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About Baby Monitors

The concept of a baby monitor is something that a lot of new parents rely on, especially those who don’t have family in the same country. It is a boon to be able to see and stay connected with your bundle of joy. It’s one of the things that make you feel at ease while being away.

Imagine having a small baby, the apple of your eye and your maternity leave is almost up. This means you will have to get back to the office, leaving your munchkin at someone’s care all day long. With nannies being a safer option than daycare, a lot of new parents prefer this way. However, one can never be too sure about leaving their baby in the care of someone you don’t know well. Even if your help or maid has been with you over the years, a baby’s responsibility can mean something very different. It can be horrific to know what your little one goes through when you’re not around. Fortunately, a baby monitor is one of the best electronic gadgets that put your worries to rest. It has made it easier for parents to continue attending to their responsibilities without any stress.

The best baby monitors you can consider for your child’s security

You can never put a price on your baby’s safety. At an age when he/she can’t communicate, you would want to do everything that it takes to make sure that they’re happy. A baby monitor can be a visual or an audio-only one. This terrific device helps you to hear or see everything that is going on in a room, particularly the child’s room. Thus, you can be out of the home, at work or in another place while your baby is sleeping. If you have the monitor with you, any noise can be easily detected. This means you don’t have to continually keep going into the room to check on them. With the sounds captured on the monitor, this is a piece of cake.

The portable baby monitor

One of the best babies monitors out there today, the portable one is a favourite of many parents around the world. Being portable, it can either be powered with batteries or need to be charged like a mobile phone. Thus, you can easily do it at night or when you don’t require it. You can conveniently set it up in the child’s room, dining room or any other space. The baby monitor is usually compact and isn’t an inconvenience while travelling either. It is perfect when you’re going on a trip as a family and wish to get some quiet time while the kid is sleeping. Since the portable monitor is the most popular one, you can easily find several variations of it.

The long-range baby monitor

Have a bigger house, and the signals of your monitor get lost? Well, a long-range baby monitor could be something that you should try to invest in. This variety of telephone is perfect for long distances. The nature of this monitor can record sounds over disturbances, even when the signal is weak. Thus, it is excellent for larger homes and if your baby room is significant as well. It also makes it an excellent travel companion. You can find several variations of the same. A lot of types of cheap baby monitors are available when it comes to long-range ones, so you can pick something that appeals to you.

The two-way baby monitor

As the name suggests, this one has two parts to it – one that stays in the baby room and the other for the parents. It is perfect if your child is tiny. With this, you can communicate with him instead of just having to listen to him. A lot of babies calm down when they listen to their parents’ soothing voices. If you are away a lot or at work, the two-way monitor is something you should get. You can set it up in a space where the child is like his/her crib or the play area. You can also keep it with the nanny to take it closer to the baby in case he/she gets restless and you’re not around. Since it’s much better than its counterparts, the two-way monitor is pricier.

The video and the audio baby monitor

For babies who are slightly older and can recognise their parents, the video and audio monitor should be on the list. This one allows you to speak and see your baby, and the baby can do the same. It’s perfect for when your baby is older. You can keep the baby monitor at a comfortable location for your kid and have yours at hand reach. This is as good as being physically present in the room. It’s perfect for new moms who have just started going to work. With the two-way monitor, you can be in your office or at a gathering or party and still be close to your child. It is worth the investment.

Tips on how to buy Baby Monitors

Every parent understands that a baby’s need is their top priority. When you’re away at work or out with the family and can’t take them with you, you’re always stressed about what is happening to them while you’re away. The baby monitor is one of the best devices for newborns and toddlers. Having to see your baby happy and safe instantly puts you at ease. So, if you’re looking out for an excellent child monitor, there are a few things to take note of before beginning shopping.

  • Check online for the best deals – It is essential to have a budget for the monitor. With so many brands, there are plenty of rip-offs in the market, so it’s vital to be aware so you don’t get fooled.
  • Read reviews – Take time to research the product and read some reviews. This can help save a lot of time and money when you’re shopping for one. Check on the best brands and which one will suit your requirements.
  • Compare the pricing – You can always get a cheap baby monitor but are they perfect? If you know someone who’s picked one up and is happy with its working, then go ahead. However, be careful of something that is new and sounds too good to be true.
  • Keep the extra features in mind – Things like a Wi-Fi baby monitor is a new concept but is an excellent hit with the parents. Certain features like baby soothing sounds, light and voice recognition take a simple monitor to another level.
  • Make it a one-time investment – You may want to settle on a simple one. However, later when it doesn’t suffice, you need to put in an investment again. Wouldn’t it be cheaper to get the best one in the first go itself?
  • Pick quality – Always choose a quality product like an excellent baby monitor because you’ll end up using it more than you intended to. Keep an eye out on child monitors on sales if you’re on a budget.

Once you’ve made your decision, immediately try it on. You can sit in the other room and see how the monitor works. Don’t wait for the next time you need to step out to begin using it. Using it immediately helps you understand if there are any downsides to it that you have missed. This way, you can go back and ask for a replacement or refund if you need to. It also gives you adequate time to figure out its functioning, placement in the baby’s crib or room and other essential details.

Question & Answer

Which are the top baby monitors today?

With the advancement of technology, you can get all kinds of child monitors today. The Wi-Fi baby monitor especially is a great one and takes things one step ahead. You can check some of the top baby brands to get an idea of the different features, types, pricing and then go ahead and buy the one that works best for you. You can check out options like – Motorola MBP36 Remote Wireless Video Baby Monitor, Babysense Video Baby Monitor, Cloud Baby Monitor, Nanit Smart Baby Monitor and Wall Mount Camera, Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor and Owlet Smart Sock + Cam.

Is a baby monitor essential?

With working parents and busier lives, a baby monitor is a very good investment. You can avoid it if you have family who can take care of your little one. However, if you leave them at home with a nanny, it is better to get one. Even if you have old parents who are caring for them, it makes sense to keep an eye on them in case something goes wrong and they’re unable to reach you. The baseline here is that it is a beneficial gadget for both parents and babies and well worth the investment.

Can I use a second-hand baby monitor?

With reliable child motors and ethical brands that last for years, you can go in for one. However, make sure you get it at a throw-away price because electronics especially lose their value once they’re opened, no matter how carefully the owner has used it. A lot of friends and family tend to donate them away to other parents, and it’s a steal if you come across a situation like that. You can also check online for second-hand choices; however, make sure you consider all aspects before buying them.

Where can I buy a baby monitor online in Dubai?

Dubai is home to some of the best baby brands that are famous all over the world. So, it’s straightforward to get your hands on the best child monitor if you live in the country. However, it’s one of those things that you want to purchase only once and make sure you don’t make a rash decision. For this, you can check out our retail search engine. With it, you’ll get the best deal at the best price and can get several more options at the click of a button.

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