About Corsets

Talking about closets today is something that means different things for different individuals. For some, it is a piece of clothing that can tone their waist; for others, it is all about strengthening their core. However, the fact is that most women today either own a corset or plan on doing so.

Possibly one of the very first types of intimate wear for women, corsets have been around for a very long time. When the trend started a few centuries ago, it was purely to slim the waist area and was something of necessity more than an option. Young women would have girdles fastened around their waists for weeks and sometimes months together without a break until the corset would begin to show its effects. Over the decades, its popularity has increased, with waist-training corsets getting more popular amongst women. However, after a few years, the ill effects of wearing waist-training corsets in continuity began to show. Women began facing health issues, couldn’t eat well, and started experiencing eating disorders, backache, and more.  

Different types of corsets 

Women choose to wear girdles for various reasons. While some love the way it tones their body, others wear it for an enhanced bust line or to slim their waist region. Long-wear corsets have become popular over the years. Although they come with serious health concerns, women see them as the fastest way to get their perfect body. Whatever the reason, the core idea is that corsets have remained popular over centuries, showing just how special they are! Today, with so many variations and varieties available, it isn’t right to buy one without acknowledging its aspects. Here’s how we’ve made it simple for you. 

Under-bust corsets 

As the name suggests, these girdles start just from under the bust-line and may end at your waist or go all the way until your thighs. Under-bust corsets are generally very comfortable, although they don’t offer much bust support but give great alignment and support to the waist and back. You can wear these under dresses, shirts, and blouses without them being visible. Although the make of traditional under-bust corsets was leather, today, better and more comfortable options like sturdy cotton or mix blends are available. These can be with or without straps for additional support. It is perfect for women looking to tone their waist without focusing on the bust region. It offers an excellent fitting when worn right. 

Steel-boned corsets  

A third type that comes with ample support is in-built for these. You can wear them under regular clothing or on their own with excellent bottom wear. Steel-boned corsets are considered less comfortable due to their bone structure; however, they provide better support and structure to the body. Several renowned stores offer steel-boned corsets in Dubai, along with other familiar options. If you’re considering one, it may be an excellent option to start with. Once you get accustomed to the base idea of how a corset should fit, going forth, the simpler ones may look like a breeze. For best back support, the steel boned corsets are highly recommended. 

Over-bust corsets  

This type of corset for women is often worn for fashion purposes. These cover the bust and go all the way to the waist, offering complete overall support. Cupped and lingerie girdles are two other types of overbust corsets that are available in stores today. For busty women, the over-bust girdle may seem like a good idea. It tones down the complete midriff area, making it look uniform. You can conveniently wear it with dresses or skirts. Petite women may want to stay away from it, as it does not do an excellent job of adding curves to the complete look. Its other variations, like the under-bust corset, are a better choice in this case. 

Fancy corsets  

Another recent invention wherein the girdles act as a piece of clothing rather than hiding under it. These can be simple or fancy depending upon your choice and can be teamed with a jacket or shrug or on their own. For bottom wear, pants, skirts, and even shorts are great options to consider with them, depending on the look of the girdle. These girdles have in-build padding in most of them, eliminating the need to wear a bustier or bra. They have hooks or old-fashioned ribbon closure at the back, allowing you to choose the degree of stiffness. A lot of women love using fancy corsets as a fashion accessory. These corsets look great with simple accessories, and you can wear them with a plain skirt or trousers.  

Tips on how to buy Corsets

Wearing a corset may not seem like a huge deal. However, there are a lot of women who struggle with it. Think of it just like learning how to wear a bra. There was a time when it was so difficult, and now you don’t even think twice before putting it on. Like a lot of things, wearing girdles also requires a little practice and a wee bit of learning. With innumerable choices on offer today, you can get the right one for yourself without having to search far and wide. Here’s how.

  • Pay attention to its type – If you’re opting for a waist-training corset or shaping corset, go for the one which offers an excellent fitting and is comfortable for long-term wear. The corset should also provide proper closure at the back. While the ribbon closure is a good option, sometimes it may be uncomfortable due to the extending tie-ups making corsets with adjustable hooks a better choice.
  • The fitting is critical – A suitable girdle, just like a good bra, looks and feels right when it is right for your body type. Start by analysing this, or even better, go to a professional. Try out different models before settling down for the one that feels best. For over-bust girdles, ensure they fit right, or use bust pads to make up for the additional space.
  • Work the look – Outerwear corsets have the sky as their limit, considering you can wear these as a dress, with a skirt, pants, trousers or just about anything else that you fancy. You can choose to layer the look with elegant accessories and add heels or shoes to complete the look.
  • Don’t get afraid of experimenting – Although girdles are typically worn underneath clothes, some newer and fancier variations look great just on their own. A little bit of body confidence with the right type of corset does the job perfectly!
  • Team it up with accessories – If going out merely wearing a girdle still makes you feel a little bit uncomfortable, why not make the equation better? The best way is to add accessories like chunky bangles, a neckpiece or statement earrings. Shoes, scarves or a bag also work fine.

Use your creativity to style and wear a corset. As long as it works with your body style and suits your personality, that’s all it matters. Lastly, it doesn’t have to be a huge deal. If not on its own, wearing on inside your dress or blouse is also excellent as long as it gets the job done. You can mix and match your options to get sound output. If you’re wearing a corset on the inside, styling isn’t required, but if it is as part of your outfit, you can do a lot to jazz it up.

Question & Answer

How are corsets supposed to fit?

Girdles are supposed to be skin-tight, but they should not make you feel uncomfortable or restricted. The reason why they need to be well-fitted is so that they can offer the best effect on the clothing that you choose to wear over it. To determine the right fit, walk into any store by a reputed brand and ask for fittings. Check various options and try to wear them under your clothing to get an even better idea. The result should be one that offers you great comfort without making you feel sore and allow a little bit of wriggle room too.

What is a waist-training corset?

Waist training corsets are specifically for toning and shaping the waist region. Another type of under-bust girdle works well for modern women who are considering girdles as a part of their routine as these are comfortable for more extended wearing periods. It is an excellent option to go for pure solid colours with these corsets like blue, black, beige, or white, so they don’t show through from under your clothing. This kind is supposed to be more comfortable than another ordinary girdle, and you can wear them for longer durations. Over time, they are known to slim and tone down the waist if worn regularly.

Which are the best corset brands?

Victoria’s Secret, La Senza, Denim, Forever 21, H&M, Debenhams, Dolce and Gabbana, M&S and ZARA are some of the best online brands for corsets. While most modern corsets are for waist-training or as a fashion essential, it is good to check some brands that offer choices for what you’re looking for. Shopping online for corsets is an excellent idea, and with 500 online stores available at a single online platform like, it just gets easier. Check out the detail of this remarkable retail search engine today.

Which are the best corset stores near me?

In the UAE, The House of Corsets, Intimissmi, Le Corset Shop, Marks and Spencer and La Perla are popular options with stores at most malls. If online shopping is a convenient option for you, most of them also offer great deals on their websites. Corsets are available in materials like cotton, satin, mesh, brocade, leather, and lace, depending on your requirement. While cotton works best for everyday use, satin, mesh, and lace are fancier. Leather closets, however, may take a little more time to get comfortable with and are not recommended during summers.

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