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Let’s face it! Fall is synonymous with a lot of things; colder weather, pumpkin spice lattes, bright coloured leaves and of course the tights, which is why they are the only practical, cost-effective and easy solution to wear skirts and dresses when the temp dips. Tights are certainly essential items when it comes to surviving through the cold season.

You should first understand that tights are not pants and that they are straightforward garments. They have gone through significant transformations throughout their existence and have come a long way since the uncomfortable, flimsy nylons that preceded them. The contemporary leotards are the product of early stockings. However, quite often, you’ll be subjected to the term ‘leggings’ when you are out shopping for tights. Well, are they the same? The leggings are very similar to the tights because both are skin-tight apparels that cover the legs and run until the waist. However, when the former is much thicker, footless and you can wear them like pants, the latter is sheer, covers the foot and requires you always to wear them under another garment. So, which one should you go for tights or leggings? Both have their pros and cons. But unlike leggings, leotards are available in a wide variety.

The most popular types of tights online you should know

When you think about leotards, the first thing that pops up in your mind would probably be—a body sheathing piece of clothing from waist to toe. Well, in the most technical sense, it is entirely accurate. Because this tight-fitting outfit is made of sheer or lightweight fabric material that covers the toe and the waist. However, there is more to them than just this attribute. No matter what fashion, season or occasion is, there is a pair of tights for each one of you for each event or occasion. And you’ll only understand this when you go through the various types that modern men and women wear.

Control tops tights

At first glance, these look very similar to any other ordinary hosiery. Particularly, if you are only looking at the kind of materials and sheer attributes. But, surprisingly, what characterizes this type of tights the most is their somewhat magical ability to give the wearer a beautiful, smooth and shapely figure. They effectively remove the bumps, rolls and extra lumps on the body. In the past, women needed to wear girdles to keep their shape in check, which was highly uncomfortable. Well, the women of the contemporary world are at an advantage with the existence of the control tops. They can support the buttocks and stomach and hide other figure flaws in these areas. So undoubtedly, they are one of the best leotards for women and are the tights that look natural.

Support high waist tights

They are the ones that were considered as glamorous granny pieces of clothing in the past. However, they have evolved throughout the years to become an essential piece of clothing for many women of all ages. This is because they offer many intrinsic health benefits from wearing these. They can be full and high waist tights or can be partial and cover only the legs and feet. But what makes them stand out is their feature of providing comfort to people who suffer from poor circulation as a result of long hours of continuous sitting. Apart from this, they prevent swelling in veins, pooling and clotting of blood in people who suffer from deep vein thrombosis. They also prove to be highly beneficial in pregnant women because they help them relieve any aching or swelling in their legs and feet because of their condition.

Plus size patterned tights

Being plump does not mean that you can’t wear those skinny tight pants. A great option to look dapper is to go for those plus size hosiery. Remember always to consult the size chart, and if you find yourself in the upper-end range, then you should always go for the bigger size. This is because the tights are usually made small and considering their close fit, it’s still better to go bigger than too small. With a massive range of plus size tights available in the market, there is no need to try and squeeze yourself into an uncomfortable piece pair of leotards. Also, they come in so many colours and patterns which you can pair with just about anything and everything.

Suspender tights

If you are someone who loves the visual appeal of stockings and suspenders but hate the inconvenience of having to deal with the fiddly suspender clips, then you’ll like these. They offer you classic comfort and make you look sexy when you wear them. You can dress up or down depending on the occasion wearing them. For example, you could wear a long skirt at the office to appear classically opaque or combine a short dress with them to get a sexy and flirtatious style. There are two basic types of suspender tights. The first one in a way you can wear them with tops and bottoms which change mid-length, creating the optical illusion of stockings and suspenders. Whereas the other kind looks exactly like a pair of stockings attached to a suspender belt but like one complete garment.

Sheer tights

Wearing thick, black opaque leotards during winter months is considered an ordinary thing by women. However, things are changing, and materials for these types of hosiery have improved so much that it is possible for women to now wear sheer hosiery beneath their tunic dresses in these cold months. You measure the pure qualities of materials in den or denier. The lower the number, the thinner and lighter the materials used will be. The sheer tights are usually between 10-20 den and come in either shinier form or more natural loo. There are also ultra-sheer types, which have 10 or less den. They are generally ideal choices for natural or bare leg looking finishes.

Tips on how to buy Tights online

The leotards are undeniably a wardrobe staple. However, for them to complete your wardrobe, you have to find the right pair for yourself that you can pair with the other apparel in your closet. They need to be of high quality, need to suit your style, and most importantly, they need to be the right size! Just remember that when you buy tights online, the size is the most important because a too-small one will surely rip them apart even before you leave the house wearing them. You’re more likely to feel uncomfortable too. So, be cautious when it comes to size! There are more factors you need to look into. So, here’s what you need to know!

  • Know your closet – Before you head to shop for your favourite pantyhose, check out your wardrobe first. Look through your closet and see what colours they will have to work with and determine a few good shades that they’ll match with them.
  • Size matters – Once you are clear about what you want, then look for the right size. The size is highly crucial as the leotards are usually body tight and often look small visually. Measure yourself right and check the universal size chart to get your right fit.
  • Choose the right materials – They are available in various materials such as wool, nylon, cotton and many more. Consider the occasion and the season you are going to wear them in and decide what material you want for your hose.
  • Look for different patterns and colours – Once you are done choosing the cloth or fabric, look for the ideal pattern that’ll match your overall outfit. You could go for flashy prints if you want a sassy look, whereas plain solid colour tights will give a sophisticated look.
  • Shop them wisely – Once you have picked your choice of colour, pattern and style shop for them. You can shop them in a store or at an online store. Of course, the latter is much better than the former, as they help you browse through a lot of options within a few minutes at the convenience of staying at home.

Most of the time, ladies rushing to work or for any event tend to make the very same mistake of choosing their best dress and pairing it with the first pair of tight they see in their wardrobe. You should, never underestimate the role of leotards, since they make up your overall look and create your personality. There is even a danger of failing in your work if you do not pick the tights are not wisely. That is why they must be purchased carefully, by considering all the above factors, tips and suggestions.

Question & Answer

Are tights supposed to be tight?

The fit of your hosiery is indeed a paramount factor. This type of hosiery comes in various sizes. However, you should be aware of your measurement to find the perfect fit for yourself. They might seem tight if you do not get the right size. Otherwise, they are available in plus sizes as well. So, they aren’t tight but are just form-fitting that offers your figure high support and disguises any extra fat that flops out. If you aren’t sure about your size, check out the universal size chart online.

Can tights be used for swimming?

Yes, you can wear your leotards during swimming and other water activities. This is because they stick to your body and will not flow along the water. There are types of hoses that are made with water-resistant materials that wick water and do not seep into your garment. However, keep in mind that chlorinated water will break down the elastane in the garments. So, after you wear them in chlorinated water rinse them immediately in fresh and clean water to lessen this process. This is also applicable in you wear them in saltwater.

What tights to wear with a summer dress?

Summers are ideally the season to flaunt your bare body, in particular, the legs. You love to wear minis and show off your slender legs. However, not all love to do so; some of them are more conservative yet want to look stylish and chic in the warm seasons. Well, the marvellous pantyhose is the solution for such kinds then. You can wear short skirts and pair them with cotton leotards. These absorb any sweat and keep you fresh and relaxed throughout the day. Also, go for brighter colours.

When to wear tights under a dress?

Do you want to keep wearing your favourite dresses in the winter and summer alike? Then get yourself this hosiery. You can wear them when the temperature drops. But you could also wear them when the temperatures are soaring high, and you haven’t shaved your legs! You could also pair them with apparel in your closet that lack that extra oomph. Are you feeling a little self-conscious lately? Well, these hoses are your saviour then. You wear any mini dresses and pair them with this hosiery and be carefree.

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