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How many times have you been in a dilemma about what to wear? If you have something in mind, it may not go with the zip pants or shirt of your choice. If you finally decide on clothing that works both ways, the next thing that comes forward is the accessories to team with your clothing. Your shoe choice is the next big thing since shoes are the first thing that people notice about you.

The answer to all this is to have a designated look – opt for zip pants for women or fitted trousers for men and invest in a few pieces of the same type. Team these with shirts, blouses, etc., and it’s done. Most basic colours like blue, black, grey, navy, white and beige are perfect for office wear and can be repeated and altered with different top wear for a change. These days, women especially have a lot of different options like pants with zippers on the bottom, slim-fit pants, pants with pockets and so on, giving them a wide variety of choices to make the desired choice. Formal pants are the best thing to wear to work. They have the best comfort factor, look great with blouses, shirts and tops and last long if taken good care.

Factors that you should bear in mind while choosing zip-off pants for women

Buying zip pants isn’t tricky, but yes, it does involve knowing a little bit about pants to make your buying process more straightforward. To make an informed decision, consider the pants that you already have and which fit well. Take a few cues from them about what you like and what could use a little improvement. Also, re-check aspects like your height, waist and other measurements for slight changes and alterations. These will undoubtedly come in handy for your next fitting. With this data in place, you are ready to go and shop for pants. Also, get an idea of the shades and patterns that you like to make it easier to shop.

The fit

First things first focus on the fit. It is essential to understand that some of the simplest corporate attires end up looking classy because of the way they fit. Pay attention to how the pants fit around your waist, the tapering style, pleats and other aspects. The Columbia zip-off pants are an excellent choice if you’re a beginner. These Columbia zip-off pants are simple yet elegant, and the zip-off pants for women are designed to offer a great fit, yet they’re lightweight and wash-friendly and sometimes also have great additions like pockets, pants with zippers on the bottom etc. Another great option to consider is the Columbia convertible pants for women.

Colour is essential

Bear in mind that clothes look better after teaming them, considering the skin tone of a person. It makes a big difference in the final look. With zip pants and zip-off trousers for both men and women, lighter shades like beige, peach, sky blue, and whites are recommended for medium and dark-shaded skin; the darker colours like maroon, black, navy and brown are great for medium and fair skin. It doesn’t mean that you have to be boring, though. Play around with shades and textures that suit you. Also, don’t be scared to check out something that you saw on someone else. Ask for it the next time you’re shopping.

Versatility is the next thing that comes into the picture

Try to visualise and see how the pants that you’re considering will go well with some of the shirts or blouses you have. Most Columbia zip-off pants work well with any top war, and the Columbia convertible pants for women are a multi-purpose pair too. Ensuring your plants are versatile is essential because you can do a lot more with a single pair of pants. Try to visualise the look with a shirt that you own and see how it goes through. Teaming good pants with different tees and shirts is another excellent way of experimenting. Don’t be afraid to try out something new every once in a while.

Comfort is another critical factor

Wear trousers, sit, stand and walk around in them. Since pants are what you will be wearing for at least half the day every day, making sure it is high on comfort is an important aspect. If needed, ask for alterations in the waist size, length, etc., at the store itself since most of them won’t charge you for this service if done at the purchase location itself. You should be comfortable in the pants while sitting, walking and moving around. Any aspects like a tight waist etc. will make it uncomfortable for you, so it is highly recommended to get this sorted out while shopping itself.

The style

Nobody likes outdated clothing. Here, we’re not talking about being entirely up to date with aspects but not being too old-school either. Keep a check on what’s new out there and ask for it the next time you go shopping. Keep experimenting and trying styles, and if you find something that goes well with your body type, give it a go! However, don’t get too adventurous in the beginning. Start slow and see how it goes before adding more frills. Thus, concentrate on these five factors to get the best out of convertible pants. As you keep shopping and gain a better understanding of your body, you may realise that certain other aspects matter too.

Tips on how to buy Convertible Pants for men 

A rather simple attire, pants, are something that we wear every single day. However, you’ll be surprised by the number of people who still make mistakes while shopping for them. Here, although comfort is a key feature, other aspects like fit and style also make a big difference. They come into the big picture, especially if you’re considering wearing them to the office. Here are some quick tips to make your shopping experience a little better.

  • Choose the fabric wisely – Zip pants are also familiar with men when it comes to providing a comfort level and visual appeal. Since cotton is one of the best breathable fabrics, it helps to stick to these when it comes to investing in pants for workwear.
  • Stick to brands that you know – Some of the best brands for men in the UAE are NIKE, Levi’s, North Face, Adidas, H&M, G Star, ZARA, Denim etc. However, there is no rule that what works for someone else should work for you too. Check and buy from brands that appeal to you.
  • Focus on comfort – For men too, it is a right judgment call to try the trousers and check walking and sitting around in them for a while to determine their comfort level. Also, team them up with the kind of shirts you generally wear (slim fit, regular shirt, dress shirt, etc.)
  • Ask for colours – Trousers or pants, although they come in limited shades, don’t mean they have to get boring. Check for hues like mahogany, teak, caramel and pecan if brown is your preferred colour. Similarly, options in beige, white and blue are also available.
  • Ask for customisation – No ready-made trousers will fit like a glove. To make the fitting better, always inquire if the store can customise it for you. Most of them do. It’ll be done in a few minutes, so you don’t have to waste time collecting it either. Always have it altered before you purchase to ease out any small ill-fitting.

Most attires come with the possibility of wearing pants with zippers on the bottom and have a classy, distinguished look that teams with most top wear. An excellent choice for the Columbia convertible pants for women is to go with simple shirts, belts and noticeable shoes in contrasting shades. In the end, it is all about something that makes you feel confident and comfortable. Of course, the style and fit should also work well.

Question & Answer

Which are the best convertible pants for women?

With the vast number of choices today, women can opt for renowned brands like H&M, Gap, Columbia, Dolce and Gabbana, Mango, Nike, Levi’s, North Face, Adidas, H&M, G Star, Zara and Denim are some exceptional choices for some great options. For a smooth shopping experience, it is highly recommended to shop online, and when you can choose and compare from more than 500 online stores in one go, there is nothing like it! Click here to discover this retail search engine!

What do you need to keep in mind while purchasing zip pants?

Always focus on comfort. Second, comes the fit and style. Lastly, do not forget to team the pants with accessories like shoes, belts, cufflinks, and other formal alternatives that you fancy. When you finally pick on one, try wearing it for a few weeks and if all goes well, invest in shades of the same pair to make your early morning decisions schedule easy for you. Also, pick a few good shirts in contrasting colours to match the pants – work light with dark or slightly contrasting shades to come up with a new look now and then.

How to accessorise zip pants?

There are hundreds of options to make a regular pair of zip pants stand out. Although it is best to keep formal-wear zip pants simple, any casual wear numbers can be dressed up as you desire. For starters, choose a beautiful belt. Accessories like pocket chains also change the look altogether. If you’re feeling adventurous and creative, try using fabric paints. These are great for any clothing type and instantly add a different feel to any regular outfit. Trace out patterns first, and then get messy with your paints.

What is the best way to take care of zip pants?

Just like regular pants, zip pants also need a bit of care and maintenance to keep their life. For starters, do not subject them to persistent washing cycles. Next, ensure you empty the pockets before you wash. Dry clean occasionally. Depending on the fabric, zip pants may or may not need ironing. If they do, it is best to use a steam iron. It reduces the chances of burning and also gives an excellent post-ironing finish to the pair. Ensure you dry the pants in a shaded area. For storing, they should be folded and stored. Check out for some superb choices.