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About Diaper Bags

If you’re a new parent, then you know that leaving home with your little one is nothing but a challenge. That’s because you need to carry with you all their essentials. Since diapers top the list of your baby care arsenal, then it calls for high-quality diaper bags.  

Today, a wide variety of baby diaper bags in Dubai are available online to fit your needs, and you’ll be genuinely spoilt for choice with the available offerings. Diaper bags come in handy in more than one way. They help you put everything that your baby needs in one place. Further, it reduces the number of bags you have to carry. Since a diaper bag is specially designed for a baby, it seats much more comfortable under your stroller than other bags. With so many reasons to fit a diaper bag into your routine, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be investing in one. Most parents also think they’ll easily fit their baby’s stuff into their regular purses or bags. However, one often underestimates the number of things that one baby needs.

Things you need to know about diaper bags 

Well, all said and done, picking a diaper bag isn’t difficult. However, since you will only get one, it is essential to ensure it is the best buy. For this, don’t get a bag immediately once the baby is born or during your pregnancy. At this time, you’re not well aware of all the things you require for the baby. Instead, use a backpack or any other convenient carrier for a week or so. Since you will mostly be home, it will be easy. Once you get the hang of things, sort and specify what you will require each time you go out with your baby. This way, once you start, you’ll know precisely the kind of diaper bag you should be getting. A bag that’s too big is uncomfortable to carry, and one that’s too small will require you to take another bag.


Since convenience is the sole reason for you to be investing in a bag in the first place, this one should be on top of your list. Ensure the fit, carrying restrictions, and comfort factor tick the right boxes when you start looking for one. With the endless choices available online from the best brands, purchasing baby diaper bags while shopping online is effortless! It should also sit comfortably in the lower section of your stroller. Similarly, making sure it fits in your closet when not in use and your car are important aspects too. Ensure you get one that has comfortable straps and doesn’t strain the wearer while using it. 


Another critical factor is that the diaper carrier should be able to do much more than carry your diapers. With babies, always check for versatile options. If you have specific gear for every need, it won’t be long before you end up carrying a considerable number of bags each time you step out. So, always look at it from a creative angle. The bag can easily be doubled up as an overnight carrier in case you’re heading out. Turn it into a picnic or holiday carrier for your baby as and when required. As a piece of advice, always go in for something a little bigger than you think because you’ll always end up having more stuff than expected. If not, you can use the space for something else. 

Choose quality 

Today, you’ll quickly find a lot of cost-effective options at a severely discounted price. In comparison to those sold by baby brands, these may seem like a good pick. Before you go ahead, always check the quality very carefully. Copies of brands, even baby bags for that matter, may look good, but that doesn’t mean they’ll last well. However, some of them may offer excellent quality at a reasonable price too. Whatever the case, check the quality well before you step up to make a purchase. You can easily find several deals online.  


Setting a budget is always a good thing. This way, you stick to it and avoid impulsive purchases. Check online and do some research. Once you get an approximate amount of how you need to spend, set a target. This way, you can be specific about what your choices should be. When you get online, set a limit as per your budget and begin browsing. Many websites have this cool feature that allows you to stick to your budget. In case you don’t find anything you like, or you still wish to see more options, increase the limit by a little. You can keep doing it until you find something you like. However, don’t get too overboard. With a small budget, you’ll often find bags that won’t suffice all your needs, but minor issues are okay to be considered.  

Tips on how to buy Diaper Bags online 

Since online shopping is so convenient when it comes to time and cost, it gives you a win-win shopping experience. Here are a few things to get you started about shopping online. Choosing a bag that has an easy-to-wash fabric that dries quickly and can easily hold changes that will suffice for 1-2 days of changes for your baby is something you should opt for.

  • The bag should hold the essentials – The best diaper bag should be easy to carry and store. A diaper bag is one of the things that will be with you for a long time whenever you plan to step out with your baby. As soon as you begin to realise its convenience, you will want to take it out with you more often. Thus, go for one that is easy to carry, great to take on your shoulder while walking and can take the right amount of weight.
  • Using it thoughtfully – Although initially, you won’t feel the need to, you will slowly realise that you can use the bag for a lot of different things apart from your baby’s needs. So, invest in a bag with multiple slots and pockets that can accommodate all your kids’ essentials with ease. It should make for a one-stop shop for everything you need.
  • Fit – Make sure that the carrier is comfortable enough to fit into your pram and car with ease. If you use your vehicle to travel a lot with your child, then it goes without a say that the bag should sit inside your car comfortably or underneath the seat. This way, it will not get in the way if additional people are being seated in the car. The lower area of the pram is great for holding the bag.
  • Size – One cannot stress anymore on this factor because it is so important. Choosing the right size is essential. It should be easy to carry, travel with, store and handle.
  • Side sling – Lastly, some of the best diaper bags also have a comfortable shoulder strap or side sling to make carrying it convenient. Ensure you use the bag each time you step out, and in no time, it will become a part of your outings. This is much needed to avoid last-minute purchases or in case of emergencies.

You can do so much with your bag. It all starts with making the right choice and using your creativity to make the best use of it. It is important to go for nappy changing bags that makes washing cycles easy. Pure cotton bags are great since they are lightweight, can be washed and dried quickly and are environment-friendly as well. Keep this as your option for when you are travelling for a few days.

Question & Answer

Why do parents choose designer baby diaper bags?

Today, baby diaper bags are nothing less than essential, and this is also one of the reasons why online stores and labels have also started coming up with stylish diaper bags and new options like designer diaper bags. You can choose from Gucci diaper bags and Skip Hop diaper bags, and many more. They are also designed to complement your outfit. These stylish diaper bags will make you stand apart from the crowd and truly make a difference at essential events where your child accompanies you and wish to stand out! You can make a style statement with your designer diaper bags wherever you go!

How can you make the most of your designer baby changing bag?

Diaper bags for babies allow you to do so much more than accommodate diapers, so why stop there? Use them as a travel carrier for your baby for overnight stays or include baby medicines or clothes once your little one doesn’t need diapers anymore. They are also great to carry to the beach – use those compartments for sunscreen and towels for yourself, too, so you don’t get weighed down by too many bags! While on holiday, avoid carrying multiple bags for diapers, clothing, food, etc. instead, invest in two different diaper bags – one for everyday use and the other one slightly larger with more pockets and designed to carry more stuff.

What are the last bits of advice to keep in mind before going for a diaper bag?

Narrowing it down, in this case, is no easy task, and we understand how stimulating it can be to zero down on the best one for your baby & toddler. Although by now you’re well-versed with the essential things to bear in mind while choosing one, as per us, we highly recommend small ones, that have plenty of pockets (trust us, you WILL need them!), have compartments specifically for milk bottles that sit underneath the car seat of your baby. Also, opt for ones that are a darker shade so that stains, etc., don’t stand out easily.

Which are the best brands in Dubai for diaper bags?

Sunveno, Gucci, Coach, Skip Hop, Kate Spade, Louis Vuitton, JJ Cole, Laura Ashley, Fisher-Price and Nuby are some premium brands. You can very conveniently also use our product search engine to help you out. With some of the best online stores under it, there’s no reason to consider anything else. We also recommend carrying nappy changing bags that can easily slide underneath your baby’s pram or latch on to its handle for easy carrying. You can opt for one that is water-resistant, has a snap closure and comes with a changing pad.