the lookout for a classic pair of pants as a part of your wardrobe, well, ribbed pants can be an excellent place to start. Ribbed trousers are not restricted to a specific type or an occasion in particular. Feel free to match and wear any top-wear with them, and you can also wear them for workwear or as a casual wear option. 

Different types of ribbed trousers that you can choose 

The best thing about ribbed pants is that they are so versatile. You can have so many options to choose that there is a type for each kind of top wear that you own. Be it T-shirts, crop tops, blouses or shirts; you can team a good pair of ribbed trousers with all of them. Likewise, you can also choose options if using the same type for multiple options isn’t something you prefer. For guys too, the possibilities are endless, and it makes these pants the go-to choice for when you can’t seem to decide what to wear. The best part is that today stores have some fantastic options for ribbed trousers for both men and women. 

Ribbed trousers 

Unlike most types of clothing, ribbed trousers come in a lot of different variations. You can, thus, add the simple and basic ribbed trouser to your collection or opt for its various versions. The ribbed flared trousers, for example, are wide-leg pants that are typically high waisted. They work wonderfully well for those who have a lean, tall physique. Ribbed flared trousers are also the most versatile option, and solid, bold colour works amazingly well considering a corporate meeting or as workplace attire. For some choices, choose ribbed pants with a different cut and finishing to give your wardrobe some variations.  

Ribbed wide-leg trousers 

The next best thing is the ribbed wide-leg trousers. Not too different from ribbed trousers, these have wider legs and may or may not be high-waisted ones. They are a comfortable option for workwear but can also be worn casually or for clubbing etc. Online is the best way to shop for ribbed wide-leg trousers since you can check out the massive variety of options offered by different brands today. The wide-leg trousers are great for those who prefer roomy pants and work for both men and women. However, women with thick thighs may want to stay away from this type. If you’re going to consider it anyway, choose a dark colour. 

Pleated wide-leg trousers  

For something more feminine, the pleated wide-leg trousers are perfect! These pants have pleats along each leg that fall beautifully until the ankles and look stunning in all colours, although pastels are best. If your wardrobe needs some colour, try opting for light and elegant shades of these pleated wide-leg trousers and team with chic blouses and tops. Pleated wide-leg pants also look great when you team them with accessories for a formal event. Depending on your style, this pair can be fitted or loose. For different body types, both types look good. You can make a choice, depending on what suits you well. 

Ribbed jumpsuit 

Another version of ribbed trousers is a ribbed jumpsuit. Jumpsuits are an excellent option for when you’re out of choices for an outing or meeting. Just slip into a lovely jumpsuit, and you’re good to go! A ribbed jumpsuit has better visual appeal than a regular one. It works for a party look, a casual day out or for workwear depending on how to choose to wear and accessorise it. Wear a ribbed jumpsuit with heels for a night out, team it with an oversized tote bag or closed shoes for a meeting. Choose flip-flops with sunglasses and chunky earrings while seeing your buddies! Be it formal, informal or casual; you can choose a ribbed jumpsuit to work as per your requirement. 

Knitted wide-leg trousers  

The knitted wide-leg trousers are another great addition. These pants are warm and make for a great wardrobe essential for the winters. For times when the temperature dips further, you can team it with a sweater, jacket, or trench coat and still look great. You can choose to team the knitted wide-leg trousers with high boots, sandals, or shoes of your preference. They also make for an excellent workwear choice. The knitted pants are suitable for early mornings and late evening runs too. You can team these with a warm sweater or camisole and overcoat for workwear. To make it look more formal, choose solid, dark shades. Refrain from cheaper brands that will diminish their visual appeal. 

Tips on buying Rib Trousers 

A lot of people avoid ribbed pants because they feel there isn’t much that you can do with them. However, this is a big misconception. It all comes down to your creativity and how you can make clothing work for yourself. Be it formal or casual wear, ribbed trousers have been around since very long, yet sometimes they don’t get the limelight. However, if you love this type, here’s how you can make the most of its design in your way.

  • Keep it simple – It is a good idea to stick to basic accessorising when you consider ribbed trousers – this will help your pants to stand out. When it comes to workplace attire, go for a purse or tote bag, basic studs, and closed shoes. Another important aspect while considering ribbed trousers for the office is to ensure that you stick to primary colours like blue, black, white and beige to ensure uniformity in your dressing.
  • Figure out your look – When it comes to going out, a jumpsuit is a great choice. However, you can dress your pants in chunky accessories, pumps, and a shiny clutch or purse to complete the look.
  • A casual blend – A casual look also works well with flared trousers. Go for long tees, T-shirts, tank tops, camisoles or a cotton blouse or top and keep the accessories simple. Flats or flip-flops are an excellent choice considering the occasion. Keep it simple with both the look and accessories when considering a breezy, casual, and no-fuss look.
  • Shoes are essential – It is not always the makeup, the hair and tops/blouses that make a difference to trousers. To make them stand out, wear the right shoes. Yes, they are the first thing that people notice, and it can make or break your look. Go for closed, simple shoes when wearing the pants to the office. Wedges, kitten heels and flats look great for a casual look.
  • Other additions – Like tops, you can make your trousers stand out too. The best way is to add small but noticeable accessories like belts and pocket chains to up your look. A waist chain also looks great with a crop top or fitted shirt. However, remember not over to do it. The basic rule of opting for one accessory is a good thing to keep in mind, so you don’t go overboard.

Ensure that the overall look works well and try keeping it simple for office. Hair accessories like a cool hair tie or a silk scarf tied around your loose hair like a ban, also does wonders. Try to keep it simple and refreshing always. Sometimes, you don’t even need to do much to make the outfit appealing. Just simple things can make it stand out. If it’s for everyday wear, then you don’t need to add anything at all.

Question & Answer

How to shorten flared trousers?

The best way to shorted flared trousers is to start from the base. Wear the pants before you start and with the help of a fabric scale, measure the excess length. Using an erasable piece of chalk or marker, create a visual dotted line. Keep about half an inch of extra fabric for later. Using this as a guide, gently snip away the material in a straight line. Now, work on hiding the additional material that was retained earlier. Start sewing this extra piece along the hemline in a straight line. This will ensure the length does not get too short and stays to the level of your original marketing. Lastly, erase the chalk or marker lines.

What top goes well with flared trousers?

Flared trousers are versatile and work well for both formal and casual wear. When it comes to top wear, keep it simple to allow the ribbed trousers to stand out. You can ideally choose something like a tee or crop top for casual wear. When it comes to formals, fitted shirts work best. Work on the style to keep it simple and match your personality. You can also team it with a nice coat or jacket to make it apt for a formal look.

Which brands are the best while considering flared trousers for men?

Ribbed flared trousers for men are an excellent idea if you love comfortable clothing. Since the pants are not too fitted, they allow you to breathe and move freely in them. For men, it is also a good idea to wear them to the workplace, meeting, or conferences with a sweater or a good shirt. Some great options while considering flared trousers online are Prettylittlething, ASOS, Topshop, Misguided, Chiquelle, Cotton raders, House of CB, Loewe, New Look and Armani.

Where can you shop for flared trousers for women?

With unlimited choices, women can choose various brands to select some great pairs of ribbed trousers. While the ribbed wide-leg trousers and knitted wide leg, pants are stunning options that work for most body types, it is only by experimenting with looks that you will be able to make the right choice. Since comfort is a crucial factor, the fabric and fit are both essential while considering bottom wear and it is a good idea to pay attention to these details before investing in them. Once you find something that suits your body type, looks good and feels comfortable, it makes sense to go for a couple of pairs in varying colours to keep your choices open. Where else to shop than here on our fantastic product search engine?