About Gilets

Don’t we all love outerwear that adds a different touch of style to our outfits instantly? Something comfortable and versatile that you can wear with shirts, pants, shorts, or capris? Clothing that perhaps is simple but adaptable and can be your go-to wear for just about any casual occasion?

Well, jackets, pullovers, sweaters, sweatshirts, and most importantly, gilets are the perfect fit for this context. Technically, gilets are sleeveless jackets that look like waistcoats; however, they are made of a more comfortable material. Indeed, not a new piece of clothing, folks have been wearing gilets for quite some time now, and the trend continues successfully even today. Gilets can be worn in multiple ways – layered, with T-shirts, shirts, over capri pants, jeans, or trousers and do not need much work to look right. With so many choices, individuals love using their gilets both as an original piece of clothing and as a part of their complete attire. Either way, they look great and can instantly make a simple look stand-out altogether. 

Keep below things in mind while wearing a gilet 

Not one of the most popular accessories, they have been around for quite some time now. Their popularity has slowly risen over the years; however, they were never considered a great style statement. They were always seen as a tremendous practical wear attire rather than someone wearing it for style. However, thanks to modern designers and labels, it has managed to gain its much-needed share of praise and has made a stellar comeback. Today, people know what a gilet is and don’t confuse it with a waistcoat or jacket. If you love the style too and want to include it in your wardrobe without looking too old-school, here’s how. 

The basics 

Gilets for both men and women can be worn as a casual attire and looks good teamed with just about anything. However, it is best to keep the look minimalistic with layering when you wear a gilet. When it’s about colours, keep it simple too. Solid shades work best. Here, your skin tone also plays a significant role. While darker shades work best for fair-skinned individuals, those with a dusky or medium completion should opt for lighter pastel colours. It is also necessary to remember that, like most formal attires. A gilet looks best when it is well-fitted. Don’t opt for something too loose or tight because it will ruin the complete look. Pay attention to how it fits your body and how comfortable it makes you feel. 

Pairing it well 

For the winters, men’s thermal gilets are a great option. These are readily available in different styles and colours as per your preferences. A lot of men’s thermal gilets come with thick interior padding to shield the cold. To make it more comfortable, wear it over a T-shirt or full sweater, depending upon your preference. You can also team it up with warm gloves, socks, boots, and a muffler. Most men’s thermal gilets are made of wool or thermal material and provide much warmth and comfort. The right shoes, trousers and accessories also make the gilet stand out. To ensure the gilet gets the attention in your attire, keep everything else simple and in a way that complements the primary clothing. 

Add character with options  

When it comes to women’s winter outdoor coats, gilets are a great choice! Wear them with thigh-high boots, a warmer and a jacket. Amongst all the different types of women’s winter outdoor coats, gilets are probably one of the most versatile options, and you can style them as needed. Go for a simple, casual gilet or something in a bold colour with minimalistic patterns for workwear. Padded gilets are also great for winter wear and can easily substitute the need for women’s winter outdoor coats. There are a lot of choices when it comes to gilets. They are available in many different colours, patterns, types and brands. You can pick one that works well with your body type and something that feels comfortable as well.  

Wear the right pants 

A gilet looks fantastic on its own. There is no need to add a lot of things to make it stand out. If you have one that is classy, well-fitted and has a good finishing, it is enough to make heads turn. However, sometimes one of the most common mistakes that people make when it comes to gilets is wearing them with the wrong kind of trousers. The right pair again should have a good fit, work for your body type and should allow you to show off the gilet. Always choose pants in a darker shade and slim-cut features. Since a gilet generally has a slim fit and is in close contact with your midriff, the pants should not be tight or too loose. 

Know how to show off your gilets

A gilet is enough just on its own if you wear it right. However, if you want to wear one as outerwear, you can do many things to up its look. First things first, pair it with the right pants and shirt, and shoes. Ensure you are well-groomed. The gilet should have a proper fitting and reach until your belt. Most people make the common mistake of buying a gilet that is too large and reaches the hips. Note that it is a gilet and not a jacket. Next, check on the best accessories to make it stand out. You can choose mufflers, belts and caps to make it unique. All along, ensure you keep the gilet as the “hero” of the outfit, taking care not to overdo everything else.

Tips on how to buy Gilets

While gilets are a standard piece of clothing in most wardrobes, a lot of people tend to confuse them with bodywarmers. Both are great pieces of clothing for men and women. Understanding the difference between the two is the first step to avoiding this mistake. Although it isn’t rocket science, there are a few simple things to bear in mind and ensure you don’t make this mistake. It is, however, common to get confused between the two because of their near-similar features.

  • Know when to wear it – As the name suggests, a bodywarmer is designed to keep the body warm, especially when there is a dip in the temperature or is generally worn in colder countries. A gilet, on the other hand, works both ways – it can work as a warmer and as a casual clothing option when layered with another top wear.
  • The fabric – While a bodywarmer is made of thick material or wool to provide better insulation and trap body heat, a gilet may not always have a design in the same fashion. Gilets can range from cotton, wool, fabric, or other materials depending on the brand and purpose of use.
  • Sleeves – While a gilet is mostly without sleeves, a bodywarmer can be with or without them. Bodywarmers with sleeves are generally the preferred choice since they do a much better job at keeping the body warm. However, both bodywarmers and gilets without sleeves are also popular with individuals who live in moderately cold countries or prefer their convenience better.
  • Bodywarmers are also mainly padded – The padding provides comfort for an extended period of wear and does a good job at keeping the wearer warm. Gilets, on the other hand, may or may not have padding.
  • The fit – When it comes to the fitting, a gilet generally offers a better fit due to its stream-lined pattern, while the body warmer is designed to cling to the body to provide minimum loss of heat.
  • The look – Look-wise, the gilet has better visual appeal since one can wear it outside of their regular clothing. A bodywarmer may generally be plain since it is for wearing within your clothes.

Pair it with the best trousers and top-wear to make it shine. Remember, however, to keep it simple. Both are good to go with, depending on your needs, and once you know the difference between them, you can choose wisely. Styling both of them also requires you to keep an eye for detail. You can wear a bodywarmer as it is on its own. For a gilet, the right outfit makes all the difference.

Question & Answer

Which are the best brands to shop gilets for men?

Some of the best brands for men are NIKE, ZARA, Denim, North Face, Gucci, Adidas, Ralph Lauren, ASOS and H&M. With a ton of great shopping options available, it is easy, convenient, quick, and affordable to look for choices. Moreover, to make it even more comfortable, offers you a selection of some of the best brands and websites, all under a single online platform where you can easily pick the best one for you. Check out this exciting new product comparison site today!

Which are the best brands that offer gilets for women?

Fendi, The North Face, Adidas, Nike, Debenhams, ASOS, Jack Wolfskin, Petit Bateau, Columbia, John Lewis and Barbour gilet for women are fabulous options with varied choices in shapes, colours and fit. With the endless opportunities available, check for opportunities that will compliment your workwear, such as a gilet with pockets, collar detailing, fur rim, and so on. Enhance the look with some accessories and an excellent choice to match the occasion.

Which should you choose: gilets or bodywarmers?

The answer to this depends on several different factors like the country you’re residing in, choice of clothing, usage – formal or casual, comfort level, and style. While a bodywarmer is the best option if it gets too cold, a gilet is suitable for places where the cold is bearable or it just gets excessively breezy. For outerwear, opt for a gilet; however, if you wish to wear something that will easily hide beneath your clothing, then a bodywarmer should be your choice.

Can you wear gilets in the summers?

Well, gilets are designed to be warm pieces of clothing and work well in shielding your body against the cold. This is the reason; they’re mostly worn outside or when there is a slight nip in the air. The material itself is made from fur or thick cloth and can sometimes also be knitted. Thus, they are primarily meant for the winters. However, with designers these days coming up with all sorts of exciting choices in clothing, if you do manage to get your hands on a gilet that is lightweight and cool, of course, you can wear it during summers. As for the factor of style, you can opt for any of them to style and use as per your preference. A gilet and bodywarmer both look good with trousers or jeans, a fitted shirt or casual t-shirt and boots or shoes.

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