How to build one fine collection of designer handbags and avoid impulse buying?

10 October 2022| 8 minutes
How to build one fine collection of designer handbags and avoid impulse buying?

More often than not, you do realise the scarcity of compatible handbags in your collection. But is it about not having enough bags, or is it that your collection lacks diversity? Rather you hasten the purchase acting out of impulse, see what is actually missing. Give some attention to building one fine collection you will be proud of. The marketplace out here has plenty of options. From bucket bags to half-moons, furry textures to graphic prints, and tiny clutches to roomy tote bags, the list is Endless.

It all boils down to your personal liking!

You may prefer handbags that run for a long time rather than non-functional ones. Also, some buyers look for a good room in their bags for a completely hands-free experience, while others prefer carrying just a clutch to hold essentials. You sure can choose what you prefer, but a good mix of distinct styles isn’t that bad of a choice. The catch is to keep your current closet attires in mind as well as a glance at what’s new to keep a check on trends. This will make sure you have a compatible collection. Indeed, purchasing a new designer handbag needs some mind juggling from your side. Easing out your shopping drive, we have a list of bags that will be a great addition to your collection and will definitely not let you fall behind in any fashion monomania.

1. Top 5 winners of 2022 handbags in trend
2. Wise up on building that handbag collection
3. Versatile options to pick, own, & flaunt
4. The best place to buy handbags in Dubai

Top 5 winners of 2022 handbags in trend


handbag trends

Skimming through trending handbags is the easiest way to upgrade and elevate your bag collection this season. So, let’s check out top 5 trending products. The list is based on fashion expert’s suggestions and influencers’ choices.

The first one, puffy bags for the minimalist in you

They are a similar variant to quilted bags, besides the fact that the puffer ones are not season-specific. The style of puffy ones is minimalistic yet stands out and adds a unique charm. You will see multiple variants of this bag. But out of all, arch wrinkled effect for a street style look is a delicacy. Let us point out some more names from the trendy collection. A puffer tote, chain-handle small puffer, long strap shoulder bag, and baguette style bag are more to look for. When confused with choices, just remember that small puffy pouches can give a style boost to any look. These bags sure have an unusual look but still picked up for everyday looks. What can we say! Distinct shapes and designs pump the versatility factor up and high.

One such wallet you want to look at – Glam Slam Clutch in Quilted Nappa

Bucket bags making a huge comeback

A bag looking like a bucket sounds ugly but is not. When they were in trend, you could see women of all ages hanging one around their wrist or sometimes using the sling belts. We bet you remember the unique shape, deep interior, and sturdy sides. And now that they have made this huge comeback, you can see more variations in terms of designs and style. There are of course many dazzling silhouettes available to grab if the classic one doesn’t fancy you. Overall, it can be a great choice for weekend getaways and casual get-togethers. Or, a mini bucket bag for a party sounds great too. Striped patterns and materials like faux or leather are the most searched varieties these days. Besides, you will have something other than the regular tote or slings.

Check out one from Bally – EOH bucket Bag in Nylon

Oversized bags to fit a life inside

Oversized bags are considered casual and meant for baggy looks and street styles. But that’s not true! Although their arrival in the fashion scene was to elevate casual attires, the various transformations in different materials made this bag possess an elegant side too. For example, an oversized leather bag is a lifesaver when you have too much stuff to stow. Even your laptop bag along with its sleeve can fit inside the bag. And you are ready for your daily office commute. If you want a break from tiny purses and regular tote bags, then this can be your pick.

One such look – Michael Kors Large Heidi Tote Bag in Logo Jacquard

Half-moon bags to match every aesthetics

Half-moon or crescent shape bags are love! The style is so classy that you would like to have them in different colours and styles. Small enough to get over the trend of tiny bags and big enough to stow all your essentials – that’s the perfect bag for every women’s wishlist. Minimalism is at its peak and pre-eminence at its best! You might not see any significant logos and branding on this bag since it’s the shape that sets them apart. The style is the It-bag, without any doubt. Lest you have a lot to carry, the crescent bag can match perfectly to any aesthetics. A bit of quirk in its look can surely give you an edge. Overall, this product is fuss-free, compact, and cute.

We are talking about something like this – Pinko Mini Half Moon Love Bag

Sleek shoulder bags as a must-have

No other bag can beat the versatility of sleek sling bags. If you have that one basic sleek bag, you are set for every look. Be it the casual look or office attire, the bag goes with everything. Even at a party or wedding where you have gone all out with jewellery, footwear, and everything, this sleek bag can include itself graciously. No matter occasion or season, you can carry them everywhere. Mostly found in neutral tones, they look chic and are timeless. Long strap, functional design, versatile nature, and a look that fits all emotions – it is a one-in-all product you shouldn’t miss.

You will love this versatile product – Balenciaga Hourglass Small Top Handle Bag

Wise up on building That handbag collection

handbag trends 2022

My closet my rules

One way of building a fine collection is definitely by having a good mix of functional and fancy handbags. However, you can buy a product that catches your eye. It doesn’t matter if you already have that style or not. It’s your closet, and you can build it your way. But there is a catch! Whenever you are buying a similar style, make sure it is an updated version. Let’s say you have a tartan handbag. Then, how about buying a leather one in the same style? It can be full-grain leather or pull-up leather, whatever you want to choose. This is going to upgrade your collection from basic to amazing.

The right shopping approach

There are basically two ways you can go about searching for designer handbags. The first approach is exploring brands, going through their products list, filter the search criteria, and choose what you like. Some top brands include Balenciaga, Burberry, Coach, Dolce & Gabbana, Emporio Armani, Gucci, Hugo Boss, and Versace.

Now, the second approach is a bit different, maybe for someone who is a brand enthusiast. Someone who likes to own a brands’ signature style, any trademark, or a unique material that the brand is known for. For eample, having thin leather is Balenciaga’s speciality, which when incorporated in their motorcycle-style bags looks chic. Likewise, Burberry’s ‘The Lola’, The Note’, and The TB Bag’ are all brands’ signature variants not to be missed. If you like buying such trademarks, more research and understanding of the product may go into the purchase. With that note, you can commence your shopping drive by choosing any of the brands mentioned.

Versatile options to pick, own, & flaunt

tote bag

Whenever we are out to buy accessories, we strive to find the one that goes with every look. Similar is the case with handbags! Well, the answer is a plain black, brown, or white minimalistic purse. They end up matching every outfit always. Speaking of the pattern, mini cross-body saddle bags are the best whether you want to run errands or go for a coffee. Another winner this year is a dark green sling bag that adds charm to your outfit. For party looks, you can go for metallic styles. Even if you love following trends, these are some of the must-haves on your list.

Oh and we do have some mentions for you to check out. These include Tory Burch’s triple compartment tote bag. It is a subtle basic bag for any look. Next is Staud’s mini enzo shoulder bag. Actually, this Staud brand has got many products for your basic collection. You should surely check out this brand for this purpose. Also, if you want an everyday look bag to suit even your evening get-togethers, you can check out Bottega Veneta’s teen pouch intrecciato leather. Starting with these, you can eventually dig out more that match your lifestyle and outfits.

The best place to buy handbags in Dubai

ounass platform to buy handbags, shoes, clothes, home edit

The right platform can make a big difference to your shopping approach. With Ounass, you will see products intently designated, having a perfect search bar, and seamless navigation criteria that set the bar high. Not just bags, you can explore other categories as well. To be exact, there are sections for clothing, shoes, bags, beauty, jewellery, accessories, gifts, and home, among others.

Also, the platform has got an influencer closet. If you have a social influencer you follow, you can find what they recommend right under one roof.

And without any doubt, when we shop, we want to compare prices with other platforms or brands. To satisfy this curiosity of every buyer, Ounass has a special Price Match section. It is even more interesting than any other comparison platform. Well! Ounass can refund the exact amount if you find the same product for less price. That is why they say they offer the best price possible. And that is one more reason to hop on this platform now and explore!

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