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About Overalls

Dungarees or bib-and-brace overalls are the type of clothing that has a bottom and a top sewn to each other. Originally made of denim these dresses are now available in other fabrics like chino cloth or corduroy.

The earliest evidence of the existence of an overall is from early 1776. Later it was the 1890s when Jacob Davis and Levi Straus made the first denim overall dress. However, time passed, and the core idea went through many different stages until it reached the modern form we can see around. Later in 1911, Harry David Lee made the first bib overall. This design had a bib and straps over the shoulders and pants with pockets. Today they are also known as dungarees. The style stands among the most convenient dresses to date. Initially used as protective workwear, the dungarees have become a potential cult item.

Reasons to own at least one fashion overall

There is a lot of reason why both men and women must own at least one pair of overalls romper. They are loose, comfortable, durable and above all, trending. However, they are also best due to their properties like warmth, ease of movement and protection during physical activities. After a setback for a while, the style is back on trend in the early 2000s. However, this time, they are here with a couple of different forms and features. The current trends show that these dungarees’ overalls are here to stay for a while. Let’s explore some of the available styles in the market with a glimpse of why they are famous.

Plus-size overalls for ladies

Dungarees are versatile and flattering on all body types and sizes. However important is to find the right size, fit and style of dungarees overalls for you. Overalls for women are available in much more than just simple denim jeans pants and bibs. Here you can find printed fashion overalls in different styles of fabric and length. For a lady with a fuller body type, recommended is to pick one with smooth fabric and prints to look breath-taking. You can think of wearing a crop top, or a simple t-shirt can also do fine, it is a good fit. If your dungaree is shorter in length, longer boots will look great. Try matching your boots with the undershirt for a funky look.

Men’s fashion overalls styles

Do you believe in the myth that men can only wear an overall to work? The recent fashion wave breaks this myth to the ground. Today we can see men rocking their dungaree on the streets in many different ways. For guys who want to don a casual outfit with an edgy take, a crewneck t-shirt and sneakers make a good pair with the overall. Meanwhile, other shirts like tank tops, short sleeve shirts with floral or light print and suede tassel loafers can be a great idea to style for a street look in summers. In winter men can dress their overalls in a plaid overcoat and a double suede monk matching the shirt or other accessories like a coat or bag etc.

Men’s work jumpsuits

Technically these work jumpsuits are also known as the coverall. The coveralls are different from the overalls (or dungarees). The two (coveralls and overalls) are much different from each other.  Constructively and overall has a bib, and loose straps with a holder for the bib. These suits do not cover the arms in any way. These suits are mainly used as a fashion accessory. While on the other hand, a coverall is one-piece protective wear that protects men at work. These suits are for men at heavy or manual work like construction, electrical work or firefighting etc. Thus, if you are willing to add an extra layer of protection while at work, go for men’s work jumpsuits now.

Overall shorts for summer styles

All the stylish adult women of this date have already established that they can wear the overalls. Styling an overall short, however, demands some additional convincing. For many wearing a dress that is reminiscent of their childhood can be a little uncomfortable and odd. However, if worn right, they can surprise you well. If you are not sure how you will look in summer styles of shorts, start by using denim shorts. Classic blue denim with a white or black t-shirt and sneaker can look best for a street look or even for college summer classes. If you want to add a bit of charisma, think of a polka dot for floral printed style to pair with a solid colour t-shirt, off-shoulder or a crop top.

Tips on how to buy Overall style and size online in the UAE

Since its first public appearance, the dungaree or overall style has changed a lot. Now the core style is much more than a simple bib attached to pants and supported by straps over the shoulder. Apart from the core features, the overalls are available in many different fabrics else than denim. These overall dresses are available in a mix and match with different styles and lengths of trousers like bodycon or flared pants to culotte styles. From such a wide range of products, it gets difficult to choose the right size and style. This is the reason why we have set some basic steps to serve as a map for successful overall online shopping in the UAE.

  • Check the pant and bib style – The dungaree is all about the pants and bibs. These two sections define how they will look on your body. For instance, bodycon pants can make you look sexy, but if you are looking for a comfortable street style, you will have a flared style. The same goes for the bib style. Always check both with care.
  • Check the product features – Here we can enlist supporting features like straps or belts for the dress. While another important to check is the backside of the overall. The hooks on straps are the strap adjustable, the pockets of the pants and the bib and if there are any zippers on the dress and what is their purpose.
  • The length overall – Obviously if you are looking for a culotte style, the length will be short. But if you are willing to wear full-length pants or want to put on a flared style, the length of the overall is important. The length will include the height of both pants and bib. You can consult the product description section and sizing charts on the website to be sure.
  • The price and policies – If you are looking for cheap overalls, you need to look for a product according to price. Here at you can explore products according to price limitations and thus can get hands-on economic items. However important is to read the return or exchange policy in case you have any issues with it.

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Question & Answer

Can I wear overalls to work?

If you are talking about the work overalls, yes you can. They are meant to be used at work. These work overalls will protect you from extreme conditions and dangers at work. However, if you are asking about fashion overall for women or men, the answer varies. It depends on how you are intending to style and the kind of job you are doing. A general suggestion is to add a layer of blazer or coat over the dress and go with minimal colours. Additionally, you need to pair the dress with heeled pumps and a decent bag to enjoy an office look.

Are overalls in style this year?

In general, we can say that overalls are in style since the 2000s. Since then, they are holding a special place in both men’s and women’s wardrobes in one way or another. Even the current air marked many events where celebrities were seen slaying in dungarees and overalls on the street and on red carpets. Some of the top styles from this year’s stylebook include contrast stitch, straight-legged, culotte style, twill overall and striped overall in different lengths and fits.

How should overalls fit?

If you are looking for an overall for fashion purposes, make sure they are a perfect fit. A perfectly fit dungaree is one that is not too baggy and neither too tight at the waist. The fit overall also depends on the style you pick. However, if you are looking for work overall, it needs to be flexibly airy. If it is too much tight, it will make it difficult for you to feel comfortable and focus on your work. Likewise, it will be the case if you keep it too loose. Hence the fit of your work overall must allow reasonable movement of your body while working.

Where to buy overalls online in the UAE?

Here at you can find the most variety of overalls for men and women. Search by the brand or price preferences, and you will find thousands of products from top global brands. Some to name here are Denim, Dickies, Free People, H&M, Noon by Noor, Tommy Hilfiger, Newchic, ASOS, Vanilla Star, Adidas, Levi’s, Gap and Zara. Moreover, you can explore products from stores that the world trust. So explore now to make this staple clothing item a part of your wardrobe.