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We are sure that each of you have two kinds of trousers in your wardrobe: the go-to jeans and the work and wedding slacks. However, folks! It’s time to discover the world in between them. Guys meet the modern yet classic Chino pants. We’ve just found your new favourite. Do you know that Chinos originated in the military as well?  

China introduced these lightweight twill uniforms during the Spanish-American War in the Philippines. Hence, the word ‘chino’ comes from the Spanish slang for ‘china.’ Fast forward to the formerly corporate cultures. They are now stuffy yet chill out in the present. We know that you are left wondering how to achieve that ‘not too casual, not too awkward’ professional style. Well, investing in a pair of Chino pants will not go in vain. So, if you are on the go to buy that perfect chino, then let us give you a heads up! You are most likely to come across the term khaki tagged along with the Chino pants. It is entirely possible to find something sold as ‘khaki Chinos.’ However, do you know that both of them are quite different from each other? Are you not convinced yet? Let us do the job for you!   

Chino pants- An Insight into their characteristics   

Men’s clothing has moved on from the days when if you did not dress in a suit, you did not dress at all. It has now evolved to a great extent. Here enter the Chino pants, a true embodiment of classic wardrobe staple. They have been exploited and modified by every generation of modern times since the nineties. But they are now without a doubt the most versatile pant a man can own because they are available in diverse varieties. Hence, we know that you love them as we do! But do you know them well enough to include them in your wardrobe? We’ve compiled for you some of their critical characteristics here.   

Incredibly easy to style  

Chino pants are incredibly easy to style, especially styling the Chino pants for men. If you are aiming for a more casual aesthetic, opt for linen shirts tucked into skinny Chino pants for men. Add white sneakers to the look, and you have a summer-ready look to go. Alternatively, styling Chino pants for women can get a little tricky. If you want to look bold and stylish, then coupling your olive-green Chinos with a black blouse can never go wrong. Black does wonders and who would know it more than the women. For plus size girls, the faded pink women’s plus size Chino pants are fantastic. Pair it with a netted blouse and a matching lipstick to get that dashing look. Let’s not forget that the Chino pants are a mix of formal yet classy. Therefore, strap some chic heels along with the look to complete your work look.    

Chinos Vs. Khakis- The difference 

You can trace back the bewilderment between the Khakis and Chino to the origin of Chinos. Chinos were khakis of a sort. History apart, here’s a definitive answer to your question. Khakis are straight-legged, thick and typically pleated. They are cuffed at the bottom hems whereas Chinos are lightweight, tapered and narrow down as they go lower on the leg. They can be cuffed or uncuffed. Both of them are made of cotton and are dyed somewhere in between the dark tan and pale cream colour. No wardrobe is complete without these garments. But when it comes to Chinos vs jeans, both differ in certain aspects, especially their make. Jeans come in dense fabric twill, whereas Chinos come in lighter weight twill.   

Chino pants or Khakis- Which one should you choose?  

Choosing among the chino pant and Khaki lies beyond the primary difference. It depends upon your body structure, the occasion, and the mood. Apart from this, few other distinguishing traits may help you decide which type of pants you choose for specific events. Chino pants are available in assorted colours than khakis. Traditionally, they were used to come in only lighter shades of tan-closer to cream colour. One of the most excellent examples is the bonobos stretch washed Chinos. They offer maximum comfort and durability with its stretch feature. Khaki pockets are more pronounced while the chino pockets disguise themselves. The concealed pockets add to the demeanour of Chinos. Both the Chino pants and khakis can be dressed up with a blazer and a nice shirt. Both Chinos and Khakis are a better choice than the jeans for dressier occasions.   

They fit you perfectly when styled wisely 

If you are someone who has embraced the Chino pants, then you ought to explore its versatility by discovering different looks that best suits you. You could pair your Chinos with an open neck shirt, if you are out for lunch, dates, art gallery events, etc. Though these pants are a direct style substitute for jeans, that does not mean that you avoid denim altogether. Alternatively, a denim shirt paired with a dark coloured chino looks surprisingly smart. However, if you are up to drink with your boys, then team your Chinos with boots or sneakers to achieve a fresh and casual look. Also, complementing your Chinos with shades of white are perfect for a fresh out of the box look. Add in canvas shoes and sneakers to give an air of casual sophistication to your look.

Tips on how to buy Chino Pants online

Endowed with the superpower of looking just as good formals as with the informal, Chino pants are the impeccable avatar of the phrase ‘smart-casual’. But they also have a catch. Go too tight, or too loose; they will look terrible no matter what you team them up with. Therefore, it is critical to know and understand what you need to look for when buying them. Keep reading the tips and suggestions below to find your favourite pair of Chinos pants in Dubai without much hassle.

  • Look for best quality— Go for Chinos that are softer and urbane. Do not settle in for low-quality Chino pants and look for most comfortable Chinos, which can effortlessly bridge the gap between the work and office hours. Select one that can you can pair with everything from t-shirts to sweaters to button-downs, and you’ll quickly see how versatile they are.
  • Go for the best fit— Fit is particularly crucial because of their military heritage. But, when it comes to fit styling the Chinos, most men stick to a slim-fit style. This is because they are the most flattering for all body types. They skim the body with a little extra room around the thigh area and taper at the ankle.
  • Stick to a comfortable fabric— You can define Chinos as casual cotton trousers in terms of fabric. They usually come in twill cotton that is extremely breathable and comfortable, especially during the hotter months. Alternatively, you can also go for the stretch cotton if you want a dressy look.
  • Go for neutral colours— Chinos come in many colours such as shades of blue, brown, grey and Khaki which are widely available. But if you want to make your wardrobe a multifunctional one get yourself more neutral colour Chino pants. This way, you can pair them with several shirts.
  • Find the one with better pockets— Depending on the work you do and the storage you require when you are on the move, it is an essential factor to look for when buying a Chino pant. Chinos feature different pocket styles that you can number differently. Usually, five-pocket Chinos come in wider varieties.
  • Feel comfortable with the right waistband— When purchasing or trying on your new Chinos, take note of how it sits on your waistline. In other words, they shouldn’t sag when you wear them. Ensure that they aren’t too low or too high on the waistline. The best chino waist height is 1.5 inches below your belly button.
  • Analyse the length and width— Though a slim-fit is the most flattering one, you don’t want them to be skin-tight. Also, the Chino pants mustn’t be baggy. An ideal width of the Chinos would be an extra couple of inches at the thighs and tapering towards the ankle. Take care that their perfect length is the one that hits the top your ankle.

So, now you know that the Chino pants are truly supple, ultra-comfy and elegant. They are, for sure a reliable alternative to the jeans, allowing you to look masculine without making you sweat. These stylish pants weren’t created just for style and are crafted with the practical use in mind too. You will now agree with us if we say that they are truly one of the easiest ways to upgrade your summer style and can replace many of the pants sitting in your wardrobe.

Question & Answer

How to buy Chino pants?

Chinos are an epitome of classic wardrobe staple and are, without a doubt the most versatile type of pant a man can own. Therefore, you need to make sure that you choose the pant that’s best for you and how you style them. Look for their make, style, cuts and fabric. You should know that these come in 100% cotton twill, but with the technological advancements in the fabrication, they now have a hint of stretch with spandex that you’ll love. Also, most men stick to the slim fit style as it is the most flattering type.

How to wear Chino pants?

There is no wrong way to wear them. That is the beauty of these pants. These pants are equally appealing when paired with a button-down shirt to feel easy breezy during your 9-5 work, or when teamed with your go-to hoodie for an elevated fun day look. You could also wear them with your cool footwears with a no-show sock and a cuffed ankle. It is also essential to wear slim or skinny fit chino for a cuffed pant, or it will just look like a bulky mess.

Do Chino pants shrink?

Chinos fall under the middle of the dress spectrum. They come in twill cotton originated in China. Therefore, the fabric might shrink a little if you wash it. The amount of shrinkage depends on a few factors such as hot water washing, the drying method, and so on. Some manufacturers pre-wash the Chino pants material. This results in pre-washed cotton. Nevertheless, the shrinkage is unpredictable, so wash it, wear it and then alter it.

Who makes the best Chino pants?

Originally Chinos where earth-toned, but nowadays they come in diverse shades of colours, styles and looks. They look fantastic when paired with neutral tops. Now made worldwide, Chinos some of the most popular world-renowned brands could not ignore manufacturing them. You can find them in most of the online stores as well. There are ton companies out there who are trying to earn a quick buck off this sportive and casual wear.

How to stretch Chino pants?

Well, you can’t stretch a chino pant since they are made of twill cotton and mainly because they are stretch denim jeans. Rather than stretching the existing pair of Chinos, why not purchase slim Chinos with a subtle stretch. They are one of the most stylish pants that are comfortable and ideal office wear. So, get a pair of stretch Chinos, because owning one means endless comfort, plenty of mobility and immense style.

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