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Imagine you were out on a trail, enjoying the sound of a babbling brook and the bluebirds in the woods. Suddenly you feel a cool drop of water – crash up to your hand. But because the forecast said that it would be partially could, you didn’t bother to bring your umbrella. Now, get ready to pay the price. We are sure that this is the time when you realise the importance of a simple product like a raincoat.

The rain suits seem really simple items to shop and use, but they can keep you dry, and that’s half the battle. But in reality, there are many small features and concepts surrounding the rain suits. Especially when you live in a tropical area where chances of rain are always higher. All these features make it harder to make the best buying decision. Mostly these suits come in a polyester-nylon blend of fibres. The rainwear is made of specially designed fabric that keeps the wearer dry even in heavy showers. This fabric absorbs and repels water, while many come with a woollen inner layer that gives warmth to the wearer. Today you can find different types of high tech and comfortable rain suits for extreme climates. Let’s explore some core features of these essential gears.

An expert’s guide to understanding rain clothing

The rain suits don’t need to be purely functional; they can also be fashionable. Today there are several raincoats on the market that are made from highly waterproof material. These suits come in a variety of colours and styles. The raincoats can range from casual pullovers to designer trench coats. It is thus important to pick rain gears that suit your style, needs, colour, and material. While other important details to consider are buttons, hoods, and belts. Here are some of the core aspects you might need to know and keep in mind while deciding on a perfect rain suit.

Understanding wet weather gear and winter suits

The wet weather gears are available according to three different weights. Each of these weights works differently hence are suggested for different situations. The heavyweight wet gear is best for abrasive and harshly cold surroundings. Here you can take the rain suits for fishing as an example. People generally wear these clothes with layers underneath. Meanwhile, medium weight wet ger is durable but does not want to carry to layers of PVC. These are usually available in the economical price range. The last one is lightweight that is ideal for average weather conditions like rain in summer. The core purpose of these weights is to keep you fresh and dry with easy mobility.

Understanding the lightweight rain jacket and trousers

A raincoat (also called a slicker) and rain trousers are waterproof outerwear. These clothing items are worn to protect the body from rain. The raincoats usually come in waist length. A rain jacket can optionally combine with a pair of pants. However, at times, people tend to use long coats that cover the body to the calf. These clothing come in a breathable material that is waterproof fabric like Tyvek, Gre-Tex or coated nylons. These fabrics also allow air to pass through. As a result of which the sweat vapour can escape. However, in some cases, some styles are heavyweight. These styles come with additional features of warmth in extreme cold.

The material of heavy-duty rain suits

The material of a water-resistant rain suit plays a significant role in how it performs in different weather conditions. However, the choices you have include natural fibres like wool or cotton, while others are synthetic materials. The natural fibres are treated and mixed with waterproofing substances to prevent water from entering. Here you can take the example of Barbour’s waxed jacket which is a core example of treated natural fabric while the cotton Ventile offers high-level waterproofing and breathability. If you need synthetic material, look for suits made of GORE, Polartec, TEX or HyVent. These are breathable and comfortable with high performance at a hefty price.

Consider the important feature of rain suits

Previously known as rain suits (specifically speaking raincoats) was just about a long cloak that prevents you from getting wet in the rain. Today they are doing much more than that. Now, these rain-preventing clothing have to offer much more than keeping your body dry. They protect rainwater from entering your body, protecting you from freezing wind, and allowing your body to evaporate the sweat created due to warm clothes. For effective working of these jackets, they must be airtight, with taped seams, neat collar, fit wrist gaiters and hood to protect you from head to toe. When shopping online, you can read the product description to know about these features in detail.

Tips on how to buy Rain Gear online in the UAE

Stand for a while and think how many times you have gambled with the weather forecast and regretted not buying a rain suit for yourself. There is still time to invest in rainwear because nothing can be temping than coming inside and realising that you are all dry beneath your raincoat. It will be like outsmarting the weather itself. However, choosing waterproof outerwear demands attention at times. Moreover, the investment will stay with you for a long time. Thus, make sure you buy the right product from thousands displayed in stores. Here is what to consider.

  • Know your need – A rainwear for extreme cold or wet conditions is different from water-resistant outerwear that you can use while walking on the streets. It is thus crucial for you to know and define your needs and preferred usage. Once, done, pick a weight of suit accordingly.
  • Check weather conditions – If you are living or planning to use a rain suit in wet areas like crop river, choose a suit considering other layers of dresses that you will be wearing with it. Either buy a heavyweight or a bigger size so that you can leave some space for a layer beneath to keep you warm.
  • Research on different products – Doing some work is always a better idea when it comes to buying something technical and functional like rain suits for men or women. Thus, know your needs and be mindful of your style. Do some market research to know what options are available and which one will suit your needs the most.
  • Pay attention to the features – As discussed earlier, there are so many features of modern rainwear. Each of these owns functional importance. It is thus necessary for you to look into the product specifications in detail. Read the product description section to know about the seam, hood, zipper or cuff styles etc.
  • Pick the right material and size – The material of the rain suit will decide the level of breathability and water-resistance of the suit. Meanwhile, the size will define how fit it will be on you and how comfortable you will feel while wearing it over layers of clothes. Once again, you can find all the details in the product description section.
  • Check the price before you buy – Are you sure the product selected is within your budget? If you have a limited budget, it better is to look at product comparison sites. This is where you can find the most variety in different price slots. However, compromising on quality to save some bucks is never a good idea when it comes to rain suits online shopping.

Here at we have more than 500 stores selling top quality products at an economical price. Thus, no need to compromise on the quality when you have a limited budget to buy the best rain suits. Top stores that you can explore include Acme, Aplinestars, Oakiwear, and Marmot. Meanwhile, a fierce competition is from Tourmaster, Dainese Gore-Tex, Tyvek, Givi, and Driducks.  Now it is all up to your input, time and efforts to pick the right one according to your personal preferences needs or sizes.

Question & Answer

What are rain suits made of?

The rain suits are available in both natural and synthetic fibres. Natural fibres like cotton and wool come in combination with certain specific water-resistant materials before they come forward as rain suits. While synthetic fibres are a range of manmade fibres. Some to name here are Tex, Hyvent, Polartec, and Gore. Moreover, many raw materials become part of these core fibres. These include fibres like polyester, nylon or rayon. In other instances, vinyl, microfibers, wool gabardine and other types of high-tech fibres are also a part of these types of clothing .

Are rain suits comfortable?

Here the comfort depends on your choice of size, intended use and the layers that you will be wearing beneath these suits. If you are using a raincoat just for protection from rain, these sizes can be bigger. In such a case, these suits will be comfortable to wear. However, if you are using them in extreme weather conditions, they will have an additional pair of clothing. In such cases, these suits have to be tight to avoid water entering the body from the open seam, collar o cuff etc. Here expecting optimum comfort is not a good idea. However, the fabric of rainwear is soft and thus protects you from all sorts of discomforts that anyone can experience from tech-based clothing.

What is the best breathable rain gear?

Breathability is a must-have property for water-resistant rainwear on this date. The two features are inevitable for each other. Each year brands launch new products in the market. Every single time they come up with advanced technology for optimum performance. Some of these top listed products include The North Face Apex Flex GTX 2.0, Arc’teryx Zeta AR Women’s Waterproof Jacket, Mammut Masao Light Waterproof Jacket or Paramo Men’s Alta Jacket. For more options, you can explore and see what is latest that the market is offering.

Where to buy disposable rain suits?

Here at our shopping search engine , you can find all the top stores selling sportswear, rain suits and all sorts of technical clothing items. Some brands to name here are Acme, Aplinestars, Oakiwear, and Marmot. Meanwhile, a tough competition is from Tourmaster, Dainese Gore-Tex, Tyvek, Givi, and Driducks. Here you can also explore products from stores that the world trust. So pick up your smart device and search for the most desired products from the world’s best-seller brands and manufacturers at the lowest cost ever possible.

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