About Clothing

From holding on to the old clothing that never gets worn, to panic buying pieces that don’t even see more than one outing, we’re all guilty. Guilty of making less than sensible choices when it comes to shopping for clothes online. Fortunately for you, this guide will help you buy less, shop better and transform your look in the process. So read on!

The importance of clothing items transcends time, cultures and geographies. It doesn’t matter whether we’re talking about the conventional style or the vintage pieces. What you wear on your body has meaning. Our clothes indicate what we are as individuals and the society that surrounds us. Besides, we all know it’s one of the basic needs of human life. However, it has now become more than a basic need. It has transformed into a style statement. That’s precisely why shopping clothes online has also become a daunting task these days. Nevertheless, a few right decisions and careful considerations can help you buy clothes online effortlessly. So, let get started with exploring the wardrobe essentials first.

The various wardrobe essentials that every man and woman should own

We bet you’ll agree that every closet must have many staple clothing items that are versatile, chic, and durable. No matter what your budget is, you should be able to find these pieces in your wardrobe. These pieces should transition from season to season. Besides, it should also serve as primary, fundamental pieces to complement the trendier seasonal items. Remember, you do not need to spend a lot of money to have an impressive closet. All you need is a better understanding of these clothing and a few hacks for hassle-free shopping clothes online. That said, below we’ve compiled a list of various apparels that you should consider stacking up in your closet.

The warmest winter clothes and tops to keep you toasty warm this winters

Indeed, most of us want to fight the colds without sacrificing the fashion sense! Well, good news, there are plenty of warm jackets & coats and other apparels that help you do it. From chic skinny jeans, to statement warmest winter coats and turtleneck sweaters this season’s staples are as cool as the temperatures. Apart from that, you also ought to couple it with the right accessories like socks, stocking and other innerwear that double the protection against the winter harshness. Online stores offer you some of the versatile and finest collection of women’s and men’s winter coats and winter jackets online.

The coolest summer clothes for women and men to stylishly get through the blistering summers 

Summers are exciting! You can easily throw in a casual summer dress and travel anywhere. However, a single wrong move can also get you in trouble. Summers are all about comfortable, lightweight and soft clothing. You want to get through the hot, sticky climate wearing something that soothes your skin. Fortunately, you got plenty of options when it comes to shopping for summer clothes online. From usual dresses to freakingly stylish and comfortable summer outfits for men and women, and long skirts for women, you can find several tops out there in the market.

The chic and cheap trendy women’s clothing for various events

Funeral, job interviews, baptisms, networking events, holiday parties, and barbeques – what do they all have in common? Well, it’s always confusing to figure out what to wear during these occasions. Remember, what you wear on these occasions depends on the weather, the formality, the invite, and the venue. However, there are still, specific sartorial standards to look to for guidance. For example, go for pretty day time dresses or skirts for religious events. Avoid anything short. Similarly, follow the party dress code for fancy occasions. But, events like the holiday party lets you push the limits of glitz and colour. And finally, keep it clean and professional with job interviews. Go for chic pants and shirts!

The men’s dress shirts, pants, suits & tuxedos for formal occasions

Luckily, for men, there’s a full spectrum of appropriate dress codes for all kind of event, including the formal ones. But, if you pay the slightest attention to what people wear to the office these days, you’ll know how formal clothing has changed over the years. Let’s get one thing straight, dressing for office doesn’t have to be always expensive. Besides, the professional business look is easy to define too. All you have to make sure that your office style should send a powerful message to your co-workers. Today, you can easily carry out men’s fashion online shopping in UAE at various popular online stores. From trousers to shirts, suits & tuxedos you’re sure to find all that you need!

The cheap bathing suits and innerwear for men and women

Undoubtedly, the outer apparels define your style. However, you need to wear the right innerwear to flaunt them confidently. From correct bra sizes to bikinis and bra styles, there’s nothing as important as getting your innerwear right. Similarly, there’s bathing suits or swimwear for confidently carry yourself during a beach visit. Besides, these are not just clothes now. They’ve truly become a symbol of sensuality for various other occasions. But, a simple wrong move while buying them can become a spoilsport. Luckily, there are plenty of options to choose from.

The various figure-flattering plus size clothing

The ideal body shape was a curvy one back in the 1800s. But, it wasn’t up till the 80s that ‘plus size clothing’ became the descriptor of sizes 14 and up. Today, high-end brands and fashion designers have incorporated several types of plus-size outfits. These days, you can easily find several plus-size summer clothes, plus-size skirts, and even plus-size swimwear. With all these in place, the model has been flaunting their curves and gracing the covers in top magazines. Besides, actors of all sizes starring in a film. The idea of a thin and lean body is long gone. Plump, curvy body is the new go-to style. Hence, there’s no shortage of plus-size apparels out there in the market.

A complete guide on how to buy the best Clothing online

Thanks to today’s advanced technologies and logistics, these days you can quickly go from ‘I have nothing to wear’ banter to ‘check out my new checkered skirt’ in a matter of hours. Given, you should do the few clicks and finger swipes in the right direction. Yes, shopping for clothes online can come with its potential pitfalls. However, you’ll be spared a life of filling out return forms if you bear the below point in mind.

  • Get your needs sorted – There’s nothing as important as figuring out your needs first. Understanding what you need the clothing for makes things easier for you when shopping online. Remember, each apparel has a different purpose and style. Apparently, you cannot wear a party dress and carry out a workout session. Hence, make sure you get your priorities straight before you start shopping for clothes online.
  • Make sure it fits – Size ‘L’ may differ in different manufacturers. Online retailers now publish the exact dimensions and the quality of the apparels that you buy. But, to get them right, you should measure yourself first. The height, waist, chest, sleeve, inseam, sleeve length, and neck size is the minimum you’ll want to note down. Store them somewhere easily accessible, so that you can check them out quickly when you’re shopping online.
  • Keep an eye on your body changes – You should be aware that your body can change during various seasons. For instance, there are chances you can put a few pounds after holiday seasons. Equally, kudos on hitting the gym. However, those broad shoulders and fit hips are bound to alter the way your clothes fit. Therefore, make sure to keep track of your body changes and sizes before you make your final call.
  • The materials matter – When you’re at the store, you can easily walk up the mannequin flaunting your favourite gown and feel the fabric in between your fingers. Unfortunately, that’s not an option when it comes to shopping for clothes online. Hence, it’s imperative to know the feel and fall of different materials. If you’re really strong in fabric basics, then it’s relatively easy to choose the cuts that work for you.
  • Be flexible in terms of colour and style – How a style and colour appear on the screen may not always be how it look likes in person. Always be prepared to receive products with slightly different hue and style. And unless something is entirely different than what you thought it to be, it’s best to adjust your expectations. This way, you’d be less disappointed. Besides, you could also save yourself from dealing with unnecessary return policies.
  • Carefully pick your brand – The future online purchases become a lot simpler if you already have a list of brands and online stores to buy from. This way, you’ll have a complete idea of the sizes, quality, and other parameters that matter for shopping for clothes online. Apart from that, you could also consider buying from brands like Style & Co, INC, Emporio Armani, Dolce & Gabana, Polo Ralph Lauren, Puma, Gucci, Calvin Klein, and many more.

Since you aren’t physically totting your apparels as you do in the stores, you often tend to make impulsive choices. There’s always a tendency to pick something that you find good looking. But remember, the choice that you make shouldn’t all be ‘just’ appealing to the eyes. They must fit you properly and make you feel comfortable. And yes, remember, there’s always a ‘next time’ with better options!

Question & Answer

Are clothes cheaper in Dubai?

Undoubtedly, Dubai is a shopper’s paradise, whether it’s for in-store shopping or shopping online. You’ll find several options when you head out to buy cheap clothing. You can bargain for clothes and stylish apparels in souks and markets. Whereas, you could also purchase several branded models in outlet malls. Apart from that, you can get your hands on some of the best apparels during the annual ‘Dubai Shopping Festival’ sale. The festival is your ticket to purchase some of the cheap and best garments, both online and in-store.

Why and how do clothes shrink?

Yes, shrinking clothes is one of the most common problems that every single person would’ve faced. And yes, there’s no heart-wrenching tragedy quite like pulling a garment out of your dryer to find out they’re half the original size. One of the primary reasons why the clothes shrink is because you’re using too hot water to wash them. Luckily avoiding this is easy. Just make sure to check the apparel tag and determine the fabric used. Cotton and wool both absorb water fast and thus tend to shrink faster. So, make sure to wash them in cold water.

Which clothes are in fashion now?

Clothing trends are ever-evolving. The apparel that you might find in fashion this month might be out of sight the next month. Therefore, it’s imperative to stay at par with the global trends if you want to head for the latest fashion online in UAE. This holds true for both men and women. However, specific fashion trends like denim jeans, shirts, tops, skirts, Plazzo, jackets, and boots are always in trend. They’ve never really fallen out of fashion. Just make sure that you pair them right to get the best look. Above all, ensure that you wear something that fits your deal.

When do clothes become fashion?

The term ‘fashion’ is more than just clothing. It’s a moment of smart innovation, a distillation of desire and a reflection of the spirit of the time. Indeed, fashion is both message and medium. However, it cannot explain itself and requires the right image and language for its global mediation. Even though developed from the prescience of the designer, it is the acceptance of the wearer and the observer that determines apparels as ‘fashion’. In short, any clothes and clothing become a trend or fashion when your audience accept it.

What clothes should you wear in Dubai?

What to wear in Dubai can be your biggest concerns when planning a trip to this city of golden sands. ‘How hot is Dubai?’ and ‘What is the ladies formal wear in Dubai?’ are some of the few questions that you tend to come across when travelling to Dubai. Let’s make it clear that when choosing to pack for your trip to Dubai, make sure to make apparel decisions with a little respect to the local culture. Dubai is indeed quite liberal. However, there is some instance where you need to be slightly more conservative. In such cases, you might have to wear something that covers your shoulders and knees. But, other times, you can indeed have a ball and dress to your comfort. Because, luckily, Dubai is one of the most liberal GCC states.

A truly stylish look doesn’t require a considerable budget or three walk-in wardrobes. What you need, though, is to make a right and sensible decision. Get what you need. But ensure that it makes you feel great and bold and hold on to nothing more. And yes, look after your clothing. You can do it in just a few pieces. So, start your shopping spree right here on and explore endless apparel options from popular online stores!