Essential baby products you need for the first 6 months 

20 June 2019| 9 minutes
Essential baby products you need for the first 6 months 

Becoming a mum is the most magical milestone in life, and the next six months include a lot of new experiences. With your baby moving, starting to talk and eat, you will want to buy them all the baby products in the market. However, the truth is babies do not require a lot of gear. All they need are a lot of diapers, a cosy place to sleep, and a blanket to bundle up.  

However, if you are a first-time mum, the excitement is over the roof, and you want to stock up on everything you can get your hands on! This means more baby clothing, more toiletries, diapers, and other stuff too. And the first six months is where the challenge lies – for the mother and the baby. This is the period you should spend observing what works the best for your child. You can continue with some things and must discontinue others. Also, just because a brand has worked well for someone else, does not mean the same for you too. Every baby and his/her needs are different, so that is a fundamental understandingLastly, it's all about making them comfortable and allowing them more space to grow. In this blog, we will explore the best baby products for newborns, so read on. 

1. Do babies need organic products?
2. What baby products do I need for the first six months?
3. What are the natural baby products that most parents do not pay heed to?
4. Are night-time baby products valuable?
5. What are the smaller products you should pay attention to?
6. Can baby products help your child too?
7. Buying baby products online

Do babies need organic products?

baby swaddles

A lot of the best baby brands today offer organic products only. Even if the complete product is not, a few main components such as the cotton for their clothing etc. is of organic kind. Swaddles and other baby stuff are also very popular, coming from organic roots. You will notice the price difference between organic and regular material and it's remarkable – they will cost twice as much, and sometimes more than that. However, is it essential? Well, for things such as swaddles which you will be using very carefully for your kid for long hours, an investment helps. But say for nappies, which you will use for a couple of hours, it's not intended unless your little one has susceptible skin. You can consult with your paediatrician to help you with this and make the most comfortable choice after that. 

What baby products do I need for the first six months?

baby wardrobe necessities

As a mum, you need to have complete baby accessories in your arsenal to make your job a whole lot easier. These might seem as simple and everyday product for any baby, but there are a lot of people who easily miss out on them. Even if you find an alternative, don't forget to try out both variations to see what works best. Again, every baby is different, so choose well for your child. Below are those necessities that are a must-have for your offspring.  

  • Newborn wardrobe necessities– Newborns don't require an extensive wardrobe, but you have to ensure that essential baby products such as baby clothes are in abundance. You may want to keep them handy before you welcome your baby home. Go for a couple of side-tie or side-snap T-shirts for the baby until the umbilical cord separates. You also need to add bodysuitsand one-pieces or onesies in your arsenal. What's more, gowns,booties or socks and long pants and T-shirtsare necessary. An average newborn suit fits babies weighing 5 to 8 lbs. Keep in mind that your munchkin will require multiple outfits a day because of the messy spit-ups. Therefore, the number of pieces you need might vary. It will depend on how many loads of laundry you want to do a day.
  • comfortable glider – Between the mid-day cuddle sessions and late-night feedings, having a comfortable chair to sit in is a must. A glider that both swivels and rocks will help you soothe your baby. It will help you move around to reach things easily. The glider helps you to achieve items like pacifiers and burp cloths without getting up. If you intend to invest in a high-quality glider, check out the best online stores for exciting deals.Most of them offer comfortable and stylish options to choose from. 
  • Sleep sacks and sleepers – Get your baby half a dozen of these stretchy sleepers, which are designed to cover your baby from neck to feet. Basically, these baby products are perfect both for night-time and when travelling. However, babies grow fast, so do not give in to the temptation of buying all the cute ones you see. Meanwhile, sleep slacks are suitable for cold nights. You can get a few of them to help you through the first weeks of the baby. For the summers, it's best to pick the light cotton ones through the day and change into something slightly thicker for the night.
  • Caps and knit sweaters – You'll want to have these if you live in a cold climate, as they are designed to keep your baby warm. Small caps are essential, as they maintain your baby's ideal temperature. Knit sweaters keep the baby warm overall. You can buy a baby snowsuit, too if the winter is frigid. Otherwise, you can wrap your little one in a thicker blanket. They come in attractive colours, embroidery and you can also get something custom made with heir name or date of birth on it.
  • Disposable Diapers/Cloths – You should always have enough cloth diapers at least for two days. Ensure that you purchase the right size to avoid leakage. Some other necessities include a diaper rash ointment and baby creams, waterproof changing tableand a diaper pail or trash can with a lid. Since babies poop a lot, stock them up whenever necessary. You can look for coupons and sales. Make sure the diapers you use don't give your baby a rash since most parents have this one common complaint. Try different ones and see which is most comfortable for your little one.

Making sure the products that you choose for your kid is very comfortable, and the best for them is essential. This you can do by sheer observation. Your baby will tell them if something isn't right or not working for them through their emotions and actions, so listen attentively. Try out newer things when you are around during the day, to not disturb their sleep at night. Keep trying out more unique products that brands launch because there is always better technology that has gone into making them.  

What are the natural baby products that most parents do not pay heed to?

baby bathing products

Talking about these, baby products for bathing is undoubtedly on top of the list. Daily bathing of your infant is essential. So, try getting a small baby bathtub for your baby. You can place them in your large bathtub or sink. It makes your job easier and even fun. Be sure to hold onto the baby while in the tub. Use specially formulated baby shampoos to wash your baby, as these are gentler on their skin. Next, look for the best baby grooming gear. Keeping your babies nails short is imperative. This will prevent them from scratching themselves and you. Use blunt nail clippers specially made for a baby's soft nails.Buy lotions and oils to rub on their skin after bath. This will keep their skin moist. If your newborn has a lot of hair, then baby products for hairare essential. Buy a fine-toothed baby comb too.  

Are night-time baby products valuable?

nighttime baby products

For a soothing sleep, night products for your baby will go a long way. Get your baby a new crib and a mattress that meets all consumer safety requirements. There are numerous styles and makes of cribs available in the market but go for the simplest one. That's because it can be dressed up with adorable linens. You can also purchase a couple of quilted mattresses, but make sure they are waterproof. Decorating your crib with soft colours of cloths are ideal for the sound sleep of your baby. You may have to wash them frequently, so purchase a couple of them. There is no need for a top sheet or blanket in the crib but buy several thin kinds of cotton receiving blanketsIt's also necessary to have pillows and two waterproof mattress protectors. Ensure to purchasesmall and knitted baby blankets that are made of soft flannel.  

What are the smaller products you should pay attention to?

baby stroller

There is no doubt that for the first few weeks, and you will feel as if your baby is an eating and sleeping machine. Fortunately, for you, the menu is unlimited. Check for four to six 4-ounce and 8-ounce bottlesa bottle brush, and bibsdiaper bag with compartments is very crucial. Look for the ones that have fold-out changing pads. An infant car seat should be the next one on your list. Get it a few weeks before your due date. Practise securing it properly in all your positions. Taking a walk with your baby is one of the joys of motherhood, so look for a good stroller or a baby carrier. Next, come a baby nightlight and monitorThough most parents are inclined towards hovering over their babies every moment, it's not always possible. With this, you can keep an eye on your baby's cries and coos.  

Can baby products help your child too?

bibs for babies

Yes, the right products make them feel comfortable and improve their mood. This makes it easier for them to play, focus on eating, and other things when in the house or even outside. The best products are something that they should not resist, so you know it's working well for them. This may not come easy, even if you decide to pick from a single brand. Hence, experimenting, research and trying out new products until you are delighted is the way to go. You can also choose to borrow from your other mum friends, to save you the hassle and the costs. If you have used something and not found it the best, then donate rather than throwing it away.  

Buying baby products online

buy baby products online in uae

Every parent wants to save money when buying baby products such as toysand cheap baby girl items. Well, some of the best places to buy cheap baby stuffare  Menakart, Newchic, Sprii, and Mamas & Papas,  to name a few. Explore more baby products in Dubai and the UAE at amazing prices by checking out, a fantastic product search engine with more than 500+ amazing products and many different brands right at your fingertips. Here, you will be able to find so many different options and brands that offer  baby items at the best prices online!It is easy to decide and take the call when you know what will work well, so don't forget to look for the best ones for your bundle of joy! 



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