About Bikinis

In the modern era, the sky is the limit when it comes to flaunting women’s bikinis. Aside from being a standard swimwear clothing option among women, they are also considered a style statement. Thanks to brands that keep modifying the classic two-piece, there are now endless options to select from.

For a lot of women, bikinis reflect who and what they are. This is the reason why these ensembles have become so popular over the years. From being hesitant in flaunting their bodies to going gaga over different colours and styles, ladies and bikinis have come a long way through the years. Getting comfortable in a bikini is a great way to accept your body. Whether you are plus-size or petite, fair-skinned, or with warm undertones, seeing the beauty in each body type and complexion is the way to go. A little bit of confidence and poise are all it takes to carry yourself well when wearing a bikini. Trust us—you got it, girl!

Different types of women’s bikinis to select from

Today, you can be spoilt for options when it comes to bikinis. The collections of brands and designers across the world are now just a click away. With virtual shopping assistants and toll-free calling numbers, buying what you fancy has become easier than ever. Thus, you can always spice up your wardrobe for the summer season. We have compiled below a list of some of the exquisite types that you can consider. Check them out to have an informed buying decision. On this page, you will also find some tips that will help you pick the right ones out of the many options you see in the market.

The strapless bikini

Also known as bandeau bikinis, this option is perfect for petite and medium build women. The top has no strings and wraps around the bust. Thus, it is a great choice if you are on the lookout for comfortable, no-frills swimwear. You can also wear it with a sarong. However, it is not the best bikini for plus size women. The strapless bikini is the best pick for pool and beach parties. However, if you are not too confident, wear it with a sheer cover-up. And here’s the best part—you can also flaunt it with accessories like sunglasses, chunky bracelets, anklets, hats, and many more.

String bikini

The most popular option, this looks perfect to those who have the body to carry it off! String bikinis for swimwear enable ease of movement without the danger of slipping off. Mostly, the bikini bra will have a halter string closure. If you have a heavy bust-line, then this is a no-no for you, as it does not offer optimal support. Since string swimsuits may sometimes come across as a little sleazy, team them up with a beautiful cover-up. You can also top them with a pair of shorts and a blouse when you are sunbathing or lounging around the beach or pool.

One-piece swimsuit with shorts bottom

This is great for any body type. It comes with stylish shorts that you can easily take off when taking a dip in the water. This swimwear also completely covers the body from the shoulder to the thighs—no wonder this type is widely preferred by women who want a modest look. You can also wear tights under it for more coverage. The one-piece swimsuit is one of the cheapest bikini options for a casual or high-end summer party. Not to mention, it is also versatile and practical. Therefore, you can never go wrong investing in it.


This is another modest option, as it bares your midriff and completely covers your chest and waist area. Typically, it comprises a swimsuit top that looks like a tank top. Since it creates the illusion of a slim body, it is one of the best bikinis for plus-size women. However, that doesn’t mean it is only designed for them. Although highly recommended by fashion experts for heavy women, a tankini works well for all body types. You can comfortably wear it to a party or when meeting up with friends after a swim. Add on some accessories to your look, and you are good to go. Since a tankini is a modest option, you don’t need a cover-up when wearing it.


An incredibly revealing type, this has light fabric and is designed to show off the skin. It features a top and bottom that barely covers your body. Since it is a great choice for those bold and daring women, it is best for private beaches, honeymoons, etc. If you feel like wearing a microkini outside, pair it with a sarong-like cover-up for comfort. However, keep in mind that it is never the right pick for plus-size women. Only petite or medium build women can wear it best, as their body is in the right proportions.

Tips on how to buy Bikinis online in the UAE

Are you confused about the one to choose amongst the fantastic collections out there? Worry not, as we’re here to guide you in making the right decision. Check out our curated picks below to discover the right one that suits your taste, preferences, and body build. Promise, after reading this section, you will thank us later.

  • The one-piece long sleeve swimsuit – If you love getting into the water but prefer full coverage, then this one is for you. It works well in protecting your arms, tummy, and thighs from harmful UV rays. Hence, it is a great pick if you don’t want to get tanned.
  • The cute bikini bottoms with ruffle top – An attractive option, this one has a swimwear top with ruffles. The visual appeal, thus, is delightful! However, the bottom may or may not match the top. A lot of designer bikinis fall under this type, which is perfect for women with a toned body. It also comes in a one-piece swimwear option for those who are a bit conscious.
  • Amazing bikinis for juniors – Perfect for your little ones, these come with a matching top and bottom wear. Let your kids try them on a few times so that they will have enough time to adjust to them before taking a dip in the water. Also, your chosen swimwear should have good coverage and be made of skin-friendly material. Want something cute for your little girl? Then go fringe bikinis.
  • The bikini with push-up padding – Those who are looking at swimsuits from a fashionista point of view can consider this option. The beauty of this swimwear is that it accentuates the bust with additional padding. It works similarly to a push-up bra and looks great for beach and pool parties. Of course, you can also accessorise it in multiple ways to make you stand out among the crowd.
  • The classy underwire bikini – This is the perfect bikini-bra combination, especially for women with a heavy bustline. That’s because it provides a good fit and fully supports the bust. You can also pair it with a casual open shirt or tank top. Hence, you cannot restrict their use only. If you are going for an underwire bikini, you can also choose between padded and non-padded varieties.
  • The trendy hipster or skirt bikini – Perfect when you need to feel elegant, the skirted bikini has a top and a skirt at the bottom. The skirt, of course, has a bikini inside so you can be comfortable. Feel free to wear this to a casual party with some accessorising, and you will look fabulous. Do you have thick thighs? This option can do the trick by concealing them with a dash of sexiness.

Irrespective of how a bikini looks, it is more important to identify how it makes you feel. This ensemble should look good, but you should also feel comfortable in it. And since you are going to wear it while swimming, there should be no room for wardrobe malfunctions. So, it is important to choose wisely.

Question & Answer

Why are bikinis so expensive?

Well, if you know how they are manufactured, it would be easy for you to understand the cost factor behind them. Typically, they are made of waterproof material and a wrinkle-free fabric that can hold water weight. Lastly, the stitching and finishing are durable enough to withstand the elements. Simply put, bikinis are crafted to the highest standards. Thus, they come at a high price. However, all of them are not on the higher side in terms of pricing. The price vary hugely based on the brands you go for. You can find cheap to more expensive options online.

When do bikinis go on sale?

Believe us—winter is when the super-secret swimsuit sales happen! And yes, it is the same way how sweaters go on sale during the summer. That’s because people end up buying warm clothes in the monsoons and light clothing in the scorching season. To eliminate the bulk of stock and bring in new styles, most stores choose opposite seasons to have discounts on products. Now, you already know the perfect time to embark on a shopping spree.

Are bikinis allowed in Dubai?

Although Dubai is a conservative country since it is part of the Gulf region, wearing a bikini is allowed here. However, as a way of sticking to the general laws of not showing too much skin, ensure that you wear a modest one. This is a must, especially if you want to go swimming on a public beach or community pool. If you are an Arab, you can wear a lovely burkini when you step outside the beach areas. Going topless, of course, is not allowed. While hotels permit swimsuits, it is always a good idea to double-check this when planning to stay at a hotel in Dubai.

Where can you buy modest swimwear in Dubai?

A lot of online stores and global brands in the emirate offer wide-ranging choices when it comes to swimwear. Though you can get the best deals online, we highly recommend you visit a lingerie store first to check what looks good on you. You can ask the saleslady about your size, some recommendations as per your body type, and other questions. Once you know what best suits you, go ahead and purchase swimwear online. However, ensure to read product descriptions and customer reviews to get the best value for your money.

Which are the best brands offering one-piece swimsuits in the UAE?

Some of the top brands for bikinis in the UAE are H&M, ASOS, Shein, Calvin Klein, Adidas, La Senza, and Tommy Hilfiger. Of course, you can also check the vast collection of bikinis by Victoria’s Secret. Here on, you can also explore the best stores for more fantastic options. We are the best product search engine where you can find fantastic bikini styles such as underwired bikinis , bikini hipsters, bikini bottoms , bikini skirts, bikini tops , fringe, halter, monokini , push-up, string, tankinis , triangle bikinis, and so much more.

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