Dress to impress with these top 10 men's fashion trends 

20 June 2019| 10 minutes
Dress to impress with these top 10 men's fashion trends 

Men love to get noticed, and that's one of their best-kept secrets. From a new haircut to a fragrant perfume scent and relaxed outfit, they crave for compliments deep down like women do. If you're a guy and you're reading this article, then you're in on some excellent treat. Whether you want to make an impression to a girl you're setting your sights on, or you want to spice your fashion up a little this season, we will reveal the latest fashion trends for men that can give you a fantastic makeover.

A lot of guys feel that there are not quite a lot of options for men as there are for women. Well, this is true to some extent. However, if you go about with this blockage in your mind, then it will become an excuse and prevent you from trying out anything new. The best way to look at it is that although there might be limited options, there is still so much you can do with them. There isn't one right way to wear a shirt or a pair of trousers or capris, but you can reinvent every single look. The fact that fashion is changing so drastically every single day is also another door or opportunity for everybody who loves adding to their look. You can always add your personal touch to it and make it work as per your needs.   

1. What is trending in men's fashion in 2019?
2. Which are the best picks for the summer?
3. The best fashion trends for men in 2019
4. How should you take care of your clothes?
5. Can men wear pastel-coloured outfits?
6. Is light wash denim for men still in style?
7. Picking the best men's styles while shopping online

What is trending in men's fashion in 2019?

trendy tops for men

These are this year's favourite way to show off a touch of edginess to any wardrobe. In fact, Pinterest claims that searches for "plaid pants" are up 267 per cent. Hence, these are worthy of adding to your collection. If you want to check out the different designs and styles to choose from, among the best shops you can visit include Lacoste, Newchic, and Brands for Less, to name a few. Now that you have already discovered the top 10 men's fashion trends this 2019, you can finally dress to impress the woman who has captured your heart. Whether you're searching for new dress styles for men or trendy casual outfits to add to your wardrobe this summer, our product search engine is the best place to start. Check out over 500 online stores on today!

Which are the best picks for the summer?

summer tops for men

Summer can be a tricky time for many guys if they don't know how to dress well for it. This is the time when temperatures can soar very high and leave you feeling miserable. The fact that most of the guys clothing comprise of full pants, shirts and tees do no suitable for this type of weather. However, by investing in the right kind of casual and formal clothing to beat the heat, you can surely make the best of it. For office wear, stick to cotton for both pants and shirts. While formal pants are a must, check for semi-casual tees and half-shirts instead of the regular ones. Also, lose the blazer, tie, and other add-ons or restrict them for meetings and essential days only. Go for light colours and stay away from slim-fit shirts, which can make you feel uncomfortable and show sweat.  

The best fashion trends for men in 2019

trendy fashion for men

Last year, men's fashion designers got immersed in their feelings. This year, they are doing it in great extremes with touchy-feely garments. For the scorching months, silky smooth Tencel shirts and layering pieces that can be worn either casual or smart are on-trend. The beauty of tactile fabrics for men's summer fashion is that these are a streamlined way to update their wardrobe without going too far out of their comfort zone.     

  • Cuban collar shirts are the latest stylish clothing for men online – Characterised by open necklines; these can give you a smart and casual summer vibe. They come in either linen or cotton fabrics, making them flattering, light, and airy on a sweltering day. Fashion experts recommend Cuban shirts for guys with narrow shoulders, as their fit create the illusion of a broad torso. Tryano, Bloomingdales, Nisnass, and GAP are among the best shops where you can explore the endless options of these men's fashion shirts.
  • Slaymen's fashion suits with bright white tailoring – Like jeans, white is universal and never goes out of style. If you are aiming to look classy and stylish at the same time, sport a white suit. This will make you exude that aura of someone enjoying a luxury vacation in the sandy beaches of St. Tropez. Of course, to brave, the weather with a statement, wear fashionable accessories such as sunglasses and a straw boater hat. Also, mix and match to know the right hues and shades that will bring out the best in your OOTD.
  • Wear printed shirts over T-shirts – The world of fashion is continually changing. Hence, it's not surprising if classic men's fashion trends find their way back to 2019. This season, you will feel like you're back in the good old days once you sport a crisp shirt over a T-shirt. The best way to rock this outfit is by choosing an oversized short-sleeve shirt in a bold, colourful print. There is a vast array of men's clothing online, so you can go for such as abstract, floral, checked, or striped—it's your call. Finish off your look by pairing it with a white, crew-neck T-shirt, and leaving the buttons undone either all the way or halfway.
  • Don't forget beige outfits when shopping for men's clothes online – When you are trying to make an impression through your fashion statement, you don't necessarily have to show off a striking dose of colour. This summer, beige can do the trick. This hue is far from boring and gives you that element of laidback excitement. Here's a secret—women find the contrast of beige tones attractive. So, mix and match your outfit right to sweep them off their feet.
  • Go back to the 90s for some stellar ideas – If the 90s have a special place in your heart, then 2019 is the best year to bring those nostalgic years back. Relive your childhood or teenage memories by slaying your street style with wallet chains, overalls, loose pants, bum bags, and windbreakers, which are significant trends in the olden days. There are plenty of fantastic online shops offering a wide range of 90s men's stylish clothing online.

Don't forget to check out online or scan through some fashion magazine that you love to see what is out there. Many trends keep making a comeback so you might even notice that you already have it in your wardrobe. You can also try to keep it price-efficient by checking out pre-loved clothing and buying during sales. It all depends on your choices and of course, your budget too. Look for attractive colours and mix and match as you please.  

How should you take care of your clothes?

how to care for men's apparel

It is essential to retain the trend factor when it comes to your outfits. This has a lot to do with how you care for those pieces, so they last longer. Quality brands often last you a good couple of years, considering you handle them well and not use them very frequently. There are straightforward things you can do to make sure your favourites clothes don't wear out soon. Of course, if you buy fake brands, they will wear off fast no matter what you do.  

  • Don't wash them too often – You can re-use a piece of clothing for more than once. However, if it's hot and there is sweat or dirt, you would have to wash it. But if you have used it just for a couple of hours, or even indoors, then a wash is not needed. Simply let it hang on the clothes stand for some time so the air can freshen it, and then keep it back into the cupboard.
  • Dry them in the shade – The sun is harmful and not the best for drying your clothes, even though most people go by this misconception. Your clothes will dry equally thoroughly in the shade too. So, keep your rack outside, but under a shaded surface and let them dry. This will also prevent your clothes from fading if you cannot figure out how that keeps happening. Store them away only once they are dry.
  • Go for professional services occasionally – Services such as dry cleaning will remove the smaller stains form your clothes and make them crisp and new. You can go for it perhaps once a month, for the bigger or more expensive clothing pieces. They are entirely safe and re-doing it regularly will not harm. It is one way to retain the natural charm of the article without doing much.
  • Avoid staining as much as you can – Make it a habit to eat with a napkin on your lap, so your clothes don't get ruined. Food stains are the worst, as they are substantial in pigmentation from natural food such as spices and fruits. So, this means they harm your clothes; thus such an extent that reversing even with professional services is next to impossible. So, always eat carefully or better yet have a napkin close by to catch those nasty bits.
  • Wear the right clothes as per the weather – Want to get the best of both worlds with comfort and style? The perfect outfit will never let you down. You can make it work however you want and wear it anywhere you wish to. Pair summer ones with slim-fit denim tee, and you won't stray from modern men's fashion. You can really make it yours with any kind of tee, short or even a beautiful vest to make it work. Winters are all about layering, so make the most of it.

It goes a long way when you care for your clothing, and this will also reflect when you wear them. The most important thing is to make them last longer. The process isn'complicated or challenging if you do it for all the clothes you own. You will soon be staring at clothes that are as good as new even a few years later, once you know some tips. The best part is you can buy a few choices and retain them in this way. It's also more profitable instead of having to shop very frequently. 

Can men wear pastel-coloured outfits?

pastel colors for men's tops

If you think that white and beige are only the best colours for summer, think again. Pastel colour palettes also look hot on guys and help exude their soft side in the most masculine way possible. Are you aiming to achieve a resort vibe with a touch of elegance? Go for sky blue and light pink hues in the form of tops and suits when exploring a spectrum of men's clothing brand online. These are eye-candy for women; thus, you will never fail to impress them. Many brands now have these fantastic shades for men's clothing, especially in their summer collections, so it's not challenging to decide. 

Is light wash denim for men still in style?

lightwash denim jeans for men online sale

There are some clothes and styles that are evergreen, so they never go out. Even if you can't find them on the ramp, they are always in trend, and you cannot go wrong with them. Such a style is denim wear. If that is the look you want to go for this summer, then you can never go wrong with light wash denim. However, make sure that your choice is a straight leg and a snug fit through the thighs. Plus, incorporate some contrasts like a black jacket with military details, a plain white T-shirt, brown lace-up boots, and stylish sunglasses. 

Picking the best men's styles while shopping online

shop men's apparel online in uae

Online shopping has risen to such an extent that there is nobody today who doesn't love it! There is something for everybody, and the easy policies make buying online anytime better than in stores. If you are looking for some fantastic clothing choices for guys this year, then here are some of the most popular picks: Canvas Carpenter Pants with GapFlexLived-In True Wash Poplin Shirt by GAPGAP Crew TeeWhite VLTN Print Logo T-ShirtEmporio Armani Contrast Trim Polo ShirtUnder Armour Men's UA Rush TightsTryano Puffer JacketAll-Over D&G Print Polo Shirt and Men's Slim-Fit Blue Plaid Suit by Brands for Less. 

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