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Desmond & Dempsey Pahari-print night dress - Blue
Desmond & Dempsey Pahari-print night dress - Blue
Time to put the 'beauty' back into 'beauty sleep' with this night dress from Desmond & Dempsey. I...

About Nightgowns

Isn’t it the best feeling to come home after a long day, change into your most comfortable nightdress and read a book until you fall asleep? Well, it doesn’t get better than this, and the older you get, the more you crave such simple, reassuring things. 

Home has a lot to do with the people, of course, and even the things that make it soothing like your clothing, your room and bed, no chaos and a place to relax, rest and unwind. That’s precisely the simplest definition of what home feels like. It feels so freeing to absorb the simplicity and positivity of your home. However, warm, comfortable clothes are also a great deal in making you feel relaxed. It feels great to finally do away with those ties, trousers and shirts and settle into something loose, in breathable fabric. Add soft slippers to that and perhaps an eye mask, and it’s a done deal! On this page, you will find things you need to know about nightgowns.

Types of nightgowns to pick 

The complete ballgame of nightgowns has changed. Gone are the days when only full-length and full-sleeved heavy nightwear was in style. Today you can pick up the most comfortable nightgowns in the best styles and be entirely sure about your choices. A nighty is no longer restricted to any single type. You can find so many variations over multiple brands that you’ll be spoilt for choices. The most important thing to remember here is that you need to pick something that suits you and makes you feel comfortable. Everything from the fabric to the type is essential to make sure you’re entirely at ease while wearing it and get proper rest. The key to a good night’s sleep lies in making sure you’re in the best clothes and relaxed space. 

The long cotton nightgown 

The perfect fabric when it comes to a nightdress is pure cotton. Most of us may remember our long cotton nightgowns as the ideal thing to wear to bed. The best feature about these nightdresses is that they’re light, breathable and also provide comfort. The long ones are great for winters and chilly nights. However, during summers too, you can comfortably wear them. Not only while sleeping, but an excellent long sleeve nightie also works well when you’re just chilling at home. Be it a slumber party with friends, working from home or just getting some chores done, you can wear it everywhere. If you haven’t yet, ensure you invest in a couple of decent long night dresses, and it’ll be the best thing ever! 

The button-down nightgown  

A button-down nightgown can be used for various purposes. They’re comfortable to wear; give you the option of teaming them with a slip or spaghetti when it’s extra chilly etc. However, the most important one of these is breastfeeding. New mothers often opt for front-button night dresses as it is most comfortable to breastfeed their baby while wearing them. In other types, one has to change or remove the nightdress during feeding sessions, but with this one, unbuttoning is all that needs to be done. It is also great when you’re travelling as it saves you the effort of carrying feeding gowns. You can sleep and feed your baby in the same nightdress, and it is indeed very comfortable. Again, cotton is best for this kind too. 

The plus-size cotton nightgown 

Another necessary type, the plus-size cotton nightgown, is an excellent option for heavier women. These are generally until the knees or maybe full-length too. The half ones are great during summers, while the full-length nightdresses can be reserved for the winter season. If you’re a plus-size woman, it helps to go in for a nightdress that is slightly larger than your size. This makes it easier to live and sleep in, also adding to the comfort level while using them. Another thing to do with plus size gowns is that you can consider wearing leggings inside if you’re using them while travelling. Ensure they’re cotton and of slightly thicker fabric, so they look good while you’re wearing them. 

The elegant nightgowns 

Popular with newlyweds, beautiful and sensual nightgowns are perfect all year round and look great. They generally come as two or three-piece sets; however, the single pieces are also great. You can easily find them in many varieties, colours and types. Although cotton isn’t the most common fabric for this type of nightwear, it helps if you can find something that looks great and feels comfortable. For options, you can find elegant nightgowns in lace, satin, silk, and so many other variations. They also have cute accessories to accompany them, like eye masks and socks. They’re also great for a pyjama party or while travelling. 

Tips on how to buy Sleepwear in Dubai 

Did you know that a human being spends 1/3rd of his/her life asleep? Yes, that’s precisely why everything that goes into your sleeping routine needs to be top-notch. This includes your bedding, pillow cover, the bedroom and, of course, the clothing that you wear to bed. Unlike any other type of clothing, sleepwear should be the best and most comfortable type. Here’s how to pick up the best sleepwear in Dubai.

  • Keep a budget track – Although nightwear isn’t very pricey, it helps to have a budget set before you go shopping. Start small and see how it goes.
  • Pick according to the weather – Depending on the type of weather your country sees, choose accordingly. Sleeveless nightgowns are perfect for warmer countries; however, you may want to opt for something cosier in the case of chilly climates. You can also choose cover-ups if needed.
  • Don’t opt for too many – Don’t get too excited and buy many nightgowns at once. Choose a couple and wear them for some time. Check the fabric, if there is any loss in colour or shrinkage and mostly, how comfortable they are. You can always add to your collection.
  • Weigh your options – With so many choices, don’t just stick to one. Pick between what you think can work well; opt between fabrics, colours and other options. Experiment all you can because there’s no right or wrong with night dresses.
  • Check the fabric – The fabric should ideally be cotton so you don’t break into a sweat while sleeping. However, woollen for colder countries is also great. Similarly, some people even go for blends.
  • Comfort is vital – Lastly, the nightdress should be soft and comfortable, so it puts you at ease. Stay away from too strong elastics and also many buttons or fancy add-ons. It is best to stick to comfortable and simple options with them.

Shopping for nightgowns is a whole lot of fun! The best part is that you don’t need to stick to a particular set of rules or criteria like formal clothes, but you pick up whatever catches your attention. Plus, with events like pyjama parties and wearing your jammies to breakfast dates, they’re getting more and more popular. A lot of brands, including some exclusive ones, now feature nightclothes as part of their collections, making them so easy to find.

Question & Answer

What is the difference between sleepshirts and nighties?

The newest variation of nightdresses is a sleepshirt. Designed to replicate the shirt of the night suit set, this one is longer and reaches until your thighs. Longer ones that reach until your knees are also available. They have a collar and buttons all along and are generally in full-lengths. On the other hand, a nightie is simply a long nightdress that may or may not have buttons and pockets. They can be full sleeves or sleeveless. Both are great types of nightwear, and women can pick them depending on their level of comfort and personal choice.

Can I wear a nightgown in the evening?

Yes, if you’re at home or come home after a long day, the best thing is to change directly into your nightdress. Most women love lying around, reading a book or even cooking a quick meal while wearing a nightdress because it just preps you for a good night’s sleep. However, if you live with a large family or you need to step out frequently after coming back home, then it may not be the best choice. In this case, keep the nightwear reserved until its bedtime. Also, you have a lot of varieties to choose from.

What are the best options for men when it comes to night clothes?

Men also have some great comfortable options when it comes to nightwear. They can choose from the classic two-piece set that comes with long pyjamas and a nightshirt. As an alternative, they can also choose to pair boxer shorts instead of pyjamas in warmer countries. A simple tank top or loose cotton tee paired with shorts is also what some guys frequently wear while sleeping at night. Trackpants are also ideal for sleeping. Your selection may also vary as per your personal preferences. So, choose accordingly.

Is online shopping for nightgowns a good idea?

When it comes to shopping online, there are many choices to opt for. While picking a nightdress, you need to keep your comfort as the highest factor. If you’re new to online shopping, consider this excellent shopping search engine that will help you weigh your options from so many different online stores to ensure you get only the best at the least price. You can find some popular online stores here. Check out some fantastic brands like Victoria’s Secret, La Perla, Marks and Spencer, Versace, Nordstrom, Debenhams, Ralph Lauren and ASOS.