Step up your style game with these fresh clothing trends for women

30 April 2020| 12 minutes
Step up your style game with these fresh clothing trends for women

‘What should I wear today?’ Do you find yourself thinking this quite often? Well, you’re not alone. Even a style-savvy maven can be struck with such a question at some point in their lives. But, if you love experimenting with apparels and fashion, then choosing the perfect one and donning it right is the ultimate trick in achieving your desired look. However, you need to be aware of the current and upcoming trends to do that. We’ll unveil all that and more, so read on.

We can confidently state that wearing trendy dresses and flaunting your silhouette has now become a socio-cultural phenomenon. But have you ever wondered how did this all begin? Well, let’s get to the grassroots of it. A dress, in general, gives the body the required warmth and protection. However, this norm came into place when civilisations came together, and humans started to co-exist in colonies established by them. Each colony adopted several styles of apparels and fashion. This ultimately gave birth to specific types of dresses. Throughout history, these have encountered significant changes and have now become a wardrobe staple for women. So, if you’re planning on your next shopping expedition, then we’re here to unravel the ones to add to your collection.

1. Make waves with these chic women’s apparels
2. Pair your apparels with these trendy footwear and high heel shoes for and women
3. Five wardrobe hacks to get your hands on the best women dresses for 2021
4. What are women’s dress pants?
5. Do shoes count as apparels?
6. Which dress style is perfect for plus-size women?
7. How do shoes affect your feet?
8. Which shoes are perfect for leggings?
9. Enjoy the treasure hunt at Brands for Less

Make waves with these chic women’s apparels

women's apparel to buy

Today, you can find hundreds of women’s apparel in every style imaginable. And because of that, it is just normal to feel lost when you are shopping online. Our advice is to determine your requirements and preferences to make the entire process as easy and convenient as possible. Of course, you also need to understand a dress’ features and its suitability to your body type to make the right choice. What’s more, your colour of choice will be at play since you need to pick based on your skin tone. We compiled below some of our curated picks and tips on how to style them right. So, read on.

  • Women’s dresses and skirts Ladies, when was the last time you wore your favourite skirt with the top you love? We hope most of you regularly wear it unless you are in an area where you can freeze to death. Skirts offer convenience much more than beauty. Moreover, they are healthier than pants because the skirt is a loose attire that offers you relaxed blood flow throughout the legs and the pelvic region. In short, if you choose to wear a skirt, then you can look gorgeous, elegant, calm, and confident.
  • Casual dresses for women – There are so many types of dresses in the world, which is why deciphering the right casual dress for women tends to get difficult sometimes. Mini dresses are perfect for night outs, whereas tailored printed suits pack a serious punch. From casual maxi dresses to asymmetrical dresses, tunics, and A-lines, the list of casual apparel is endless. Since dressing up can often make or break your look, it is crucial to choose based on the occasion.
  • Women’s dresses for weddings – Beauty certainly doesn’t lie in simplicity. Whoever said that wasn’t talking about a wedding dress. Various designers from several brands today leave no stone unturned while designing wedding dresses, and the results speak for themselves. Want the perfect fairy-tale moment on your big day? Well, the ball-gown dress is just the right one for you. But, if you want a new concept that looks modern and chic, then pick a mermaid dress. You can also go for an A-line or a fit and flare.
  • Flattering cocktail dresses – Since the inception of apparels and fashion, women have always fancied to stand out wherever they go. Besides, no woman wants to miss a chance to look elegant and beautiful. If that’s what you want too, then you can never go wrong with a cocktail dress. Sophistication, fun cuts, and embellishments are what the dress is all about. Cocktail attire is a recommended dress code for evening parties and function. For women, standard cocktail attire calls for a dress that ends just above the knees and the one that’s preferably paired with high heels.

Dresses are a wardrobe staple. Their charm can never be ignored, as they can stunningly transform your look. However, they have often succumbed to harsh transformations over the years since their inception. So, you need to choose wisely. The women’s dress in the roaring 20s is unique, stylish, and is widely available in various types and styles. Some of the popular dresses that are on-trend right now are balloon dresses, caftans, sleeve dresses, evening, knitted, blouse dresses, and many more.

Pair your apparels with these trendy footwear and high-heeled shoes for women

high heeled shoes

People often say that shoes are the first thing that everybody involuntarily notices. But, many consider them as accessories, while several others count them as part of their apparel. Whichever way you see it, we cannot deny the fact that shoes play an essential role in completing your look. Fashion aside, they also have another critical role to play—and that’s to protect your feet and keep them healthy. So, why not do it elegantly? Here are some of our picks and the occasions they are perfect for.

  • Casual events – Be it catching on a movie or a day out with friends, flat sandals are just the perfect choice for the occasion. This chic type of footwear is designed to provide you with supreme comfort without compromising your style. No wonder, flat shoes are the leading choice for everyday wear, movie nights, strolls, fitness adventures, and the list goes on. Besides, you can find them in unique designs, styles, and material constructions.
  • Work – For working ladies who are always in a rush, mules seem to be a perfect choice. This type of footwear features open heels and an enclosed covering on the entire top of the foot. Basically, you can find mules in flats or with slight heels. They are one of the best shoes with arch support to buy. This footwear for ladies also come in pointed or round toes and vary in construction materials from plastics, to leather, and canvas.
  • Evening parties or semi-formal – Heels! Be it thick or wide, they’re just apt for semi-formal occasions. To be more specific, pumps are the best for such events. Women’s pumps are versatile. You can wear them with most clothing items such as tights, jeans, jumpsuits & playsuits, dresses, and skirts. However, you need to consider the occasion when wearing them. Stick to neutral colours such as black, nude, tan, white, grey, and navy blue for work or formal gatherings.
  • Weddings & engagements – The heels that every girl dreams of stilettos are quintessential for the evening, as they add grace to any party wear dresses for women. However, if you wish to carry a heavy sequined dress, then wearing stiletto high heels can roughen up things. Therefore, it’s best to wear moderately heeled footwear in ethnic colours. Also, try to match them with the dress you wear. Not necessarily the same colour, but it should complement your attire.
  • Winters – Nothing beats flat boots in winter when it comes to giving you warmth and stepping up your style. The beautiful buckled footwear in soothing colours like cherry brown, fawn, and shiny black truly rock. All of these go with long overcoats and mufflers. However, if you wish to keep your look casual with hoodies and sweatshirts, converse shoes will do best. The footwear come in vibrant colours and keep your feet all covered and toasty warm.

Women have a passion for shoes, be it exploring cheap shoes for kids to buy or buying one for themselves. However, remember that footwear has the power to reveal how fashionable or boring your dressing sense is. Thus, you must pick them wisely. Well, the mantra is to be confident and elegantly pull off whatever you wear. In the next section, we’ll give you tips on how to choose the right apparels.

Five wardrobe hacks to get your hands on the best women dresses for 2021

best women's dresses for 2020 in uae

Indeed, you will agree that it’s common to hold on to clothes that never really see the world. To avoid this, follow the tips and tricks we’ve compiled below. We guarantee that keeping them in mind will help you spend wisely and transform your look this season effortlessly. What’s more, you will have a better and more fun shopping experience like never before. So, let’s get started.

  • Know your style – Getting a classy dress that suits you isn’t complicated at all. You just have to analyse your personal preference rather than frisking through endless options unmindfully. Take a look at your choice of colour, style, and pattern. This is the key to help you make a wise decision. Hence, buy outfits that suit all your criteria and offer comfort along with style. Besides, ensure to pick apparels that flatter your figure.
  • Buy dresses and skirts suitable for all occasions – We all love purchasing something new for a special occasion. However, we end up guilty of it when that certain dress rarely gets more than one outing. Therefore, rather than purchasing something that is event-specific, go for something simple such as shirt dresses and halter dresses. This way, you will be able to create several looks for different occasions. Besides, you can also wear them again and again for different occasions.
  • Do not store something that does not fit – It is quite common for women to cling onto something that doesn’t fit them in hopes that it will someday. However, what many people do not realise is that this habit is one of the worst things to do. This is particularly true if you are trying to limit the number of apparels in your wardrobe. We advise you to be a minimalist by donating any of your clothing pieces that do not fit anymore.
  • Avoid outfits that do not suit you – Many women fill their closets with outfits that they love rather than the ones that look good on them. Often, they buy something on a whim because it is a big trend, or it looks good on someone else. But because it does not suit them, they never really take it out of our closet. Remember that if a piece of clothing does not make you feel comfy, then it is not worth investing in.
  • Avoid attires that overexpose – Dressing classy is the key to success, and doing so requires a bit of modesty. So, avoid baring tops, miniskirts, and revealing low décolletage. Instead, go for necklines that are typically collared, boat neck, or V-neck. Jersey dresses are one classic example. Alternatively, you can also try square, cowl, or scoop necks. Just remember that regardless of the type of dress you wear, your cleavage and belly button must be covered, especially during Ramadan in the UAE.

First impression is everything, and a dress is a considerable part of leaving a mark on someone or at someplace. From tricot dresses to maternity, vintage, and bandeau, there is an overabundance of their types. This makes choosing a dress quite a perplexing endeavour. Even pros do not get it right every time. Nevertheless, it is always a fun experience, as you get to explore and try-out various apparels and admire yourself in them.

What are women’s dress pants?

buy women's dress pants online

Women’s apparel and fashion have largely changed over the years. Today, women’s fashion includes pant styles for almost all occasion. Dress pants, or more commonly known as trousers, are ensembles that stretch from the waist to the ankle, covering both legs separately. Today, more and more women prefer to wear them as they are highly comfortable and sophisticated versions of tailored pants. If you are hauling online to find the perfect one, do not miss out to check out the collection on Brands for Less.

Do shoes count as apparels?

shop stilettoes and high heeled shoes online

We feel, it does, as no outfit is complete without the perfect pair of shoes. Besides, footwear is something that we have in large numbers. Sometimes, they may even outdo the number of apparel you have. That’s because just like apparels, we also need to wear shoes on a daily basis. Furthermore, there are several types of footwear that you can wear with different outfits. For instance, you can pair your casual dresses with shoes like sneakers, sports shoes, flip-flops, etc. Whereas, if you’re wearing an ethnic outfit or heading out for a party, then footwear like sandals, heels, and pumps can do the trick.

Which dress style is perfect for plus-size women?

trendy plus size dresses

Every woman is beautifully different. So, flaunt what you’ve got regardless of what size you are. However, make sure that you do that with the right apparels and fashion. For instance, there are certain styles that give your fuller figure an extra boost. Meanwhile, some create an illusion of a slimmer silhouette. So, if you want to buy plus-size dresses, then include these in your list: any black clothing, dark wash jeans, waist-clinching silhouettes, décolletage dresses, A-line skirts, tailored pieces, and of course, shapewear.

How do shoes affect your feet?

comfortable support shoes

Shoes are an integral part of your entire look, and you need to get them right, whether it’s for your style or comfort. That’s because only the right footwear can keep your feet healthy and glowing when you’re out for any occasion. Besides, the ideal shoes ensure that you do not succumb to any injury while outperforming activities. So, what can the right shoe do for you? Well, it cushions and supports your feet. Above all, it makes you feel comfortable when you’re performing any activity. Therefore, it is imperative to make the right choice. Adidas Originals is known for its collection of comfy, high-quality, and stylish models. Check them out on Brands for Less.

Which shoes are perfect for leggings?

best shoes for leggings

Leggings are possibly the most comfortable pants ever invented. Besides, they’re incredibly versatile too. Not only are they perfect for the gym, but they can suit a range of other outfits as well. But of course, making your leggings look great for any occasion is all about how you style them with your footwear. For instance, you can pair the leggings with lace-up sneakers if you want to achieve a sporty look. Similarly, you can pair them with slip-on sneakers, loafers, slides, over-the knee-boots, ankle boots, and heels for various occasions.

Enjoy the treasure hunt at Brands for Less

shop at brands for less uae

We hope you now have a clear idea of how to pump up your look with numerous options of apparels. Start your journey by exploring the extensive collection of various dresses and shoes from world-renowned brands like Anne Klein, Wrangler, Dockers, and Polo Ralph Lauren, Geox, Coach, and more at Brands for Less. With an array of options to take a pick from, you can now upgrade your wardrobe and style statement. So, enjoy the treasure hunt at this store!

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