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The current denim market is worth approximately $51.6 billion. Meanwhile, the demand for denim is growing at an average rate of 5% per year.

Surveys suggest that an average woman owns more than half a dozen jeans. Sadly, many of these are never used for one reason or another. The most commonly reported reason is that they are not comfortable. And with that comes the frustration of spending their hard-earned money on a bottom that will later be seen gathering dust in the closet. A major reason for this problem is that people don’t know how to buy a clothing items like jeans. Believe it or not, most men and women do not know their perfect fit. On this page, we will unveil everything you need to know when shopping for them online.

Reasons why jeans are loved globally

Denim is a must for every wardrobe these days. It can be anything from a vintage wash or a blue rinse for daily use. Graceful black denim is also perfect for evenings. Meanwhile, a saturated pigment spray is best for a unique look in any gathering. The good news is, that you do not need to be a professional designer to style denim. However, ensure that they are high-quality and have the perfect fit. Denim trousers have been around for more than 140 years, and the reasons for their popularity go beyond durability and strength. Below are other reasons why denim trousers are much admired worldwide.


Denim pants were invented for gold diggers in the 1880 Gold Rush. Since then, their fame continued to this day. In fact, field and farmworkers also found them durable. The sheer quality of denim is the reason why they are fashionable even today. It is woven in such a way that withstands extreme activities and conditions. Its sturdy nature is the reason why it can last for decades without tearing, ripping and damage. Therefore, denim pants are a preferred option for people from all walks of life. They are also perfect for those involved in construction or security work.

Jeans are versatile

There are certain occasions when jeans are really not welcome. This includes a job interview or a wedding where a formal look is required. Otherwise, they come in handy no matter the season. You can pair denim with a box-fresh trainer and a cute sweatshirt. Do you want to go clubbing? Just add a blazer and statement earrings. You can also go for blocked heels on a night out for a drink. A single pair of denim bottoms works impressively with different styles of top and footwear. However, opt for denim pant that suits your body shape perfectly. With the best fit, you will always look stunning each time you head outdoors. Remember that mix and match is the key.

Comfort and easy maintenance

Rigid denim is a widely preferred fabric. Moreover, it is highly comfortable if you find the perfect fit for you. If fashionable ladies’ jeans like the wide-leg style or kick flare are not your styles, then stick to a classic pair. Otherwise, go for 501 stretch skinny jeans. There is no general rule when it comes to wearing jeans. Just make sure that you opt for something that fits and is comfortable. The principles of elegance and versatility apply to both designer men’s and women’s plus-size jeans. Besides convenience, they are incredibly easy to maintain as they require occasional washing and drying. Some experts also suggest washing them only when they are dirty, as it increases their life.

Easy to mix and match

Jeans are effortlessly modish and easy to pair with. Do you prefer being underdressed rather than being too bound up? Denim could be your best pick, as it is quite easier to manage. Pair it with a silk top, a velvet coat, and a metallic heeled sandal for a stunning look. The stylish yet straightforward look of jeans makes it easy to mix and match with other garments. Traditionally, blue and indigo jeans can go perfectly with any outfit, colour, or print. So, if you do not want to spend more than half an hour finding something to wear in the morning, consider jeans. You can easily choose a suitable top and footwear to pair with them daily.

Tips on how to buy Jeans online  in the UAE

Life isn’t perfect, but any outfit can be if you own a pair of jeans. Over the years, denim has evolved dramatically in its colour, style, stretch, and rigidity. And today, the decision of buying jeans can be made from your laptop. All you need is a measuring tape and your credit card. Let’s start by knowing the tips on how to buy a pair of good jeans online.

  • Know your size in inches – It will just take 5 seconds and a measuring tape to get the right size according to your body shape. Measure your waist from the smallest part of the torso, somewhere above the belly button. Then, measure from the fullest part of your torso to get the size of the hips. Take note of the numbers.
  • The size chart online – Size charts are helpful primarily when the size changes from one brand to another. Each brand has different size specifications. So, check your size using a chart to find your size on that brand. Once you find your favourite brand, stick to it.
  • Measure the pair you already own – Are you still not sure about your size? Measure the jeans in your closet. Take the number from the back of the waist and double it. For the hips, measure along the zipper and double it.
  • The cut, colour, and fabric – Don’t be fooled by believing that you can enjoy the same fit as you can see on the model on screen. Consider your body type and search for the cut that flatters it. Then, choose the colour and fabric from the items available in that specific cut. offers top quality products from more than 500 brands including Denim, Levis, Zara, GAP, Gucci, Tommy Hilfiger, G-Star, H&M, Wrangler, and Diesel. You can find them all here on our featured shops. Explore our shopping search engine today to indulge in the best women’s and men’s jeans sales online in the UAE!

Question & Answer

Why are jeans the best?

There are several reasons why people love this clothing item above anything else. According to research and surveys, more than 95% of people mention jeans are their preferred bottom. A common reason for this is that they are comfortable with the array of style options. They are durable and hide stains well. Plus, the stretchable material gives maximum comfort and freedom of movement. You can also carry off jeans on any occasion from a date night to casual office attire. Fitted jeans are a trend that has been skyrocketing since their inception. They are equally popular and best for men and women of all ages.

Why do jeans have a small pocket?

The small pockets in jeans were originally designed for watches. However, they are now used for keeping coins, cards, and more. A standard pair of jeans has four pockets in total. This includes two small front pockets on each side of the hip and two bigger pockets at the back. These pockets are meant to help the wearer keep things handy. These include cell phones, headphones, wallets, and receipts. You can use them for keeping several items on the go.

What jeans are in style on men’s jeans brands?

Straight-cut washed black pinstripe, boot-cut, slouchy skinny, high-rise, stretchy low-rise, baggy wide-leg and paper bag jeans are some of the most loved styles today that can easily be purchased in online stores. You can find here the trendiest jeans for online shopping in the UAE.  However, the styles do change with each fashion wave and season. Even if they are slight alterations to the original style, they are worth trying. So keep checking your favourite brands for the latest updates on styles and sales.

How should jeans fit?

Not all cuts are equal. Thus, every pair of jeans fits differently. You know you are wearing the right one if it offers absolute comfort. The waist is the most crucial part when it comes to fit. Try a smaller size if you need a belt to hold your jeans. Likewise, choose a bigger size if you can trace the outline of your butt and leg shape. Length is another important factor to consider when buying jeans for men and women. However, the perfect length varies from one style to another. Thus, read product descriptions and refer to a size chart to know whether it’s an ideal fit or not.

Are jeans business casual?

Yes, quality jeans can be a business casual attire if you pair them with the right ensemble. Both men and women need a blazer to achieve a business look in jeans. And the good news is, that there are several women’s and men’s jeans stores online in the UAE. Females must pair their jeans with a formal blouse, a jacket or blazer, and close-toe shoes for a business casual look.  They need to avoid tank tops, T-shirts, ripped skinny jeans for women, or embellished jeans. Meanwhile, men must opt for a casual front button shirt and a matching tie.

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