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About Strollers & Buggies

If you are under the impression that prams, pushchairs, strollers and buggies are similar terms for the same thing, you might be wrong. Looking at the purpose of transportation of your baby, they are all the same but technically different. Considering the age, terrain, comfort, and lots of other factors, you need to choose the right one.

Strollers and buggies are for the babies who no more have to lie flat in a pram. Usually, it is the age above six months when a newborn can sit unaided. Still, if you think your kid is not comfortable for a stroller ride and that he looks scrunched up compromising his breathe if you make him sit for long, drop the idea of having a buggy. There are other options within the same product that adheres to your preferences. And for that, you need to explore the features of different brands.

Different styles of strollers & buggies you need

Age and your daily routine will help you in choosing the right product. You will see many products listings many features in their specifications list, and you have no idea of the context behind. Well, we are telling you here one by one. If you see written "Travel system" that means the product will have a car seat and a carrycot. ATP is all-terrain pushchair to head off-road. Then, you can also have jogger buggy with big wheels and good suspension. If you have twins, you would probably want a twin stroller or a tandem buggy. The difference between the two is that the former has two seats side by side while the latter has seats one behind the other. We hope the terms will help you choose the best buggy strollers to buy.

Compact stroller for travel

Travel system of your buggy consists of pushchair, car seat & adaptors, carrycot and accessories. But remember the two-hour rule of car seats that researchers and experts suggest. Your kid can suffocate or strangulate while sitting in a car seat for extended periods of time. One of the premium brands Britax has a compact pushchair available for you. It is foldable and lightweight, which are the primary characteristics of a travel system. Plus, there are basic products available without the adaptor, rain cover, and these are affordable too. It is your choice to buy additional features or go without it. You can also explore a few buggy strollers for sale and see if you find something relatable.

Twin strollers for newborns

It is good if you buy a stroller with seats beside each other rather than front and back. The latter system will block one of your child's view, which seems illogical. However, if your surroundings have compact areas or you want to hop-on and off the public transport, rear and back should be the choice. When it comes to the functionality, it must adhere to your daily routine always. We recommend you watch Maxi Cosi's double strollers equipped with all the necessary features you desire to have in your product. However, if you are more into tandem buggies, you should check out Graco's online shop. And you will find them both or other baby & toddler products on 

Additional features for strollers & buggies

Hop-on board, rain cover, UV blocker, storage spaces, hooks, cup holders, are some accessories you can either buy along with the stroller or separately. Sometimes, you will find out that a morning stroll with your kid could be better with a coffee but handling coffee cup at one hand and stroller the other sounds dangerous. For that, you can mount a sturdy and spill-proof holder, and your job is done. Thus, safety is foremost when you have a kid, even if you are buying something for yourself. Besides the accessories, we also advise you explore cheap baby buggy strollers and travel cots on 

Tips on how to buy Strollers & buggies online

One significant decision to make while buying a product is to decide between forward-facing or parents facing product. We did not include this in our tips, leaving this choice up to you. Both have their pros and cons. However, you can choose a reversible product that can do both if you have a flexible budget. Other than that, we have compiled some practical points for you to buy buggy strollers online in Dubai.
  • The age of your baby - Your kid should be six months or above because strollers & buggies are for older babies who can control their head movement. That is why these products are more upright than pushchairs and prams. Still, if you think it is not the right time for your baby to head the opposite side, you can wait till you are confident.
  • The kind of ride - Strollers & buggies are lighter in weight than prams and pushchairs. So, you need to see the kind of ride you would take with your kid. If this is only for an evening walk or up to the grocery store, then an average sturdiness is fine. However, if you are going to explore the world with your kid, check out the sturdiness of the whole product with special emphasis on the wheels alignment.
  • Ease of use - Because strollers are lighter in weight and foldable, you can manoeuvre them through shopping aisles and on & off public transport. They can fit in your car boot as well. Most of the strollers can fold up like umbrella with a one-handed usage functionality. And all these features would be available in your product if you choose so. Therefore, look at the specifications before you add something to your cart.
  • The storage you need - Strollers already come with storage spaces for your grocery bags or your baby's requirements. Still, many of you mount more hooks and holders for more space. Remember to check out all your storage needs before you grab a product because this problem will not have a solution later.
  • Divide the expenditure – The above four points must have told you the specifications to look for. We suggest preparing a list of your preferences. If you still have budget left or if you want to be more flexible with it, you can also spend on some leisurely items like the hop-on boards or car adapters.
We hope our practical tips will help you fall for the right product only. We know shopping for a newborn means one expenditure after another. But if you go all planned even for the tiny items, nothing can crack your monthly budget. Now it becomes more important to not get influence from one or two brands rather look at all of them and choose the right features. Some of the brands you can see at our retail search engine include Maxi Cosi, Mothercare, Britax, Diono, and Graco.

Question & Answer

What is a baby carriage stroller?

Carriages and strollers can be two different terms spoken in different places. However, the purpose is the same, and that is carrying your baby from one place to another. So, a carriage or a stroller is a wheeled transport that you push to make way. It gives you comfort to take your baby to the evening walk, grocery store, or anywhere you travel. You can out all comfort items in your stroller depending on the travel requirements. So, that's what a carriage stroller is like.

Are baby carriage strollers expensive?

Out of all the product that you buy for your baby, strollers & buggies are surely in the pricey range. You can check out online shop of Mamas and Papas and find a basic buggy worth AED499. It has a lightweight frame along with adjustable back and legs for baby's comfort. UV blocker, padded seat, chest pads, are some basic features this buggy is already equipped with. On the other side, there are strollers worth AED8000 or more. They are tougher on the rough terrains and come with a combination of carrycot and stroller. You can also filter other online shops at and see what they have got.

Do buggy boards fit all prams?

For those who don't know buggyboard is a kind of hop-on board for your elder kid to use if he feels exhausted. And the answer to the question is yes! Buggyboard fits most of the pushchairs. You can check out their definite guide to grab the best one. And getting the best-fitted board is a two-step process. All you need to do is select the brand of stroller you already have and then select the version of the product. After that, you will see the list of the products you can buy.

Where to buy a baby carriage stroller?

You won't know until you explore. It could be the 3 in 1 travel system by Maxi Cosi that you fancy. Or it could the Graco's foldable travel system packed with more features. If you don't like a specific brand and wish to explore and go by the features, we suggest commencing your shopping at Here, you can find all the top-notch brands with a diverse price range from affordable to high-priced. All you need to do is put the filters and search the one that fits best. We think you now have a clear understanding of the features you want and the specifications you can ignore. It is indeed a good time to explore the products and add them to your cart. We suggest looking at online shops with reputed brands underneath to give you a more clear picture. Some of these shops include Mamas & Papas, Sprii, Menakart, and Tryano. You will find all of these shops on, one of the leading online product finders in the UAE.