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Did you know that culottes were not designed for women? Initially, these were a part of military uniforms during the French revolution in the 70s. Later in the 20s, they made a big comeback featuring wide-split bottoms that land slightly below the knee with the flair of a skirt.

Though styling a culotte is tricky, the results can be exceptionally stunning. Whether for work or casual settings, it can flatter your best features. However, choosing one with the right length and width is equally important.  A slight mistake and a culotte can make you unflatteringly broader or shorter. Thus, we will help you nail your look with this chic ensemble. You can check your favourite fashion bloggers for more style inspirations to wear culottes. But here are some basic style tips that can work for al. So, read on to discover how to buy the right one.

A beginner’s guide to style culottes like a pro

For years, skinny jeans have dominated women’s wardrobes. However, there was a massive change in the fashion world last year with the re-introduction of wide-legged pants. They are neither pants nor skirts but rather a cross between the two. What’s more, they look fantastic when paired with metallic toe and block heel boots, high neck furry sweaters, and gold earrings. However, styling your look demands extra attention to avoid any awkward flaws. We will explore below the different ways to style culottes based on your body type.

Skirt-style culotte shorts with a keen length

Ever heard of the word “skorts”? These are knee-length garments that are technically culottes but mimic a skirt. These trousers are also used as a schoolgirl uniform in other parts of the world to give freedom of movement. They can make you look stunning when paired with different tops. You can style your skort with a fitted graphic tee or go for a tank top if you wish to have a relaxed look. Otherwise, opt for a tucked-in blouse for a vaguely dressier look. For a fun cool-weather look, pair your skort with a statement sweater or choose a breezy top for a beachy vibe. You can also opt for a casual workout look by pairing your skort with a sports bra.

Full but not bulky culottes

Pleats or soft folds can look lovely if they are not creeping north to your waist. Too many details and bulky materials can make you look fat. Thus, minimalism should be the core concept to look slim when wearing a culotte. Choose plain or striped designs with flat fronts, no vertical zipper, and pleats. However, try a slimmer culotte if you are petite. Just ensure though that it is not so long to drown your legs. Minimal details, colours, and patterns can help enrich your figure in culottes.

Go for culottes jumpsuits

The trickiest part of wearing culottes is pairing them with the right top and footwear. Girls generally find it hard to decide on the best top that will look amazing with these statement pants. A ground rule is that tops must have lesser volume than culottes to avoid looking like you are drowning in the fabric. For a sophisticated look, pair your culottes with a refined slim top or silky blouse. If you want a sporty look, go for a button-up and structured shirt with a beautiful contrast of hard and soft lines. Go for the one that makes you look and feel comfortable.

Tuck in or not with culotte shorts

Though culottes jumpsuits are not easy to style, they can give you several style variations. Picking a perfect blouse or shirt that is fully or half tucked in can give you an hourglass shape. Do you have a mummy tummy? Then a sweater tucked out at the hipbone can give you a flattering look. However, if you have a slim figure, a streamlined sweater can work wonders for you. Avoid creating a wide silhouette on the top and bottom, as it will make you look like a big box. Just imagine Sponge Bob Square Pants. Instead, try pairing your culotte with chequered shirts, floral tops with a leather jacket, silk tops, or tucked in sweaters.

Tips on how to buy Culottes online in the UAE

Adding a trendy culotte to your wardrobe is a great idea. The latest styles, from heavy brocade to breezy linen could be the perfect ensemble for your outfit. However, you need to select the right size and style for your physique. Keep in mind that these trousers are not universal. That means one style will not suit all body types. Here are some experts’ suggestions to consider when buying a culotte for the first time.

  • Opt for the right style – It is important to choose a style according to your body type. For instance, a few styles are perfect for straight legs. However, skinny culotte bottoms are only for specific figures.
  • Pick the right material – The fabric plays an important role in how the culotte will look on your body. You can consider Tencel, poly crepes, or rayon for a flowy look. Meanwhile, cotton and linen are best if you want structure. Velvet culottes are also on-trend.
  • Choose the right colours – Do you want to wear culottes at work? Then neutral colours such as black, white, and grey will do. At the same time, some hues work well with certain body types than others. Peach and pink shades will make lanky ladies look bulkier.
  • Decide the size of culotte pants – Length and width are crucial elements when it comes to flaunting a culotte. Something that is too short can be uncomfortable and unflattering. Likewise, bulky trouser adds mass to your figure and makes you look unattractive.
  • Search for style inspirations – Browse Instagram to know the latest trends in culotte tops and bottoms. Take note of the timely prints and hues this season before you shop online.
  • Shop online – Online shopping is always economical. Here at, you can find a broad spectrum of styles to choose from. Plus, you can explore hundreds of products from top brands and compare prices to find the one that suits your budget. is the perfect place where you can have access to thousands of products from more than 500 shops online. You can also indulge in the collections of different brands such as Denim, Zara, Ted Baker, Balmain, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Forever, Next, and Hollister. So, start your hunt for the trendiest culottes online in Dubai!

Question & Answer

How to wear culottes with flats?

You can style culottes with different tops and footwear. You can also slay them with a pair of high heels. Otherwise, go for loafers or flats, especially if your culotte is in a pastel shade with flowing feminine lines. For glossy culottes in soft tones, you can go for pointed toe flats or crisp white backless loafers. However, if your culottes are long, it is best to pair them with plain white sneakers. They are perfect for picnics and urban strolls.

Can petites wear culottes?

Yes, petite girls can wear these trousers. However, they need to pay extra attention to style, length, width, and other details. The hemline of the trouser must fall between 2 to 4 inches. Additionally, it is important to strike a balance at the bottom. Do it by choosing a fitted top that accentuates the waist and creates an hourglass figure. Do you want to look more graceful? Then consider pairing your outfit with heeled shoes.  for more style ideas, look at the fashion magazines and professionals online.

Where to buy culottes for sale? is a product search engine that gives you access to more than 500 brands like H&M, Adidas, Marks and Spencer, Debenhams, and Puma. Additionally, you can explore here shops to buy culottes online. We have everything you need from A to Z. So, you can rest assured to buy the best culotte jumpsuits at the best prices! However every time a customer visits us we suggest they explore more than one store and brand. This will help you find more than one option and choose the best possible.

How long will the culottes be in style?

Not all styles stand the test of time, but these trousers are here to stay. People admire them due to their versatility for both summer and autumn. What’s more, they are also trendy for a fresh office look. Are you excited about your next date night? A stylish and elegant culotte will never disappoint. Hence, it is a sound investment for your fashionable clothing collection. For the same reason, investing in a high-quality item will be a great idea.

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