Baggy Trousers

About Baggy Trousers

The concept of well-fitted pants has indeed become revolutionary in the corporate world. People today symbolise such clothing with status and a symbol of wealth – and why not? It has the power to instantly make the wearer feel proud, chic and sophisticated. Team it up with baggy trousers, a shirt and a well-fitted blazer, and it makes for the perfect combination! Such is the power of ethical clothing.

A surprisingly new addition to the concept of baggy clothing is the baggy trouser pants. While most of them are perfect for casual wear, one might want to be a little more careful when it comes to wearing them to work. However, they’re completely doable. For those who are new to the concept of baggy trouser pants, well, these are loose cotton trousers made with excess fabric that can often give the appearance of “unfitted trousers.” The pants are available as baggy trousers for women and loose pants for men and are a widely worn piece of clothing in most of the world. Some people are so fascinated by the comfort that these baggy trousers clothing offer that they have gone one step ahead to customise them and use them as loose cotton trousers for the workplace.

Aspects to keep in mind while considering baggy pants

Over the last few years, the definition of ‘corporate clothing’ has taken a turn. People no longer wish to be under the spell of clothing that is uncomfortable or does not suit their body type only because it gives the effect of being dressed right for the workplace. While most offices have made the concept of ‘casual dressing’ acceptable in a corporate scenario, there are several pieces of clothing that one can add to his/her wardrobe to make it more wearer friendly. It is essential to remember, however, that formal or not, your clothing choices should convey your personality and allow you to speak through them.

The style

Although baggy pants are generally loose and have an improper fit, it doesn’t mean that they should lack in style. When choosing a pair of baggy pants, always ensure it fits just right. Paying attention to the way the trousers fit around your body is the key here. Too loose, and they will look ill-fitted, and too tight will completely give away the whole concept of wearing baggy pants. The pants should look just right. Consider looking up on the internet to get a few pointers if you’re new to the concept. Also, avoid buying your first pair online. Going to a store will help you see the pants on yourself and come to a proper conclusion.

The fitting

The fall of baggy pants is slightly different compared to their other variations. To correctly measure the fitting of any pants, wear them and move around. The base of the trousers should not touch your heels. They should not feel too tight or too loose around your waist. At the same time, it should not hamper the look of your outfit either. Trousers look best with a shirt. Depending on how you wear them, carry your tee or shirt along with you. It will just help you see the complete look together and analyse the outfit as a whole. Irrespective of them being baggy pants, the fit should not make it look shabby or unprofessional.

The accessories

Like everything else, pants too lose their charm when they’re not teamed up with something interesting. This is when accessories come into the picture. When it comes to baggy pants, try not to overshadow the main style with too many. However, a few will make a difference. Choose simple accessories like a good belt, a pocket chain perhaps, suspenders if needed etc. They do make a difference when you want to make your trousers stand out. Alternatively, you can also mix and match some accessories from your collection and see if the look works with baggy pants too.

Maintaining your pants

Although a lot of people don’t consider this aspect crucial, it is! Like all other types of trousers, baggy pants also require care and maintenance so they last longer. A good pair will last you a decent amount of time if you take care to maintain it. Ensure you don’t wash your trousers too frequently and don’t subject them to food stains. Soaking for long periods also diminishes its life. Ensure you keep the setting of your washing machine anywhere between moderate to low. Refrain from using the single pair too regularly. Also, don’t overuse a single pair again and again. Over the months, keep adding at least one pair of trousers to your collection. This way, you have options, and it retains the quality of your clothing as well.

Tips on how to buy Baggy Trousers stand out  

Baggy pants are the best! You can wear them both casually and in a semi-formal setting, depending on the crowd. If you’re one of those who love something comfortable, flowy, and non-restricted when it comes to formal attire, semi-formals are the best way to go! However, even baggy trousers sometimes need an extra touch to make them stand out. Here’s how to make the best of your pants.

  • Go with the flow – While it is ideal to go with a fitted top-wear when it all comes to baggy bottom wear, it is not always the rule. For those blessed with proper height, team it up with tunics or flowy coats and suits for a fantastic look.
  • Get excellent top-wear – Sweaters are good options for the pants and work well with simple shoes. Any fitting top-wear should work well with a baggy fit trouser.
  • Work the look – For men, choose to tuck in your shirt while wearing full-length pants for a semi-formal look. For something casual, a good statement t-shirt is probably the way to do it – don’t overdo the look with accessories. Simple sports shoes are ideal for putting together a casual look.
  • Shoe statement – It’s a great time to show off those shoes – baggy pants work with slider flats, pumps, ballerina shoes or stilettos for an edgier look.
  • Suit your needs – You can even give a few folds along the base of your jeans to reduce the length and opt for a chic, casual look complete with a crop top or washed-out tee.

With this new trend, a lot of people are still experimenting, and often, the results are stunning. So, don’t forget to have a little fun and try merging the pants with different top wear, accessories and shoes to see what suits you the best. Over some time, as you get comfortable with this style, you can make changes as per the requirement. The good part about baggy trousers is that you can style and wear them as you wish.

Question & Answer

How to pick the best baggy trouser pants for yourself?

Start by knowing your body type. For those with a slender build, loose baggy trousers are ideal to start. For those with a medium build, opt for something that is slightly more fitted; however, for individuals who have a heavy build, try choosing ones who have the best fitting and team it up with a fitted shirt/top/blouse. Alternatively, loose cotton trousers are also an excellent way to experiment with before going in for baggy pants. If you’re considering these for semi-formal workwear, it is best to keep them a ½ inch above the ankles (for women) and up to the ankles or slightly lower, depending on your comfort level (for men). Mix and match trousers with your top-wear to see which baggy trousers clothing will work well for you. While baggy trousers for women look great with semi-formal shirts, for men, it is best to stick to dress shirts or slim-fit shirts while teaming up with baggy trousers clothing.

What are some great alternatives to baggy pants?

While some people may be fascinated with the concept of baggy trousers for women and loose pants for men, it is not often that they might work well for a corporate look. For those who wish to play it safe, it is an excellent choice to substitute the pants with loose track pants for men’s and women’s plus size harem pants. For casual attire, loose capris pant also work well. These give the idea of casual, loose-fitted pants without making them too much of a statement. So, if you’re new to the concept of loose pants for men or women, it is an excellent option to start with these first.

Which are the best choices while considering baggy trousers for men?

Several excellent options are available today when it comes to wearing loose track pants and comfortable pants for men. Replay, Jack and Jones, Gap, Arrow, Urban Classics, ASOS, and Celio are great brands to pick. The right way is to shop online – what would make it even better is to have the best brands come together on one website so you can make the best choice as per your requirements. Are you excited? Check it out at this fantastic product comparison site.

Which are the best options for women’s harem trousers?

For women, it is essential to analyse their body type before going in for a purchase. Nowadays, a lot of brands have varied options to choose from according to an individual’s body type, and it is a good idea to experiment with a few before investing in a significant number. Brands like Ginger, ASOS, People, Mango, Kendall + Kylie Women, Dolce and Gabbana, Adidas and New Look have some stunning options while considering baggy pants. Another great option is to find women’s harem pants plus size, which work well for women who have a bulky physique. Ladies’ baggy jeans for casual wear work well with t-shirts and simple shirts too. Explore a wide range of styles on our product search engine .