Mother’s Day: How to make your mum feel special in Dubai this 2021

19 March 2020| 17 minutes
Mother’s Day: How to make your mum feel special in Dubai this 2021

With International Mother’s Day 2021 just around the corner, it’s time to give back. Of course, a single day can never justify the lifetime of love your mum has bestowed on you, but it’s always worth it.

You can choose to celebrate it any way you wish—spend some quality time with her, cook her favourite meal, take her out for a movie, treat her to a relaxing day spa, or buy Mother’s Day gifts online. There are endless ways to make it her special day, and it’s not always about spending money and making it extravagant. Sometimes it’s just about putting in time and effort.

How did it all begin?

We have celebrated Mother’s Day so extensively over the years—with cards, gifts, exclusive experiences to pamper our mums, and more. However, do you know how it all started? One of the oldest stories of its origination goes back to Anna Jarvis, who is now known as the “Mother of Mother’s Day.” It all started after the American Civil War when Jarvis’ mum, along with other anti-war activists, wanted to find a way to promote global unity. It led to these women gathering in churches and singing hymns and praying to encourage peace. Soon after, her mum passed away. Since she had always had a desire for such a holiday in the name of mothers all over the world, Anna made it a reality. Today, Anna Jarvis is known as the founder of Mother’s Day in the United States.

1. Exclusive Mother’s Day gift ideas for your special lady
2. Ingenious Mother’s Day gift ideas 
3. What does your mum look forward to?
4. Unique Mother’s Day gifts on a budget
5. The best Mother’s Day dining deals in Dubai 2021?
6. Shop for Mother’s Day gifts online

Which are the most exclusive Mother’s Day gift ideas for your special lady?

unique mother's day gift

With March 21st just a few sleeps away, it’s the best time to start prepping in advance, especially if you’re looking to buy a gift. The tricky part is that there are too many options available. And so, the first thing to do is know your mum’s taste. Does she like simple things or fancy stuff? Whatever her taste and preferences, here are some of our best picks that you can buy this Mother’s Day online. Promise, you will thank us later for these cool Mother’s day gift ideas.

  • Pretty phone cases – Are flowers too regular for your mum? Then why don’t you add some twist to your gift-giving by opting for a floral phone case instead? Be it roses, peonies, lilies, or whichever she fancies, you can easily get them on a nice phone case. This makes for the best gift, as she will always think about you each time, she takes out her phone. And if you want to check out some amazing options at prices you’ll love, we have them all here.
  • Oh, that fragrance – Perfumes make for lovely gifts, even though most people think they are cliché. But trust us when we say that women love them! Perfumes come in various fragrance notes, and these are what you need to consider when making the final choice. You can go for fresh, floral, fruity, spice, wood, or musk. Remember her favourite scent before you shop online to pick the best one. However, fragrances are a pretty personal choice. So, a safe way to do it would be to give her a gift card instead.
  • Jewellery to dazzle – Women love pieces of jewellery, and they just cannot have enough of them! If your mum loves mixing and matching them with various outfits, then gifting her a pair of earrings is always a safe choice. Choose something that is versatile enough to complement workwear and casual wear. Also, ensure that your choice suits her sense of style, although it’s a given that she will love and wear anything you gift her. You can also get matching mother-daughter jewellery that will remind you both of each other.
  • Scarf love – Pairing a scarf with a sweater, dress, or even a pantsuit makes the wearer look stunning. If your mum is fond of this fashion accessory, then gifting her one is the way to go. Scarves add a touch of zing even to the plainest get-ups and are great for trips too. So, if she loves travelling and is always on the run, then these are a great pick. You can browse an array of branded options and select the best one to match her style. However, we recommend you go for silk scarves as they always make for fabulous gifts.
  • That brunch dress – Does your mum love to catch up with her friends? Do you, as a family, often go out for brunch? Then what could be better than giving her a new outfit to flaunt next time? Pair your gift with a brunch voucher, and you’ll love the smiles that follow. Casual dresses never go out of style and thus, are versatile options. And to add a dash of style to your mum’s look, you can also pick nice accessories to match with them. You know your mum best, so choose well.

Aside from the ones above, you can of course, explore other gifts that are both unique and practical. Why not go for a Fitbit, which is perfect for health-conscious mums? Or, you can also consider a salon voucher, a set of wine glasses, or a pasta machine. Well, the list is endless. However, ensure that you keep an eye on something that she does not currently own.

Other ingenious Mother’s Day gift ideas that will blow her mind

unique mother's day ideas


Still unsure about what to give her? Well, you can never go wrong with something that symbolises your mother-daughter relationship. We also recommend you stick to something that will complement her personality. Keep it simple yet there must be an X-factor to it. We have rounded up below some out-of-the-ordinary ideas to make it easier to decide. Let’s check them out.

  • Dinner, please – How many delicious meals has your mum cooked for you and the family? Too many to count, right? Well, if she’s the type who loves trying out new things in the kitchen, then a new kitchen appliance makes for an ideal gift. Believer us, she’ll treasure this one! However, make sure she does not already own something you plan to give. If something has become worn out due to constant use, then replacing it with a better, newer version is a good idea.
  • Skincare serums and lotions – Does your mum love skincare products? If she does, then adding this one to her collection is a great idea. A lot of good products have nourishing and anti-ageing compounds amongst other inclusions. You can also find those that add hydration,
    nourishment, and glow to the skin. It would be great to ask her which brand she prefers and see which products she currently uses to be sure. This way, you can never go wrong with your choice, and you’ll have confidence that she will love it.
  • A beautiful timepiece – For mums who love their watches, they can never have too many. A new one to add to that collection means it will be her favourite thing to wear and will remind her of you each time she looks at it. Doesn’t it make for such a thoughtful gift? Well, exquisite chronograph watches are just what you need to make her day! You can also consider the newest trend, which pairs a nice watch with a classy bracelet that she can wear as a set.
  • Comfy cushion sets – If your mum is fond of making your home look aesthetic and beautiful, then gifting her a home accessory is a good idea. Cushions are perfect for giving your couch a whole new look. Does your home have a garden spot where she loves spending her time? Then choose one to complement her favourite chair. If she loves entertaining family and friends, this can be a fantastic choice. Glam up the couch area further by adding a nice throw, a rug, or a carpet that match.

While these ideas are fantastic, use them as a guide to get something better. For example, when it comes to cushion sets, you think about home décor. Does she also have a fascination for coffee mugs or even vases for that matter? Keep your thinking broad, and browse online store to see their latest offerings. If you see something that she may not have used until now, but you feel it will make her life easier and happier, then go for it!

What does your mum look forward to?

unique mother's day ideas


We have so many notions about what mums expect and like to get for the Mother’s Day. But what do they want for real? A spa day, a dinner, a shopping galore, or a night out with friends? It is a bit tricky, isn’t it? Well, we’re here to help you out if you’re at a loss for ideas. We have compiled below some of the best things to send your mum on Mother’s Day. And you will be surprised to know that you never have to shell out a lot of bucks as you have always thought you would. Let’s check them out.

  • Simple but thoughtful gifts – Studies show that mums love handmade stuff. And if you are the type of person who is on the creative side, then you can showcase it through a greeting card or a handicraft. Other mums also love getting a dress or any outfit she can wear. One thing that she wouldn’t like at all would be her kids forgetting to wish her a happy Mother’s Day. After all, it’s the thought that counts, right?
  • Just practical essentials – For a working mum, something like a bag, a wallet, or a comfortable pair of shoes are fundamental essentials. Sticking to these and being particular about her sense of style is a great idea. If you want to play it safe, then you can gift her something she would love to use. Yes, kitchen essentials or appliances can be your best bet in this case. And the best part is that you can grab them at amazing prices online.
  • Show her your love with a cool gadget – If you live in another country, a smartphone or laptop is probably the best way to connect with your mum. Most electronic devices now offer cool features for video calling. So, why not step up your mum’s digital experience by gifting her something new? Trust us, doing so will make her the happiest mum in the world. Whether you want to give her a new mobile phone or a tablet, a lot of brands and online stores have got you covered.
  • A book from her favourite author – Does your mum love to read? Then how about a nice book? If you know who her favourite author is, then check out their latest publications and order them for her. But if you don’t, you can check out online for books on poetry, fashion, novels, business, or anything else that suits her hobbies. A nice cookery book from a renowned chef is also ideal if she loves cooking up a storm! Or, you can just gift her an e-book so she can have access to unlimited content at her fingertips.
  • Fun vouchers for the win – If you are on a tight budget or at a loss for some unique ideas, then try giving her gift vouchers. Choices can vary from body massage, spa & salon, shopping galore, Google Play, and so much more. She would really appreciate this warm and sweet gesture. Though this might seem to be the simplest gift, it can turn out to be a very touching one. And you can make it more personalised by adding a small handwritten note to it.

It is easy to get someone a gift if you know them well. But if you are not confident enough with your choice, then talk to them. Ask your mum on what she wishes to have or do. You will surely get a hint somewhere about what to give her. Make sure you also include a handwritten note. It could be as simple as a ‘thank you’ for everything she does, a long-awaited apology, or a quote or poem. These little things really take the cake.

Which are the unique Mother’s Day gifts for someone on a budget?

mother's day gifts on a budget

If you want to break free from the ordinary and make your Mother’s Day gift unique, then you have to think out of the box. An expensive gift is not necessarily unique, but something thoughtful. Here, it’s important to put your mum’s desires first before anything else and note what it is that she longs for. This is the simplest way to put together an ideal gift. However, if you are still struggling with ideas, here are some of the fool-proof ones to go for.

  • Wine bar – If you are 18+ and want a different experience with your mum, head to the best wine bar in town or go clubbing with her! You will both love this distinctive experience, and it’ll be a lasting memory. However, check if your mum likes this sort of experience first. So, ask her friends or your dad beforehand. It’s an amazing way to break the monotony and see her fun side. To make it a surprise, ask her to meet you at a café and then walk towards the bar. Doing so will catch her off guard.
  • An exceptional meal – If she’s a foodie, then how about cooking her a lovely meal? Go through cookbooks or check online for dishes she loves and cook them. Get help from your sibling, dad, or a friend who is good at it if you don’t cook regularly. It does not have to be an elaborate meal, but something as simple as mac ‘n’ cheese, risotto, or anything she likes. Another great tip is to make her a Mother’s Day cake and have it ready for her to cut when she walks into the house after a long day. This gesture will truly touch her.
  • Pool day – Head over for a pool day, since it’s going to be summer soon. Check out offers for drinks and food, and it will be just the experience she needs. Make sure you keep it a distraction-free day and give her all your attention. Alternatively, you can pick her up after work, put together a nice picnic basket, and head straight to the beach or park. For something more interactive, you can also get some pre-marinated meats and enjoy the day barbequing them in your backyard or in the park.
  • Stand-up comedy night – Forget the movies and head for something more interactive instead, like a stand-up comedy gig. Ask her to come after work and surprise her with tickets. It is a great way to end a long day. However, you can also do this in the coming weekend, if you don’t want to stretch an otherwise long day. Another great idea is to reach out to your favourite local comedian and request them to do a private show. Of course, it will come at a higher cost than purchasing a ticket but will be an experience to cherish!
  • A home spa – If you can’t afford a luxury spa deal for her, why not create one at home? Yes, light some aroma candles, put some oil in a tub of warm water, and put soothing music on. Take her in blindfolded after she’s back from home and it will be the best treat for her ever! Another idea is to ask salon personnel to provide home services (yes, many of them do) and book a relaxing massage, facial, or pedicure for her at home.

Experiences are not something physical, but they are the ones that stay in our minds and hearts forever. This is exactly why they make the best gifts, which we can cherish forever. But isn’t it a great idea to combine these two? So, treat your mum to a new experience and give her a gift. In the end, your main goal is to put a smile on her face anyways.

Which places offer the best Mother’s Day dining deals in Dubai 2021?

mother's day dining deals 2020

There’s no better experience than spending time with your mum over a nice Mother’s Day meal. You can invite the whole family to come together and be a part of it. And it would even be better if it’s done as a surprise. Don’t know where to make it happen? We’ve curated below some of the best restaurants offering delightful ambience and amazing deals to make your mum’s day extra special.

However, with the current situation caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19), it helps to be a little more cautious when you’re outside. Make a reservation in advance, so you don’t have to wait outside in a crowd with other people. It is also a must to carry a hand sanitiser to use before and after meals. Also, ensure that the tables are not too close to one another. After handling the chequebook or getting in and out of your car, sanitise again. Panicking and staying at home for long periods can rob you of your joy during a special occasion like Mother’s Day. With a few preventive measures and practices, the coronavirus scare can be best dealt with. And ironically, this time of the year is the best time to get incredibly low-priced deals!

  • Byzantium Lounge – Pamper her with a luxurious afternoon tea at Taj Dubai in Business Bay. For AED 250 per head, this will be one of the best experiences she will truly cherish! With interiors that will swoon anybody, this elegant place is the perfect way to show her how much she means to you. Weekdays are ideal, but weekends are more suitable if you want some quality time with your mum. You can also book for her and an old friend if they haven’t been able to spend time together in a while.
  • Emerald Palace Kempinski – For a much-needed break for stressed-out mums, Emerald Palace is the place to head to! They promise a perfect staycation, and if you booked before the 30th of March, then you can receive complimentary breakfast and lunch too. If that isn’t enough, they are also giving AED 150 worth of voucher to use at Cinq Mondes Spa. What else could make this deal any sweeter? This one, again, is an amazing option if you want her to spend the whole day getting pampered. Check for other weekend offers to make Mother’s Day an unforgettable experience.
  • Queen Elizabeth 2 – There is nothing more extravagant than a meal on a cruise when the weather is still pleasant. QE2, which is one of the best places to visit in Dubai, is hosting a classy afternoon tea that you can enjoy with your mum. They offer a fantastic selection of finger rolls & sandwiches, macarons, chocolate tarts, smoked salmon & horseradish, baked cheesecakes, roast beef & gherkins, and so much more. And the best part? Your mum will get to enjoy the meal for free, while others pay AED 195 per person. Along with the view, this is an experience that everybody will enjoy!

Take a little extra effort by calling up in advance for a special reservation, or request something like her favourite song or dessert at the end. Make sure you also inform about any dietary restrictions in your family. Going out is very enjoyable with everybody, and another terrific way to create wonderful memories.

Shop for Mother’s Day gifts online

shop for mother's day online

From dining to treats and fun experiences, there are countless ways on how to give your mum a treat on her special day. However, if you are searching for gifts, then you can count on several Mother’s Day special offers online today. In fact, you can find the best gifts for Mother’s Day under AED 99. Isn’t that amazing? With these, you can save some bucks, while also getting something that will make her heart melt.

Well, that’s where comes into the picture. This superfast product search engine is the best place to find amazing gifts for your mum at a price that you will love. What’s more, it makes Dubai shopping easy breezy, as you can find gazillions of products offered by 500+ reputable online stores. Not to mention, you can compare prices and filter your searches too. Whether you give your mum something special or treat her to somewhere new and exciting, it’s always the thought that counts. The most important thing is that you love and appreciate her for everything she has done.

We wish all the strong and beautiful mums out there a Happy Mother’s Day!

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