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Biking, for most people, is more of a hobby and a passion, even if they’re not trained for it. Both men and women love riding motorcycles because it gives them a certain sense of achievement. It also offers an incomparable thrill that they love. If you are one of those, then let us explore one of the important gears, i.e., motorbike suits.

For many, riding motorcycles and biking are more about the feeling associated with them than the sport itself. So many groups and clubs are dedicated exclusively to motorcyclists. Hence, planning trips and races and riding to exclusive destinations have increased the craze more than ever. The best part about it is you can go and join the group even if you’ve never been a rider. Everything from teaching and training, arranging events and shows, and several other activities are a part of it when you become one of them. Very soon, you do realise that this is more than just biking. And then, it’s the feeling that comes with it. No wonder some people started with nothing and are now professional bikers and motorcyclists.

Types of riding gears to pay heed to if you’re a rider

Being a rider is more than being passionate about bikes or riding. It comes with a lot of responsibility that you need to have, both towards the sport and towards yourself. Even if you concentrate, a single moment is enough to cause an accident that can show grave effects in the future. Thus, safety is always better. Today, we have some good brands catering to some great motorbike suits and gears as per your preferences. The best part is that today there are so many choices available that you can pick a motorbike suit that works with your favourite rider or your personality type. You can customise your motorcycle clothing any way you want to.

The complete motorcycle suit

Depending on how basic or advanced you wish to make it, you can pick the best motorbike suit as per your requirement. The best part is that you can slowly start to build it up, starting from the basics. For example, if you’re a newbie and love motorcycling, you could start with the basics. Motorcycling pants, jackets, pads, and a good helmet is all that you need in the beginning. With motorcycle clothing, there is no end to how far one can go with the customisation and adding to your collection. However, when it comes to starting, choose the right and most basic type of motorcycle clothing before going all in and regretting the decision later.

The motorcycle riding gear for safety

Choosing to be safe while riding most definitely should come as the first choice. Although most pieces of clothing and accessories for motorcyclists are designed from a safety perspective, always remember that it helps to put in a little more for better safety than for style or the brand. A lot of brands offer some excellent motorcycle riding gear that has fantastic and even advanced safety measures. Here, it is essential to surf the internet or speak to someone and discuss the right equipment that you need to invest in. In stores, people can be a little too pushy when you ask them for advice. Obviously, because they need to make sales, thus, go for something only after having put in some groundwork for it.

The motorcycle rain gear

Biking in the rains can be dangerous. It is best to avoid riding in the monsoon if you’re a new rider. However, some people also say it’s an excellent time to practise. But, it’s a good thing to pay attention to your instincts and maintain a high level of safety while riding – be it in the rains or otherwise. A lot of safety gear is now available exclusively when you take monsoon motorcycle riding into consideration. For motorcycle rain gear, it is essential to pick the best you can, even if it may sometimes cost a little more than what you accounted for. Choose motorcycle apparel that is sturdy and something that comes with a warranty or guarantee since it will undergo a lot of wear and tear and should last you in the long run.

The motorcycle racing suit

For professionals, regular motorcycle apparel may not do it anymore. Here, it is essential to have a proper motorcycle racing suit for those unique rides. Racing can be both challenging and tedious. Hence, it is only after a couple of years of riding, training and practice that you get the opportunity to be a part of a competitive group. Healthy competition is always great, keeping in mind that you put safety first. Also, ensure the competition has rules and methods for its participants to follow so it is fair. Lastly, ensure your motorbike suit is the best you can get to help safeguard your body in case something goes wrong. The team should also have medical professionals and first aid at hand during races.

Tips on how to buy Motorcycle Outfit 

Unlike other pieces of clothing, there is no going back after having invested in a motorcycle outfit. It is essential to ensure that you know what and how individual gears in your outfit are used and how to purchase them. If you haven’t owned one before, it always helps to look up, read and speak to people who are professionals. Enlightening yourself should be the first step so you don’t get carried away while shopping or end up making the wrong decisions.

  • Research well – Put in the time to read reviews and see what’s trending on the internet before you go for a purchase. Especially if you’re a new rider, you need to have your knowledge in place.
  • Get second opinions – Speak to those who have been riding for a while and get information and tips off the internet before going in for your first motorcycle gear. Even the smallest of tips can save money and make your buying journey hassle-free.
  • Pay attention to the brand – Although it is not essential to be brand conscious, keeping in mind some of the best when it comes to motorcycle outfits can be a good idea. Go with renowned and reliable brands.
  • Don’t go all in – As a beginner, take your time with a few accessories at a time. Who knows, after a couple of rides, you may not find it necessary or comfortable? Go with the basics, and then keep adding to your collection.
  • Safety comes first – Always pick helmets, pads and other essentials, keeping your safety in mind. Nothing is more important than life and investing a little more to be secure is never the wrong choice.
  • Have a personal style statement – With everything else, don’t be a replica of somebody else. Have a unique style of your own and be seen as a distinguished rider.

Always take some time to see what suits your style instead of going all in during your first purchase itself. Weighing your options makes it much easier when you’re starting. When it comes to riding, clothing is essential. It helps to safeguard your body against injuries. Thus, make sure you focus on the structure and padding aspects rather than the look when it comes to motorcycle suits.

Question & Answer

Are motorbike suits safe?

Yes, motorcycle suits are designed to ensure the wearer stays safe and is comfortable throughout his riding journey. Unlike any other outfits, they have special padding and inclusions that increase the safety measures even if you don’t wear additional safety gear with them. It is imperative to invest in the best motorcycle suits that you can to keep yourself safe. Select outfits and additions for monsoons are also available; however, to make it easy, pick something that will work all year long, dry or waterproof. So, these are surely safe if you choose the right variety.

Is a helmet essential while riding?

Yes, it is vital to ensure your head and face is safe while riding because any injury to these parts can be life-threatening. Thus, a good, sturdy and robust helmet is something that you need to add to your motorcycle gear collection. With so many brands and even more choices, it is good to figure out your priorities and have a budget before you go shopping. All of this makes your buying experience more comfortable and faster. Hence, it is important to have a helmet if you ride so that in a life-threatening situation, your face and head remain safe.

Is cheap motorcycle gear reliable?

It is highly recommended to avoid purchasing anything cheap or hugely discounted. Most of them may be from unreliable wholesalers or worse; they could be defective, a reason why many factories discard them and then they’re sold illegally. Since they do not pass the safety tests in most of these conditions, they’re not safe to be used while riding and can be threatening to your life in more than one way. So, it is better to stay away from hugely discounted and cheap outfits and gear. Go for a quality one that also comes under your budget.

Where can you buy motorbike suits online in the UAE?

A lot of brands offer motorcycle suits, outfits and gears all across the UAE. Shopping online is the best way to go about it. This way, you can easily have everything home delivered and also have unique advantages like easy returns and a money-back policy. The best way to shop online is by using this smart product comparison site that helps you get the best deals to ensure you pay the lowest. With over 500+ online stores under it, it is the best! Kawasaki, Dainese, Repsol, Puma, Next, Harley Davidson and Honda are some premium brands that you can find on our product search engine .

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