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About Bodystockings

Bodystockings are one of the few pieces of clothing that have made their way through the centuries of women’s fashion choices. Women have mixed opinions about body stockings. While some love the feeling of elegance and charm that a body stocking adds to one’s attire, some feel that they won’t be able to carry off the look.

While some look at them as a formal accessory, others love them as an element of modesty. Whatever be the reason, body stockings have the power to transform your outfit in seconds completely! Firstly, you can wear them with shorts, skirts or a dress; they immediately add strong visual appeal to any outfit in seconds. Next, you can wear them to work or a club, depending on the type of bodystocking. There are so many different types available today that you can pick one for every occasion! Today, pantyhose is not just an accessory or part of intimate wear. A lot of women choose to style it with office wear and party wear outfits, and it yields a stunning outcome. While some may be intimidated by this bold choice, you don’t have to be!

Different types of bodystockings to add oomph to your outfits

Today, we can easily find several different types of pantyhose available both online and in stores. With stockings, the complete outfit gets a whole different look and a transformation too. Women over the world love stockings, thanks to the level of comfort and convenience it brings when you wear certain outfits. For formal attire, especially, stockings are a must! Don’t worry if you’re a newbie – you don’t have to wear a body stocking the next day you buy it! Wear it at home, get comfortable, and then wear it to a casual event. Only when you feel most comfortable in it decide to wear it to work with the perfect office to complement its style.

Fishnet bodystocking

Just as its name, the fishnet body stocking resembles the nets used for fishing. It is a casual type of stocking and is ideal for wearing while clubbing, bar hopping etc. Although most women don’t wear full-body fishnets too commonly outside, the half-length ones are a better pick. You can team these with shorts and skirts. This one is a favourite amongst many women since the style is classic. Some women may also choose these for a dinner party; however, it depends on the lady’s comfort level. Although the fishnet style has been around for since long, its popularity has slightly decreased over the last few years. This is majorly due to the presence of many new brands and styles that have emerged.

Sheer or full bodystocking

For those who don’t like their stockings to show, the sheer kind is the right one for you. These are available in beige or black. The sheer beige pantyhose closely matches the skin. You can conveniently wear them as part of the office or formal wear. They look good in knee-length dresses, skirts etc. Tearing is a common concern in sheer net stockings, and they need frequent replacements if used regularly. The full body stocking can be of various types – sheer, lace, leather, fishnet, pantyhose style etc. It is best to pick the occasion while buying full-body pantyhose. For a formal event, a full body stocking may not be the best choice.

Thigh-high and plus-sized fishnet bodysuit

These are the most common type of office wear. If you love wearing midi dresses or skirts, thigh-high stockings will work wonderfully well for you. With these, you don’t have to worry about any “accidents at work.” Ensure you invest in a few pairs in different colours so they contrast with your outfits. Some women also prefer using suspenders to hold these stockings up. The plus-sized ones are perfect for heavy women. Curvy women can choose to pair these pantyhose with shorts, skirts or dresses. While the fishnet is excellent for parties, choose the sheer kind for office attire. The stockings provide warmth and add character to a rather simple outfit instantly.

Crotchless or scrunched

A bedroom favourite, crotchless body stockings are purely a matter of personal choice and level of comfort. This type has recently started gaining popularity after a lot of big lingerie brands began selling them. They may range from sheer, full-body, fishnet etc. Some newer variations like tassels, sequins, patches etc., are also popular when it comes to crotchless stockings. The scrunched stockings defy the primary rule of stockings yet look great when worn right. These stockings are loose around the calf and until the knees, giving the appearance of ill-fitting sheer socks. Some may be scrunched throughout. They work well with an everyday or short outfit. They also help brighten up the outfit.

Printed/embellished or opt-toe

A fun kind, this one is great for parties and outdoor events. The base stocking here is mostly sheer. Prints can range right from florals and butterflies to characters and emojis. You can also create DIY printed stockings with a pair of sheer ones. Stick your favourite cut-outs on them with fabric glue, and it’s done! Embellished socks also look great for a night of clubbing. For those women who love stockings yet cannot stand them between the toes, then open toe pantyhose is the perfect thing. These are generally thigh-high and end just below the toes. You can also wear these with sandals and peep-toe shoes. The stockings cover the entire leg, only keeping the toes bare. They also work well for winters.

Tips on how to buy Bodystockings

Apart from the fact that stockings look great, there are also other practical reasons why women choose to wear them. If you’re a beginner but love pantyhose, invest in a few different types to experiment with. However, don’t go overboard with different colours, patterns, textures etc. It is better to stick to the primary varieties when you’re new. Going ahead, you can always keep adding to your collection.

  • Make sure they’re modest – Skirts, especially when they run short, aren’t very comfortable. At times, slacks under these are also visible. A bodystocking or half stocking may work wonders in this case. Choose to wear one that is completely covered instead of the fishnet style.
  • They should be warm – Yes, stockings feel incredibly warm and comforting. A lot of women also wear them while lazing around at home in the winters. You can wear a sheer body stocking under gowns and dresses to shield yourself from the harsh weather. They allow smooth movement and are comfortable too. Bodystockings look much better than sweaters since they’re concealed.
  • Keep them stylish – Some full body stockings are designed to take the outfit to a whole different level. With the number of choices available today, you can easily choose one that will make your outfit stand out. Just make sure to keep the outfit simple if your body pantyhose is bold and vice versa.
  • Choose something that makes your legs look longer – For shorter women, the right thigh high stockings can instantly add an illusion of height. You can take it even further with high heels. Stick to darker shades and an outfit that ends just above or until your knee.

Keeping these simple things in mind, you’ll be able to pick up the best body stocking for yourself with ease. If you’re not too sure, ensure you wear the pantyhose a few times a week to get used to the idea. Over time, you will see them as outfits essentials and feel very comfortable wearing them. The best way to do this is by wearing them in continuation and making sure you don’t give up.

Question & Answer

What is a bodystocking?

Technically a part of the undergarment’s domain, a bodystocking is a piece of a woman’s wardrobe. The concept of wearing it is to make the wearer comfortable in the outfit and add a touch of femininity to it as well. A bodystocking may be of different types – the types symbolise its length. From the wide variety available today, you can easily choose the one you feel most comfortable wearing. There are so many different types available today that you can pick one for every occasion!

Are body stockings comfortable for long periods of wearing?

Well, if you know how to carry them off, they can be unnoticeable! Some women may feel otherwise and not choose to wear them at all. However, if you like the overall look, they immediately add to any outfit; wearing them for long durations is no concern at all. For starters, opt for good quality stockings. The only common problem most women face with them is that they need replacements after a couple of times of wearing. Also, wash them with delicate lingerie and don’t dry them in harsh sunlight.

How to wear a body stocking quickly?

A few women still struggle with wearing a body stocking or even a half-stocking. Believe us; it is not at all tricky. To start with, start with the feet. To do this, sit on your bed or a platform where your feet touch the ground. Just like wearing socks, put your feet in the pantyhose, one by one. Next, stand up and slowly start pulling the stockings up, just like wearing pants. Take it up further until your waist and bust area. For armholes, again, take one arm at a time. Put the second arm inside, and you’re done! Adjust areas by gently pulling and leaving the pantyhose until it fits, crease-free.

Where can you get body stockings online?

Victoria’s Secret, Amoretu, Bare Necessities, Dear Lover, Lingerie Diva, Elite Occasions, Spencers Online, Julie and Spicy Lingerie are some great online stores to shop at. A lot of these stores also have plus-size body stockings available. Always ensure you pick from the best stores. Thin pantyhose, especially the sheer kind, are very prone to damage like tearing. So, if you wear or plan to wear them every day, you might want to pick up a few extra pairs of these.

Which are the most favourite brands for the best body stockings?

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