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About Pacifiers

Pacifier is a substitute nipple with multiple benefits. For example, a pacifier can alleviate the burning and itching of gums during teething, help your baby sleep, and even reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Experts do not recommend using pacifiers every time whenever the baby cries. Let’s say you are on a flight, and the baby starts crying. That is when you can use a pacifier to calm the baby. Likewise, there can be other public or personal situations where this product will come in handy at your rescue. And when it comes to buying one, spend enough time to grab the perfect one.

Here is a thing about the time when pacifiers were not even invented. At that time, rattles of gum sticks used to be given to the child to calm them. The product has now gotten a little modern. Nowadays, you will see a pacifier with three essential parts: the nipple, the guard, and the ring. The nipple is a plastic or silicone bell-shaped teat that goes into the mouth. The guard is the part that rests on the baby’s lips and prevents ingestion of the nipple. The ring at the centre of the guard is an added protection to pull the pacifier forcibly in the event of ingestion. That’s it! This is the basic understanding of the product you must know before the purchase.

Types of soothie pacifiers

There are basically two types you must know one-piece or three-piece pacifiers. This is about the mechanism of the product and has nothing to do with its overall working. As the name suggests, a single-piece pacifier has all three parts, nipple, ring, and guard, as one unit. It is usually made up of silicone, plastic, or latex that cannot break apart and thus minimises choking risk. On the other hand, a three-piece item is something you can dismantle. This one is more popular because you can clean them thoroughly. Other than ease of maintenance, both types have no difference whatsoever. You can check out the best pacifier for breastfed babies on our platform: Here, you can also explore other pacifiers & accessories.

Baby orthodontic pacifier

One of the long-term effects of pacifiers is orthodontic problems. Other than cavities and overbite, it can also lead to problems with breastfeeding and ear infections. The problems can also occur if the product does not suit the baby’s preferences. The size may be bigger for your baby’s mouth, or the shape of the nipple doesn’t provide comfort as it should. If you think the baby is not comfortable using a standard round soothie, you can consider an orthodontic one with a round top and flat bottom nipple. You can also explore and buy natural rubber pacifiers online in the UAE.

About Breastfeeding pacifier

There is a lot of taboo to hear about using pacifiers while breastfeeding. The reason is ‘nipple confusion’ that leads to incorrect latching. In layman’s terms, the baby can get confused between breast and artificial nipple, which may lead to ineffective breast sucking. While that is true, you should not neglect pacifiers completely when there is a need for them. Experts recommend that pacifiers can be introduced without guilt after breastfeeding is established fully. To give you a better start, we would like to mention some brands. Philips Avent soothie pacifier can be the one you want while breastfeeding. It has a one-piece construction, is BPA-free, and is affordable. Nuk’s orthodontic products are also great for breastfeeding times. Check out both or even more on our shopping platform,

Pacifiers for teething babies

The unique design of teething pacifiers soothes swollen gums and emerging teeth of the child. There are some products available in the market which you can freeze for extra comfort. You just have to place water in the teether, freeze it, and it is ready to use. It soothes the tender gums of your child without any side-effect. One of these products is Mee Mee’s multi-textured teether. Another product of the brand Tommee Tippee is excellent to help alleviate the pain of early-stage teething. You can also check out teething pacifiers for sale on our shopping platform, There are also other baby & toddler products you can find upon your visit.

Tips on how to buy Pacifiers

Be it a reputed brand or not, every manufacturer must adhere to the regulations laid to prevent pacifiers from choking infants and young children. They must undergo vigorous testing to ensure that they comply with these regulations. That is the product’s part, and you as a consumer, should also do your part and inspect the product well before grabbing it. You can also read reviews and consult your friends and families for a suggestion. Here also we have compiled a few pointers to keep you up to date with the purchase.

  • Different sizes to pick – You will see the size as small, medium, or large, which usually depends on the baby’s age. You can read the age limit under the specifications list. Usually, the smaller one is for a six-month-old baby or younger. Likewise, you can make your choice for other options.
  • The material of the pacifier – Silicone and latex are two materials used of the soother. Silicone products can be dishwasher safe, sturdy, and do not retain odours. On the other hand, latex is more soft and flexible but wears out faster. Out of the two, silicone is more common due to the convenience it offers. Otherwise, both have their share of pros and cons.
  • The shape of the teat – You can choose between a standard round nipple or an orthodontic shape. The orthodontic type has a rounded top and flat bottom. Both shapes are safe for babies, but comfort-wise, they can be slightly different. You can choose the same shape as feeding bottles as the baby has already adapted that shape.
  • Buying pacifier tethers – These tethers are the clips that you can attach to the pacifier. You can clip them to the crib or stroller, ensuring that the baby does not pinch himself with the clip. Also, the tether should not be longer than six inches as it poses a threat that the baby can strangle himself with it.
  • Brands you can prefer – As we have been saying a lot about the standards of the products, it becomes imperative to shop from genuine brands. Some of these include Nuby, Littlemico, Suavinex, Baby Nova, Chicco, and Canpol Babies.

Our retail search engine can be an excellent start to explore all of the mentioned brands and even more. These diverse brands and their enlisted products under one roof can let you compare and make a smart purchase. Although there is no product, good or bad, unless your baby approves of it, you can still try to find the perfect one to prevent yourself from doing the trial & error thing.

Question & Answer

How to sterilise baby pacifiers?

Mostly, parents prefer to boil the pacifier to sterilise it, and that is one of the best methods to practice. Some other methods include putting the pacifier into the microwave or dishwasher. Or you can also buy a special sterilising machine for the purpose. You can choose any method that gives you the satisfaction of cleaning all the germs inside out. But what you should never do is run the pacifier underneath the water and think it’s now clean. There is another habit of parents that must be avoided, which is keeping the pacifier in their mouth first, thinking it would clean the upper surface. Get rid of such habits and give a proper cleanse to the product.

Can you reuse baby pacifiers?

You should never try to reuse the same pacifier for your second baby or just anyone. The only way is to dispose of the product once your baby stops using it. Second-hand products pose choking hazards after the breakdown in materials in the first usage. Whether you sterilise them or have kept them in good condition, we still don’t suggest your second baby be allowed to use them. Bottle nipples, car seats, cribs, and mattresses are products that either expire or are not good for second-hand usage. The way you have kept your first baby should be the way you keep your second one, and that is by keeping up with all sorts of hygiene.

Can the baby use a pacifier while sleeping?

There is no harm in using a pacifier while sleeping, but you need to make sure to take it out when the baby is sound asleep. The reason most parents use it is that the baby kind of gets comfortable while sleeping. However, this practice can also lower the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). There is also another advantage of using pacifiers. Newborn babies come with a natural tendency to suck, which is why they tend to cry for bottles and breastfeed most of their time, which in turn disturbs their feeding time. If you use pacifiers, especially during sleep time, the babies use their energy to suck on these pacifiers and cry only when they are truly hungry.

Where to buy baby pacifiers?

There are many brands and online shops wherein you can expect the product you deserve. For instance, Dr Brown’s glow-in-the-dark pacifier is one of a kind. This brand products have a paediatrician behind all the products and have a patented suction-free air channel. You should still research well and read the reviews before grabbing one of their products. Another brand is Tommee Tippee which has got products with a unique teat shape that happens to turn screams into smiles. You better have a list of brands showcasing all their products so you can compare and decide. If you agree, you should hop on to our shopping search engine and see all potential products lined up for you.

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