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The product search engine of the Middle East.

About is a super-fast product search engine which offers visitors a complete and intuitive interface with a visible searchbar. does not sell its own products and also places no advertising banners. The mission of is to offer all products and services in the market in the most relevant, transparent and agile way possible.

In other words, which product or service matches the search query the closest and where could this be ordered best. By bringing together supply and demand, we help the affiliated shops with their visibility and findability of their products. The consumers will be searching through the millions of products offered by using our super-fast product search engine.

How it works
A visitor of searches for a product by entering a query in the search box. Then an advanced algorithm will decide what products of the millions in the database are most relevant to be shown.

The visitor will click on one of the products shown and receive more information about the product, for example: description, price, delivery time, availability and so on. The visitor will click on the desired product/shop combination and will get redirected to their chosen shop. This is where the transaction will be completed!

Fast and simple setup

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Quick and easy setup
Placing your product range on the webshop is very simple. We offer plugins and apps for all major eCommerce platforms, which are effortless to install. Choose the plugin that applies to your platform or choose another import method if your platform is not (yet) supported by an API. This makes data connections very easy to install, so you can get started with your product data within a few minutes. If a plugin or app for your platform is not yet available and you can not provide a datafeed file, we can also build a custom crawler for you to import your product data.

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  • Microless
  • Sun & Sand Sports
  • Jumbo
  • Lifestyle
  • Ounass
  • Virgin Megastore

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We think it is very important to show a complete, relevant and transparent overview of what is being sold online. We want to offer every shop the possibility to show their products to millions of potential clients through our search engine. In comparison to other search engines and market places, the relevance of the search results are not being influenced by whoever pays the most. The size of the advertising budget does not influence the relevance of the search results. No budget is needed and no investment has to be made to register with You will only pay a commission for the product or service sold through your own shop. The commission is being paid out of the margin you have on your products. This gives you the assurance for an always positive Return on Investment (ROI). Thus, registering with is completely risk free!

To succesfully promote and convert your products on, it is important that a few things are taken care of properly. Consumers need to be able to rely on the fact that all the information is correct and all agreements are honored. We can only include your webshop if the following items are in order:

  • 01
    Correct product information
    There are sufficient products available, have an EAN, ISBN and/or are exclusive.
  • 02
    Logistics are in order
    You can supply the product as stated on the website. The consumer has to be awaref how the returning of products would work, in case applicable.
  • 03
    Customer service is reachable
    Your webshop is reachable, at the least through E-mail. Any questions from consumers will be answered correctly and in a timely manner.
  • 04
    Terms and conditions information requirement
    In the terms and conditions of, the return policies and process are clearly defined and explained.
  • 05
    Terms and Conditions
    Your shop must meet the legal conditions and requirements of the UAE law, including the Consumer Code of Rights. You must provide us with a VAT number if you are registered with the FTA.

Your shop
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If all these things are well organized at your shop, please contact us. You can register your webshop by calling or emailing us. Then we discuss with you whether is interesting enough for you. As soon as we have an agreement, you will receive personal guidance when connecting your webshop.