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About Stretch Pants

Trousers are a tricky gargoyle of the contemporary dressing cult. They are often mistaken and chafed by a plethora of names and terms. Hence, they are surprisingly difficult to find in a comfortable fit. It is quite interesting that there are pants that secretly aren’t pants. They look like pants but feel like leggings. They are stretch trousers.

Stretch trousers? Strousers? Not sure what to call them? Regardless of its name, we can guarantee you that this clothing is the secret to perfect workplace attire. They are stretchy and deliver the best of both worlds put together comfort and style. Made of twill fabric that is stretchy and stylish as streetwear, these species of trousers look good on and off the hill. They are slim fit pants that show off your curves while giving an ideal shield to any weather. There, you are now equipped with the knowledge of these trousers. However, if you want to make wise purchases, you need to dig a little deep. You need to know their varieties and variations to pick a perfect one for yourself. Read on if you are curious!  

A handy breakdown of the best stretch trousers

Regardless of what you use your stretchy trousers for, there are a lot of options out there. So how can you make the right decision about their purchases? Lucky for you, we have put together a few types of these stretch trousers that you can consider while buying one for yourself. They are comfortable, chic, durable and budget-friendly. So, hang in there and keep scrolling to find out those types that will change your perspective towards the pants.

Skinny stretch pants for men

Guys! You have to admit that a well-stocked men’s wardrobe isn’t complete without a few variations of these stretch trousers. For us, the men’s formal trousers with elasticated waist come first. Let the belts be damned! This type of skinny stretch pant is the best fusion of brilliance and slouchiness bundled into one seriously versatile package. Sleek enough to be worn in the office, these new genus of stretch trousers are the best slice of smartness because they are sufficiently elegant to be worn in the office. You can pair them up with a blazer or a denim jacket to get that perfect look. However, it is imperative to remember that each body type is different. Be sure to try on as many trousers as you can.   

Adjustable waist trousers 

If you are someone who loves to work and live without the restriction and discomfort of wearing a fabulous pair of pants. Then, these are a perfect choice! They are a great alternative to stretch trousers. These elastic waist pants are the perfect pair of pants to wear when you are out doing a physically demanding job. We agree jeans or trousers might look great, but if your work involves bending and stooping all day, they will eventually cause you discomfort. Therefore, if you want to move around freely, wearing an ideal pair of trousers, then opting for the best fit is essential. And, these waist adjustable trousers are designed for comfort and can be worn on different occasions. 

Stretch trousers for ladies 

Does your pant not fit you the same way as they used a couple of months back? Well, then, ladies! What if we tell you that you can feel great and stylish all day long? The jazzy stretch trousers specially designed for women will certainly make an excellent addition to your wardrobe. You are for sure to find them in different colours, styles, cut, and fabrics. But remember, do not ever compromise on comfort and quality. Since they are designed to complement your look and lifestyle, you could wear them on holidays or on those casual days off. They are one of the best casual wear that offers smart functions and comfortability that we crave and flatter our changing body.   

Bootleg stretch trousers for women 

How about a twist to your regular trousers? Well, these trousers are all that and more. The bootleg trousers are one classy variation of the regular stretch trousers. They come with peculiar features and designs. For example, this pant features an extended and traditional fit through the waist and legs. The only difference is that they have a slight flare as they reach the legs. Moreover, they are one of the most versatile pants. Therefore, you can pair them with footwear and look extremely stylish. Indeed, the bootcut pants make you look slimmer by complementing your curves. Besides that, you can wear them for casual dine outs and formal occasions alike.

Tips on how to buy Stretch Pants in Dubai

Since you are now aware of the stretch trouser types, you would probably be on a mission to buy a perfect pair of stretch trousers. Sounds like a simple task, is it? Well, folks, that’s not true. You may have to spend hours to find the perfect fit. However, some research may save you! We have compiled for you a few tips to make your next expedition of stretch pants in Dubai a little less stressful.

  • Know the difference between smart trousers and chinos – One needs to learn this difference to wear the right clothes for the right time. Both chinos and trousers are equally wearable, be it a formal meeting or a free day out. However, people generally go for trousers for a formal occasion. And, anyone can pull off an informal event wearing chinos. Nothing beats the look of pairing your chinos with a casual shirt, a jacket, and jumpers.
  • Decide on a style – When you decide on a style for your trousers, ask yourself these questions. What tops are you going to choose? How many pocket flaps do you want? There are many styles of these trousers available in the market which have distinct features that are built specifically for particular occasions.
  • Select on a material – The stretch trousers do come in different fabrics. You need to choose them according to the occasion you are going to wear them in. Also, ensure that you go for the one that is sweat resistant that will wick away any moisture when you are working out or are out doing your chores.
  • Decide on a colour – Since, they come in different colours, choosing them wisely is essential. Keep in mind the kind of event you are wearing them for. Try to pick a soft shade for formal meetings and keep the flashy ones for outdoor activities. Also, lighter colours help you reflect sunlight and will keep you cool throughout your exercises.
  • Look for Durability – It is always better to invest in high-quality stretch pants rather than spending a fortune on changing them every couple of months. Always check their seams, stitches, patches and zippers when you buy these trousers. Also, pay special attention to zippers because poo quality zips can easily break and cause inconvenience when working out.
  • Know the right fit – Most stretch trousers are made with fabrics that are tested for shrink factor and therefore give as much stretch, comfort and freedom as possible. However, the amount of stretch will vary depending on the style. So, always ensure that you try out your pants. They shouldn’t rub, itch or irritate your skin, as this will create an unnecessary hassle.

It is quite interesting how there are so many varieties of stretch trousers in the market. These smart trousers really do make you look good on any occasion. But finding a perfect pair is always a hurdle. You might have to consider everything from colour, fabric to their fit and style. Our pro tip—while wearing these stretch pants outdoors might appear to be a cheaper and more comfortable alternative, than investing in outdoor specific clothing. Keep reading if you want to know more about them!

Question & Answer

What are bi-stretch trousers?

There are a plethora of stretch trousers in fashion, and one of the unique ones is these trousers. A bi-stretch trouser is a cigarette leg shaped pant that is mostly made of cotton. They usually feature concealed hooks and bar fastening and generally finish above the ankle. They are the kind of trousers you’ll love because of their peculiar design and easy to handle features. With a smooth silhouette, hassle-free pull-on waist and flat front, they are one of the best stretch trousers. Even though they have a fantastic stretch capability, the stretch trousers keep their shape and flatter yours too!

How to stretch the trouser’s waist?

Have you tried on your favourite trousers? Are they too tight? Stretch them! But how? Take out the pair of trousers you want to stretch, pull on the side of the waistband. Pull gently to avoid any popping of elastics or buttons. Try moistening the waistband to stretch them easily. Dry them and try them out. However, going through such a process, we recommend you get yourself high-quality stretch trousers that wouldn’t need any stretching and pulling for quite some time.

How do you leather trousers?

You just purchased a stylish pair of leather trousers, and when you tried them on, it doesn’t fit you. Is it? Well, here’s the solution. Wet your leather pants; you could use gently rub down a softener. Once done, gently pull/stretch it manually with your hands. Your treated pants around the house till it dries out. If it still feels tight after these steps repeat it. However, it is always easier to exchange the new bought one for the right fit.

Are stretch trousers in style this year?

It is a new year, and that means a ton of new fashion trends in the industry too. However, one closet staple always stays put year after year. Well, it is none other than the stretch trousers. There are endless options for them in fashion. Whether you are planning to revamp your wardrobe or want some new ones, there are countless options of stretch trousers out there that can hardly go unnoticed. These piece of unique clothing has been evolving and will do so in the coming years too.

With a plethora of stretch trousers available in the market buying a perfect one for yourself is tricky. You may have to browse through endless shopping sites, visit various shops and whatnot. But what if we tell you that you can browse through an infinite variety of stretch trousers from renowned brands from a single platform? Visit the best shopping search engine to explore your options of stretch pants in Dubai from 500+ online stores. Do not forget to check out the best men’s formal trousers for sale from brands such as Gucci, Fendi, Moncler, Emporio Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Z Zegna, Niel Barett, Marcelo Burlon, and many more here!