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About Jeggings

Searching for a strong foundation for a myriad of cute outfit options? Jeggings are the ultimate fashion solution. With so many style options – from low rise to a high waist, and from lightest light to super black hues, they can pair well with every style accessory you can find in the market. Finding the right pair of jeggings can make your world of a difference in the comfort you have ever dreamt of.

Some fashion trends have serious staying power and jeggings look to stand on the list. Though it’s been less than a decade since the style came up, its popularity grew fast. It would not be wrong to say that jeggings are a revived version of skinny jeans. The style came forward in the 2000s when body-hugging pants were high in demand. After slight modification in skinny jeans, they were introduced with a unique blend of cotton and spandex. With time, they bring more style variations than basic skinny jeans which is why they are still admired. Today’s discussion is all about helping you create the right style with your jeggings.

All about wearing a jegging the right way

Over time, jegging has become a fashion staple with its adaptable nature and accessibility, seemingly suited for every look and personal aesthetic. Fashion experts claim that jegging can come in handy to enjoy all styles whether you want to look like a fashionista or are willing to carry yourself as a punk rocker. However, regardless of how wonderful a fashion trend may seem, there is always room for flaws. Although they could be a perfect counterpart to any sweater, blouse or boyfriend blazer; there are no exceptions that you could style them wrong. That’s why we are going to share an ultimate go-to source on explaining how to style and buy a jegging the right way.

Jeggings vs Leggings – Understand the difference

These leggings and skinny jeans are entirely different from each other. Jeggings are effectively leggings that look like skinny denim jeans.  But technically, jegging differs from jeans or legging in material, functionality and comfort. Some experts define jegging as pants that are as soft as a legging but looks like denim jean. One major difference is the material of these trousers which is a combination of denim and spandex. Secondly, they are styled with no zipper or button to secure the garment. Instead, the flexibility and stretching feature of the fabric make it a perfect body fit. Moreover, they can be found in different prints, colours, and patterns including denim style and colours.

Don’t wear them like actual pants

They might look like one, but in fact, they are not real pants. They are available in different styles, colours, prints and fabrics. The idea of how to pair them depends on what form of jeggings you are using. For example, if you are rocking them with a sans pocket that is made of cotton, you must avoid pairing them with anything above the butt area. The pockets add structure to the butt. You can pair it with a waist hitting the top, tank top, t-shirt or blouse for a silhouette. However, if they fit too tight, they will lack structure. Such a style will do no good for your figure and will leave nothing for imagination. Pairing such trousers with a long length top would be a better idea.

Never go overboard with your high waisted jeggings 

You may feel highly confident and comfortable in your jeggings, be careful while pairing them with other accessories.  The body-hugging style of this trouser can easily ruin your look if you fail to choose the right top and pair of shoes with it. Girls with flattering hips need to be more careful while using a high waisted jegging. Such girls must prefer choosing a style with pockets or smaller prints that show volume in their booty. Moreover, pairing your fitted trousers with a smart top also helps to balance the sleekness of a small bottom. However, if you are intended to wear them in fall, pairing them with a statement sweater could be a great idea. Such combinations can help you enjoy a flattering look with the comforts of a PJ.

Become a shoe maniac with new look jeggings 

You can pair trendy options with any style of top or footwear and thus are an essential part of your clothing collection. You can see women rocking their high heels with skin fitted jagging or can see them wearing loafers. Moreover, if you think that skinny jeans are the only option for tucking into ankle boots, they could beat the flexibility. This flexibility of adjustment is the reason why girls also prefer denim jeggings with thigh-high boots. Besides, you can pair them with the 60s inspired ankle boots that otherwise work well only with bona fight tights. Some of the most used shoe styles that can add elegance to your fitted trousers are; lace-up or slip-on sneakers, slides, over the knee boots, or oxfords for business casual attire.

Tips on how to buy Jeggings online in the UAE  

The best part is that they are unisex, which means that both men and women can enjoy them. They are classic as denim and flexible as legging. This is why they are appreciated and widely used by both genders. In fact, they vary in style and colour as compared to traditional denim. Now, would you like to know the worse part? Finding a perfect pair for women or men is not an easy task. I would instead like to say that shopping for trousers for men or women is the trickiest part of the journey. Today we will give all the tips that you will need to buy them online in the UAE.

  • Know your size – It is important to know your size before heading to buy jeggings online in the UAE. To take the right size, measure your hip to its fullest, and have your waist size. While for length, measure from the top of the inside leg at the crotch to the ankle bone.
  • Chose the right tone – As they are body-hugging with light fabric. Lighter tones can show off the intimate parts of the lower body, and you might face an awkward body show-off. Thus, if you are using them as a replacement for skinny jeans, choose from darker hues.
  • Choosing the right supplier – To ensure the money spent on these trousers is wasted, buy from stores and brands that have flexible return policies and a good reputation. Here on our product search engine, you can find the topmost brands selling clothing on easy terms.
  • Know the length and style –They could be a great addition to your closet if you can pick the right piece according to your height and body. The rule is simple, they are meant to fit you just like skinny jeans.
  • Check the fabric – Even if you are buying them online, you can check for the fabric and other details by reading the product description section. Never forget to check for the spandex and elastance as they are meant to offer stretch to denim and all other types of fabrics.
  • Read product description – While buying online, you must read the product description, size and material specifications of each product. The product description section will also give you details about the flexibility of the product to help you make a better decision.

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Question & Answer

Can I use jeggings as business casual?

Yes, with specific styling options, you can use them as business casual. Jeggings are tight, and the fabric is thicker than leggings which is why they are considered close to jeans and acceptable for office attire. Hence, if you can pair it with the right top, they can not only give you comfort and a smarter look but will also break conventional ways of dressing in the office. However, the basic rule is to choose a dark tone piece and pair it with a button-down front top and a blazer or coat to give you a formal look.

How should jegging fit? 

A good option must hug your body nicely.  A perfect fitted jagging will stay close to your body from wait till ankle. A baggy option can be of no good. If you are buying a spandex or cotton jegging, there are odds that it will lose shape after some time. Thus, recommended is to buy them in one size smaller than what you choose in skinny denim jeans. It will prevent jegging from bagging out after a few washes and will fit your body perfectly for a long.

What should I wear with jeggings? 

They are as versatile as denim jeans. You can pair it with a floral kimono, a tank top and a pair of sneakers or you can pair it with a casual top and high heels for a casual look. You can also pair it with a leather jacket and ankle boots in the mild winter season or can go for a casual shirt and blazer paired with oxford shoes. Even men can use dark tone, denim style for office wear by pairing it with a dress shirt and a coat etc.

Are jeggings in style in 2019?

Since the introduction, they have become a preferred choice of both men and women.  The style isn’t outdated yet and is boldly rocking the ramps and can be seen on the streets. The optimum comfort and style flexibilities are the reason why they are still trendy. With our online shopping search engine, you can find thousands of the latest trending prints, styles and colour options in these trousers from more than 500 brands selling these trousers in the UAE. Visit top brands like Denim, American Eagle, NYDJ, Osh Kosh, Marks and Spencer, Zara, Gap, Next, H&M, Levi’s, Forever 21, and Adidas and shop all styles of jeans, trousers and everything in between.