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Taking mainstream fashion by storm, Muslim-owned beauty trends redefine the meaning of modern millennial Muslim women.  And hijab plays a crucial role in doing so. Hijab is one of the most important items of clothing for a Muslim girl, and it defines one’s modesty. Muslim women, all over the globe, have adopted this gear of modesty as part of their own identities.

Also, known as an abaya, this Muslim head covering is a pride provided by their religion. Their primary function is to cover the head. Though this modest Islamic clothing is available in various styles now, they have quite a long-standing history. It is quite challenging to estimate the exact date of their appearance. But it was surely a long process through different periods of not only nations but areas. The Islamic religion spread through the Middle East to Saharan and sub-Saharan Africa, and many different societies around the Arabian Sea. As it spanned, it incorporated some local veiling customs and influenced others. Indeed, this headscarf represents religion.

Look modest stylishly with these types of hijabs

We all love our hijabs, but would also want to look chic and stylish in them, don’t we? And it’s justified of course, why shouldn’t they follow the latest style trends. Gone are the days when hijabis had limited options. The world of hijabs is changing fast, and it is essential to keep your abaya closet up to date. Stock up trendy and fresh abayas in your wardrobe, so that you’ll have a new one to wear every day. So, let us have a look at some of the most amazing, traditional and straightforward in fashion right now.

Explore the different types of hijab styles

Most Muslim women widely wear a simple traditional style hijab. They are usually black and come in cotton materials. Though they typically come in cotton material, some of their alternatives also come in satin and chiffon materials. Mostly, they are plain, but some come with crochet borders. This is one of the most sought hijab styles for daily wear. You can wear them regularly for any occasion and holy gatherings. With materials Wearing them is also easy, as they are made of such materials that stick to the form you tie them in.

The charming embellished hijab styles

Pearls and floral patterns are some of the typical adornments used to tweak the style factor of these hijabs a notch up. Many women have widely adopted the pearl lace hijab, especially women who want to have a spicate look. Usually, made of chiffon materials, the hijab is given pearl borders in different colours. Some often come fully decorated with pearls and stones rather than just the edges. Apart from this, there are satin hijabs with a floral charm that enhances your abaya look. They give an elegant look to your hijab and add a twist to your same old abaya look.

Turkish-style hijab

Want to style your hijab a little shiny and flashy? Well, then there is nothing better than the Turkish style hijab. This hijab-wearing style usually gives a diamond-shaped face when you wear them. They are a little different from others and are typically decorated with stones on the front head portion. These sparkling diamond-like adornments make them one of the sought abayas for parties and special occasions such as parties or even weddings. Also, they are available in many colours and styles. Hence, you’ll always find the one that best suits you.

Tips on how to buy Hijabs online

Anything that does not suit your style preference and lifestyle will keep hanging in your closet, no matter how pretty they are. This is why you need to buy ones that you love and are comfortable with. Buying a hijab comes with many decisions to make regarding style, length, colour, and fabric. You also need to make sure that you build a hijab collection that compliments your skin tone. Here are a few tips that you can follow to buy hijab online in Dubai effortlessly.

  • Pertain to Islamic guidelines – Does your abaya ascribe to Islamic guidelines? This is one of the first questions you should ask yourself before you head out to buy one. If the answer to it is no, then you can put that down and walk away. You must choose the right style as per your area and tradition. And most importantly, also consider the event or occasion you are planning to attend wearing this.
  • Know your hijab colours – Picking out an ideal hijab colour depends mainly on your skin tone. If you want to dress up like a breeze, choose abaya colours that complement your skin tone. Every woman has a natural skin tone. It may be warm, cool red, or maybe a mixture of both. So, choose the ones that best suits you. It is like choosing makeup shades; hijab colours that match your skin tone spark up you and your dress as well.
  • The fit is essential – Despite the fabulous colours, the price and other amazing details -if it doesn’t fit right, then do not buy it. Though the hijab is just a piece of cloth, if you do not get the length and fit right, you’ll spoil the whole look. Also, you would not feel comfortable when you wear it. This means it will stay in your closet and will get counted in the items that do not fit you.
  • Selecting materials – The next thing to consider is the materials that work for you. This usually depends on what hijab style you prefer. Some common hijab styles you can stock up in your closet are plain jersey hijabs, khesha, traditional cotton hijabs, chiffon, and the ones with the prints. The right material ensures your style is maintained. Moreover, it offers you the desired comfort.
  • Look for well-made – Go for quality over quantity. Always check if the seams and stitches are proper. This way, you will have a hijab that will stay with you for a long time. Also, the maintenance time of such abayas is very less as compared to the others. Therefore, pick the well-designed one and the one constructed in a way that’ll accentuate your look.
  • Match with other outfits – Do you already have a few pieces in the closet that go well with the abaya? Great! Try buying hijabs that complement your existing wardrobe collection. However, remember that you do not buy similar ones. Hence, always, go through your current apparel collection to get a fair idea of the kind of abaya you want to purchase.

It is natural; buying a hijab can get quite exciting at times. But remember not to pile up a lot of hijabs in one go. Buy them one by one, wear them in routine and see which kind makes you look stylish and better. Go for the ones that make you look most stunning. Try to purchase ones that frame your face just right and create the perfect rippling folds. Once you are past that, then building your hijab collection will be a piece of cake.

Question & Answer

Are hijab and burqa the same?

No doubt they are all part of the Islamic apparel code for women to always uphold modesty. But most women wear these depending upon their ethnic backgrounds. A women’s personal preference and the sect of Islam play a crucial part in the type of headscarf. Hijab is, is the act of covering up, but is often used to describe the headscarves. However, the burka is the most concealing of all Islamic veils. It is one such piece that covers the dace, body and leaves a mesh screen on the eyes to see through.

Can I wear a hijab at work?

Hijabs are one of the most sought and visible religious symbols, which is why they are generally acceptable in the work environment. However, there have been instances where employers have prohibited abayas in certain countries. Of course, it is hard to account for each religious symbol, specifically in a company dress code, but the companies can make exceptions. Employers can ask the employees to comply with the expectations of their job role.

What hijab to wear in summer?

Indeed, as a hijabi girl, your biggest worry would be getting through the summer seasons. But, today, outfit trends are skyrocketing, and it holds for the hijab styles too. Many styles are perfect for the summer season. Just make sure you select the right fabric, as this plays a crucial role in making you feel comfortable in the summer seasons. Abaya materials such as cotton and chiffon are ideal for the summer season. They are lightweight, breathable and also stylish.

How to wear a hijab step by step?

Wearing a hijab is quite simple. However, there are several ways to wear them. There is a square look, the triangular and the elongated look. Each type requires a particular style of tie and wrapping. Some people like to wear it like a bandana on their heads. Usually, while wearing a hijab, you place the veil in a way where the two ends fall on your shoulders. You then wrap the ends around your head to ensure all your hair is covered. Then you can use an accessory such as a pin to hold the folded abaya in place.

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