Capri Pants

About Capri Pants

Did you have fun wearing layers of clothing in the winter and spring? Well, the sun is out now, the temperature is on the rise! And, you are left wondering how to dress during this blissfully burning season of summers. We entirely understand that perky summer dress ideas are hard to come by, though we are pretty sure that you know what kind of tops to wear in this blistering season. Have you ever tried on Capri pants?

But how about the bottoms? Should you wear trousers? Or should you go with a skirt? Capris answer these questions that keep haunting you while picking the right bottoms for your tops. Well if you have almost given up on these notoriously hard to wear cropped pants, then think again! Because they are still a favourite item in the market.  And do you know why? Because throughout history they are tracked down as summer’s most classic pants and are named as the perfect pieces for hot days.  Do you want to know an interesting fact?

Stay classy with these varieties of capri pants

The Capri pants draw their attention from the island Capri. They are cropped pants that stay above the ankle but are usually below the knees. Remember that if you can wear skirts throughout the winters, then you can be heck sure to pull off these Capri pants in winters too, without freezing your ankles off.  Though a little unflattering, the overall look of these cropped pants tends to be quite trendy. And this is one of the primary reasons why they are available in fabulous styles and varieties.

Look good in capri pants jeans

Don’t you just love the clothing pieces that follow the art of combining the quality of denim material and the trendy modern style of the Capris?  Well, if not, then you should! Why? Because they are more associated with a geeky and playful style and come in different fabric options as well. These jeans Capri pants are one of the contemporary styles that are ideal for an informal as well as formal occasion. They are ultra-form fitting and offer a variety of fits to suit every men’s and women’s preference and style.

Dress like a boss with these plus size capri pants

For those of you who are on the plump side, there are many larger size capri options. You’ll like their comfort, as they offer just the right amount of stretch and a bit of spandex for added give. However, they do not stretch out too much and go out of the shape. These capris surely do have a fresh vintage vibe. They not only keep you more relaxed but will also make you look chic and will maintain a flattering silhouette.

Capri pants for men- an innovation at work!

Guys! Did you know that men’s Capri pants in fashion have found great use while rock climbing and hiking? This is because they protect your knees and allow excellent airflow and flexibility and hence make a good set of outdoor pants. You’ll find them comfortable enough to walk around the city, yet without an ounce of athleisure included. Stick with colours such as navy blue, black or white; they give out a variation on the classic trend.

Add style to your day with the girls capri pants

You will be quite amused to know that there is a plethora of Capri pants for ladies and girls alike. Are you a short and stout or perhaps or tall and slender? Either way, you can be assured to find the right Capri for yourself, given that there is an ocean of these cropped pants out there in the market. Finally, pairing them with the right accessories is also important. This enhances your overall look. So, pair them with heels to make yourself look fabulous.

Tips on how to buy Capri Pants online

With an endless type of clam diggers in the market, picking the right one for yourself becomes quite burdensome. Therefore, you need to consider a few factors that play a crucial role in buying the right capri. Are you familiar with those factors? Nope? Well, let us help you with that. Scroll down and find some tips to buy Capri pants online in UAE and get that perfect look when you hop into the cropped pants.

  • Analyse your body type – Of course, everyone can wear them, but since each of you have a different build and stature, opting for the one that is cut out for you is essential. Women! We would recommend not to wear capris when you have short legs, i.e., your legs are proportionally short as compared to the rest of your body and you are not wearing any heels. And guys! If you are out on a formal meeting, do avoid Capri pants, as they have a very jazzy and informal look.
  • Get the length right – Go for the slim capris if you require a lengthening effect. They also work well with pin-up style tops. However, there is a rule of thumb to follow. Be careful of the length of the capri trousers you choose. Remember that Capri pants must end above your ankles. However, this depends on your height too. Stick to plain, straight leg capris, that way you can avoid any design mishaps.
  • Style them correctly – Though the capris are the most elegant and flattering item in the fashion industry, they must be styled correctly to make you look chic and classy. Capris sit close to your legs; therefore, you must consider their make, fabric, colour and patterns while styling them for any occasion. Ensure that you pair them with the right accessories for an overall stylish look.
  • Opt for an awesome pairing – Have you chosen your perfect Capri pants? Yes? What about the tops and the other accessories?  In a dilemma on what perfectly goes with your funky pants? Coordinate with the items that make you appear fuller, stylish, and comfortable. Consider your height, your body type and your colour preference and follow the same rules as you would while wearing or buying a skirt.
  • Go with the fresh style tops – Do you have short legs? Then we suggest you wear tops that graze the top of your Capri. This way, they’ll give you an illusion of extra leg length. Do not hesitate to wear longer tops if you are tall or of average height. Just ensure you get tapered Capri pants for yourself. A flowy tunic or a short dress look perfect above the women’s denim capri.
  • Experiment with the colours and patterns – If you want to look taller than you are, then, do wear all one colour from top to bottom. Such as black top and black capris that have prints on it or are all black. Try avoiding flashy looks. Do not mix and wear too brightly coloured tops with flashy accessories. Instead, try wearing colourful capris with a white shirt or any soft colour for a sophisticated look. And vice-versa, if you are choosing a brightly coloured top then go for softer coloured Capri pants such as blue, grey or taupe.
  • Get some peppy accessories – Accessories are a crucial factor; they can make or break your look. The right shoes, bags, jackets, jewellery all greatly contribute to your look. For example, flats do look fabulous with capris but avoid them if you have short legs. Wear a low heel to lengthen your exposed calf. Keep a nude shoe colour to make your legs longer. A shoe that is the same colour as your capri helps.

If you’ve almost given up on capri pants, because they are frumpy, hope the above points help you change your notion. Keeping them in mind while buying one, will guide you to the right style, fit and material. Just remember that they can be geeky, playful, trendy, and sexy too as they stay above your ankle bone. Moreover, they keep you cooler in summer and are more associated with fun and style.

Question & Answer

When should you wear capri pants?

Capris are an excellent choice of casual wear for both men and women alike. They are one of the best fashion items that are a ‘must’ for surviving in the summer heat. However, with their versatile cuts and makes, they are also popular in the winter season. Not only that, they can be worn for both formal and casual occasions alike. Regardless of the seasons and events, remember to follow a few rules to make sure your Capri pants are flattering and fashion forward.

Are capri pants in style?

We always think that styles need to change to current to look chic and elegant on all occasions. Hence, it is time to think critically. Especially, about what you are going to take with you this year and what are you going to leave behind. Capris are one such pant that does make a difference. They are extremely popular because they are comfortable, versatile, and easy to wear. Therefore, you can expect to see an abundance of capri pant styles in the current market. So, do not miss out on trying out this trend.

Can you wear capri pants in winter?

Of course, you can! Showing a little leg does not mean freezing your ankles. Capris are certainly winter-friendly. It is just that; you must style them appropriately. Especially, those who are living in freezing places need to pair them boots. This will keep you warm. You can pair them with jackets and tops that are pro winter. Try going for t-shirts or tops that are of woollen fabric. This way, your entire body is kept warm even if you are wearing these cropped pants.

How long capri pants can be?

Capris come in varying lengths. Ranging from cropped, full-lengths to pants just cropped above the knees and ankle, they are surely a versatile piece of clothing. However, choosing the best one often depends on your height. Because every style of capri does not work for everyone and the key to creating the best capri look is to create the longest line possible. You need to style your capris as per the length of your legs. If you have long legs, go for a longer ankle length capri cut. Opt for a shorter style capri if you have shorter legs.

Where to buy capri pants?

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