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Do you know pyjamas were initially designed for adults? Back in time, people thought of sewing socks with pyjamas. The efforts lead to an innovative idea that introduced pyjamas to the world. The intended purpose of this combination was to keep the feet warm while preventing bugs (termites, etc.) from nibbling on the toes.

Time passed till fashion hit the early years of the 1990s when fashion designer Paul Poiret introduced silk pyjamas. These were perfect for use in public, during the day and obviously in the evening. Even today we can see many people wearing these full pyjamas on the streets. Yes, your mind is tickling you right. These stuffed animal costumes that we see in Japan are advanced versions of these full pyjamas. Pyjama pants are fun and offer optimum comfort after a long day at work. At night when you are tired of those body-hugging formal pants and trousers, a soft, airy and loose pyjama can be tempting. However, are you sure to pick the right style of pyjama for you? No? No worries we are here to help.

Understanding the benefits, fabulous pyjama sets can offer

Virtually everyone is guilty of using the company shirt as nightwear. This is ironic specifically when we think of the time and efforts; we put into buying workwear. Well, keeping this ethical debate aside, the best way to relax after a long day is perfect nightwear, let’s say some pyjamas sets with feet. However, to buy the best pyjamas, important is to have an understating of this cosy clothing item. At a time when you can easily find pyjamas online, finding the perfect piece is still a challenge. However, the solution is to buy a quality pair with a loose fit. Only then you can enjoy the comfort you wish for. Here are a few chunks of information that can help you make your choices wisely.  

PJ’s – The purpose and fabric quality

The two aforementioned have a direct connection with each other. If you are looking for pair of Pj’s you are surely hunting for a peaceful sleep. And in such a case, comfort is the key to success. A cosy bed, clean sheets, comfortable pillows, noise and light-free room and a pair of comfortable sleepwear is the recipe for a comfortable sleep.  As a bottom rule, your pyjamas play a crucial part in a comfortable sleep all night long. This is the reason why you can find PJs in materials like cotton, silk, linen, or occasionally in Rayon. Any fabric other than these can end up creating a disaster for you. Hence be more attentive towards the fabric material while you head to buy pyjamas online.

Picking summer PJs

How was your experience wearing woollen socks on a day out in June? Can’t stand the idea of wearing such warm thick socks in summer? Then what made you think your winter nightwear can accompany you to summers? For a healthy sleep at night important is to pick the right type of fabric for your bed and your body. Although cotton Pjs can be perfect in all seasons, summers are the best time to take them out of the closet. However, make sure your summer Pjs are loose, and comfortable, with sleeves and a soft collar. If you are wearing a two-piece, pay a little attention to the elastic waist. Here we will leave the colour and print preferences up to you.

Picking thermal pyjamas

Picking ideal winter pyjamas for females is not easy. If you want to give it a try type “Women’s flannel pyjamas set” and you find a whole new world of products to choose from. Already feel overwhelmed.  Don’t worry; we are here to help. Think of picking a set with natural cotton with a normal fit. Remember your nightwear must neither be too tight nor too loose on your body. You will remain uncomfortable through the night either way. Also, remember that flannel PJs are soft while the fleece is made of synthetic fibber hence more durable than natural cotton flannel.  However, both types of fabric have high thermal capabilities and thus are perfect for winter nights.

Picking the one-piece pyjamas

Remember, at the start of our discussion; we were talking about sewing socks with the pyjamas. These are not called one-piece pyjamas. In some cases, they are also known as footed pyjamas or onesies. These pyjamas are appreciated for covering the legs and feet, allowing no space for cold wind or bugs to enter the legs. Most of the kids and infant Pjs are mini versions of these onesies. These PJs are generally available in jersey cotton or polar fleece. However, you can also find them in cotton material. Moreover, if you are looking for something that can cover you from head to toe, a one-piece PJ with hoods is the answer. Other features include pockets, funky prints, and an economical price.

Tips on how to buy Pyjamas online in Dubai  

Getting a good sleep requires more than scheduling a consistent bedtime. Speaking broadly, it demands the right environment, peaceful surroundings and mind, moderate temperature and light. Meanwhile, another tiny yet important detail can set the difference between a full dozing day and a full night of sleep. This tiny detail is what you wear during bedtime. Generally, we call it sleepwear. To be specific, here we are talking about the pyjamas. Today we will be sharing some tips and ideas with you on how to buy pyjamas online in Dubai. We hope these tips can help you buy a quality companion for those long nights after a tiring day.

  • Focus on the fabric – Fabric is of core importance to enjoy comfort. Hence important is to decide and pick a fabric carefully. Cotton is natural and lightweight hence best for summer while if you want a luxurious feel, you can go for silk. You should make choices as per your personal preferences.
  • Consider the details – A pyjama top and trouser is not only about the fabric. Many details need your attention when it comes to buying some new nightwear. The fit of your night wears matters a lot. It is better to pick Pyjamas that are not too long but, looser than the body size. The looser they are, the better and more comfortable you will feel.
  • Consider your feet – Unfortunately, feet are the most ignored parts of our body when we go to bed. Despite the fact that cold feet are associated with sleeplessness. But too much warmth for your feet can also make you feel uncomfortable. If you wish to stay at a moderate temperature better is to take PJs without feet and add socks when and if needed.
  • Check the price – Quality pyjamas are always expensive. Specifically, if you are buying them from brands like Gucci, Polo, Ralph Lauren or Victoria’s Secrets, either you can compromise on your health and go for ordinary pyjamas. Otherwise, compare and search products according to the price using ae and get hands-on high quality yet economical items.
  • Check return policies – Online shopping always comes with some pros and cons. If you are buying the PJs for the first time or it is your first experience of online shopping, prefer buying from a seller that offers an easy return and exchange policy so that you can give it a try to the product. In case of any issue, you can either return or exchange the product for getting a better one.

Here at we have more than 500 stores selling top quality sleepwear, office wear and everything in between. Explore products from brands like Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Cropp, Newchic,  Gucci, DKNY, or Nike. Other options are La Senza, Polo, Versace, and Louis Vuitton.

Question & Answer

What pyjamas do guys like?

Men like to be comfortable. They don’t care much about the aesthetic but rather prefer looking rough and tough in the comfiest Pjs and t-shirts they own. However, our research has helped us to enlist the topmost PJs loved by men this year. These include classic satin pyjamas sets, satin long button-down PJs, 100% cotton flannel pyjamas, short sleeves cotton raglan set, Texeresilk 100% silk pyjamas and long sleeves fleece buttoned PJs sets. Do you wish for a peaceful sleep at night? Don’t spend one more night hanging like a night owl, rather buy a pyjama top now. With you don’t need to wait for some free time over the weekend to go and shop for your favourite PJs. Just dive into the Pyjamas section and book your order now.

Can you wear pyjamas to class in college?

The answer is a big no-no. PJs are in no way work or college appropriate attire. These clothing items are designed, keeping in mind personal time and nights in mind. This is the reason why they come in fabric colours, prints and styles that are not appropriate for any type of formal occasion. Meanwhile, these dresses are looser in shape with a focus to offer you comfort and freedom while sleeping at night. This idea again contradicts the active feel of college attire.

When did pyjamas become popular?

Studies show that pyjamas came into existence in the western world during the 1870s. It was the time when the British colonials worked on finding an alternative to traditional nightshirts. The idea existed in different manners during that time. However, by the end of the 19th century, the term pyjamas started referring to a two-piece sleeping suit. This two-piece suit consisted of loose trousers and a jacket. This front button jacket is trousers were made of cotton and other soft materials that offer comfort and care to the wearer through the night. This is the reason, why these pyjamas gain fame since the 19th century, till now.

Why are pyjamas so expensive?

Who said so? However, with some exceptions like pure woollen or silk pyjamas, they are one of the luxurious items in any closet. Pyjamas and sleepwear are available in exclusive pricing ranges. However, if you are not able to find a quality yet cheap pyjama for you try finding one with Here you can explore products from top brands like Victoria’s Secret or Nike. Use the product search engine with price preferences and get hands-on with a cheap product with just a few clicks. Another plus point is that the research result will show you products from stores the world trust to buy from.

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