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Dark Retro High Waist Plaid Skirt
Dark Retro High Waist Plaid Skirt
Buy Mini Skirts online shop, online from Berrylook Apparel & Accessories>Clothing>Skirts, Berrylo...
Casual Loose Elastic Waist Woolen Plaid Skirt
Casual Loose Elastic Waist Woolen Plaid Skirt
Buy Maxi Skirts sale, online shop from Berrylook Apparel & Accessories>Clothing>Skirts, Berrylook...
Fashion Geo Print Turtle Neck Top And Skirt Suit Women
Fashion Geo Print Turtle Neck Top And Skirt Suit Women
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Uma Wang embossed velvet A-line skirt - Brown
Uma Wang embossed velvet A-line skirt - Brown
Dark green linen-blend embossed velvet A-line skirt from Uma Wang featuring a high waist, a butto...
Ann Demeulemeester high-waisted pencil skirt - Black
Ann Demeulemeester high-waisted pencil skirt - Black
Black high-waisted pencil skirt from ANN DEMEULEMEESTER featuring high waist, pencil design and k...
Eudon Choi paperbag-waist check skirt - NEUTRALS
Eudon Choi paperbag-waist check skirt - NEUTRALS
Oatmeal beige virgin wool-blend paperbag-waist check skirt from EUDON CHOI featuring check patter...
Jil Sander deconstructed midi skirt - NEUTRALS
Jil Sander deconstructed midi skirt - NEUTRALS
Light pink deconstructed midi skirt from JIL SANDER featuring fine ribbed, high waist, elasticate...
Romance Was Born Lacy Gardens pleated skirt - Green
Romance Was Born Lacy Gardens pleated skirt - Green
Green/multicolour silk Lacy Gardens pleated skirt from ROMANCE WAS BORN featuring all-over floral...
Elisabetta Franchi belted midi skirt - Black
Elisabetta Franchi belted midi skirt - Black
Black belted midi skirt from ELISABETTA FRANCHI featuring high waist, front button and zip fasten...
Le Kasha Gizeh high waisted skirt - White
Le Kasha Gizeh high waisted skirt - White
Cream linen Gizeh high waisted skirt from Le Kasha featuring a high waist, a fitted waist, an a-l...

About Skirts

Summer is here and in other words it’s time to rip off your opaque tights and unleash your gorgeous legs to the world. And what better way to do that, than wearing some awesome skirts.

They are tube-shaped garments that hands down the waist. To date, it is the second oldest garment known to people in the history of clothing and fashion. It is an iconic and ultimate feminine staple piece of clothing in any women’s wardrobe. However, advancements in the fashion market introduced a variety of clothing. Now they are available in many different types of length, cuts, prints, fabric and fits. Each offers a unique feel and style to carry on. The recent fashion wave results in making them a staple item for office or day to day use. This is the reason why women from across the world are adopting the style with passion.

Different styles and their appropriacies to the occasion

For sure they are an easy way to look fashionable. Different types, lengths, and styles help to achieve a plethora of looks for an occasion like the night part of a standard day at work. It could be straight, tuts or flared and can be available in all lengths. From a knee-length to short style and new look skirts just near the thighs, you have a lot to explore.  Surely these outfits are glam, versatile and fun and can be worn in almost every scenario. You can choose to be more feminine with a pencil skirt or can go with a tutu or balloon skirt for fun. Meanwhile, there are options for your like maxi skirts or A-line skirts that can make you look chic, sophisticated, proper and prim side by side.

Party night styles

Skirts are best for parties if you know how to carry one. However, night parties can be pretty challenging for many. They fuss for hours to pick the right colour and the most appropriate skirt style. Apart from that, they need to think about their skin, makeup and hairstyle, the shoe and clutch they will need to carry. Some suggestions right away include; mini, skorts, skater, or tutus. Peplum styles are also best to make you look sensual and sophisticated; however, for a cocktail party, you need to prefer a mini or midi cocktail skirt. If you are expecting some music and dance, shades of neon will do great. Otherwise, sequined trendy items will do just fine.

Options for office attire

Like any other clothing item in a women’s wardrobe, skirts for an office are different from all other types. These skits are based on the idea of minimalism. They are simple, sophisticated, and normally in solid colours and simple patterns. For work, you can wear dark colours like a pencil skirt, peplum, pleated, or stripped style with light colour tops. If you wish to wear striped or patterned items like polka dots, pick a lain shirt and simple heeled pumps to keep things to the point. With long style, wear a medium heel, but for the midi, you can go for a big heel. Here you can use a variety of tops like a turtleneck, button-down, wrap tops, peplum tops or plain v neck.

Summer skirts with keen length

Summers are all about beach times, and nothing can accompany you better than a Pareos skirt. The amazing different prints and patterns make them irresistible in summers. Plain white, black or any other colour of tank top or t-shirts can just do wonder. Adding accessories like belts, sunhats or glasses can keep you just on point. However, if you need to attend a party or a semi-formal gathering, the long A-line style can bring out your feminine self. Meanwhile, ballons style also look cool in pestle colours and help you get a girlish look with a lively feel. Other while if you are looking for something as a street style, tennis skirts are among top trending.

Trendy items of this year

It’s been a while since the leather boots in the ankle and knee-length, suede shoes and bags are in trend. More and more girls are moving to explore new horizons of rigid fabrics like leather, or denim. Considering the need for time fashion designers are curating a whole new variety of long skirts for women. The recent fashion wave witnesses some amazing and unique dresses and skirts for every occasion in the life of women. Some of the most loved and trending styles include wrap skirts with midi or full length, tennis wear that can be styled from field to office and a variety of pleated styles in different lengths. Meanwhile, the traditional A-line and striped high-waisted pencil style maintained their position in office clothing.

Tips on how to buy Skirts for women online in the UAE

These clothing items are necessary for any wardrobe. Having a few pieces of the two can help you enjoy dozens of new styles. All you need to do is develop a good fashion sense and be creative with your clothing. Apart from the main course of skirts and tops themselves, you need many accessories to complete the look. Some to name here are underskirts, belts, shoes, statement jewellery items, and a nice hairdo. However, buying all these articles needs some serious skills. We know that not everyone can be tricky with the styling of different clothing. This is the reason why we at strive to help you with smart shopping by sharing tips. As some are below.

  • Know your need – A smart lady will always spend wisely. She should prefer saving money rather than getting easily tempted. To be one, important is to do some brainstorming and know what you need to buy. Make a list of items that are necessary for your wardrobe at that moment.
  • Check existing wardrobe – Open up your closet and make a list of your belongings. Now check what is missing and what you might need to upgrade your style and wardrobe. Recheck the list of required items, don’t buy anything that is already a part of your collection.
  • Know your budget – We have products from more than 500 brands online. You can find the most luxurious and expensive articles, and you can look for the cheapest deals available online. Can you afford to buy a single skirt with all of your money in hand? If not, decide your price range.
  • Read product details – Once you can find a product according to your budget and personal preferences, check the details about the product. Here you need to pay attention to the size, fit, length, cuts, seam length, and fabric of the product. Make your choices wisely.
  • Check the policies – Even after a lot of considerations, there are chances that you might end up buying a product with some issues in size or fit. Or maybe the style doesn’t look as good on you as you imagined. This is why important is to know the terms and conditions for returning or exchange.

Here at we strive to look after the needs of every single customer that exist in the virtual world. This is the reason why we already have more than 500 top brands selling the best option for travel or the ones you need in the office. Here you can explore products according to brand, product type or even your price preferences. Just set the goals, and we will serve you with thousands of products in a few clicks. The easy and trusted process of product search is the reason why we are standing among the top product comparison sites in the world. Are you willing to give it a try?

Question & Answer

Why are skirts better than pants?

Both bottom wears have their position and importance in a women’s wardrobe. There are times when the pants serve more perfectly than anything else. However, the grace, passion and style that it serves are incomparable. Many ladies believe that they are more comfortable, offers optimum freedom and are extremely versatile. From office attire to an average day look, these clothing items are available in a wide range of lengths, colours, patterns, prints and fabric. Hence, have more fan following than the entire universe of pants.

Are skirts business professional?

Yes, there are certain specific types and lengths that are highly business professionals. These include items made of faux leather. Other preferable ideas are pencil, peplum, pleated, Stripped, and Wrap skirts with full length. However, all these need to be in solid shades, preferably white, black, nude or pastels.  For an appropriate office look, you need to wear these skirts with button-down shirts with full sleeves and high heel pumps in nude and black etc.

Are skirts appropriate for interviews?

Recent studies claim that these bottom were are more work appropriate and make a better first impression than pants. Hence, they are surely appropriate for interviews. However, you cannot wear a tutu or a skort for an interview. There are some limitations and rules you need to follow. When heading for an interview, prefer wearing a black or grey midi-length pencil skirt with a proper fit. Add a button-down shirt with all buttons closed. Moreover, to complete the look, wear high heel pumps, preferably in nude or black colour.

Where can I buy skirts online in Dubai?

Here at we have more than 500 brands that offer clothing for sale online in Dubai. These brands include names likes Gucci, Zara, Dior, Adidas, H&M, Denim. While other names are Versace, Dolce and Gabbana, Forever21, Asos. Here you can find the most variety for women online. Moreover, you can use the price-based search model to get hands-on the best products in the market. Without any doubt, skirts are the most versatile clothing item in any wardrobe.

Women of any age can find one appropriate cut, length and style to accentuate their body and look flattering. It depends on you how much time and attention you want to pay while searching for the best options for sale at our product search engine.