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About Feeding Bottles

You can at least have one feeding bottle before the baby is born. If you do not wish to buy before the delivery, plan your research so that the time is not wasted at the time of need. It is a much better way than reaching the shop and buying whatever is recommended by the customer representative. You will be surprised to see that there are more brands and unique products than you think. So, it is better to explore them all to better understand the product.

The multiple purposes of a feeding bottle make shopping a daunting task. You can have feeding bottles for formula milk or for semi-solid food. You can also store breast milk in these bottles and let your baby have his feed on time, especially when some urgency keeps you away from your child. And let us remind you, a different purpose may require a particular product. Sometimes, you have to trust your motherly instincts or consult your doctor if your baby gets fussy. After all, a kid cannot tell his need. All he can do is stop feeding, which is a nightmare for parents. So, keep your calm when buying baby & toddler products and research well.

Bottle feed and nipple confusion

Kids gauge milk differently when breastfeeding and when bottle feeding. Sometimes, he gets confused when you switch between the two and may refuse both or one. If it happens, it is surely a difficult time for parents. In that case, you must consult an expert and take his help. The type of feeding bottle you introduce to your kid also effect. There are even specific products available. For example, you can invest in Dr Brown’s breast-to-bottle feeding set, which is specially designed for such a purpose. Another product is Preemie’s flow-nipple, perfect when switching between breastfeeding and bottled milk. If you feel such a need, you should definitely read about such products, take an expert’s advice, and handle the process with care and love.

Baby feeding bottles glass vs plastic

While buying feeding bottles online in the UAE, you will see glass and plastic as two commonly used materials. These materials have their reasons to interest you in having them. Glass material contains no chemicals, tastes better, is durable and compatible with most breast pumps. The cons are that they are heavy and prone to break even with slight discomfort. On the other side, plastic products are readily available, lightweight, and won’t break as easily as glass products. They are the cheap baby bottles you will find online. One of the cons of having a plastic bottle is that it retains odour. If you are confused, you can read reviews and validate your purchase.

About hands-free baby bottle

If you think your kid can now hold the bottle without support, you can switch to self-feeding products. You can either buy a whole new product or just the mounting equipment. For example, you can just buy handles that can easily mount on either side of the bottle. But you need to check the compatibility before purchasing such attachments. Another product comes with a tube connecting the nipple and bottle. To use, you can put the bottle on the side and let the baby have the nipple part, like a pacifier. So, nobody has to hold the bottle in this case. You can find even more varieties online on our shopping platform,

Baby feeding bottles with a spoon

When it is time for your kid to have semi-solid food, feeding bottles with a spoon can be a relief. Your kid may refuse to eat with a spoon at first because a bottle is what he has adapted so far. However, a spoon instead of a nipple attached to the bottle is an innovative idea. You will be happy to see your kid enjoying his first solid meal. Your work is to fill the bottle and squeeze it for your kid to eat. To give you a kickstart, we would like you to visit Pigeon. This brand is one of the premium names for quality and endurance.

Tips on how to buy Feeding Bottles

What are the odds of your kid refusing the feeding bottle you buy? The answer depends on whether you understand what your kid requires. So, picking a product randomly from the shelf is out of the picture. You need to indulge in this shopping drive in two ways. First, see if there are some special requirements of your kid you need to fulfil. And secondly, you must scrutinise the products on quality parameters. Here, we have compiled some fine points to give your shopping drive a kickstart.

  • Consider your purpose – On a broad brush, you will find two options to choose from. The first is when the bottle nipple works in tandem with the breastfeeding experience. The second is the type that works better for formula-fed babies. Choosing your type can be the first step of your shopping drive.
  • Choose the material – Glass, plastic, silicone, or stainless steel are your options, and each one of them has its pros and cons. Plastic bottles are readily available but make sure they are BPA-free when you buy one. Silicone is slightly in the higher range but soft and lightweight. Glass is breakable but considered good quality. Lastly, stainless steel’s quality is also up to the mark, but they are vulnerable to denting and tend to have a weak venting system.
  • Correct bottle size – Appetite, diet plan, baby’s weight and age are four filters that let you make the right decision. For example, 1 to 2 ounces is sufficient for a newborn and 4 ounces for a month-old baby. After that, most babies can consume six to eight ounces per feed. One simple hack to know the right size is to determine the weight of the baby. Babies need 2.5 ounces for every pound of body weight, so you will know the right size.
  • Choose the right type of nipple – The first preference of every parent is the traditional nipple that is bell-shaped. However, if your baby reacts negatively to the feeding bottle, you can try orthodontic shapes. These are flat-topped nipples known to provide a breast-like comfort. Then, there are products to reduce collapsing the side of the nipple during feeding. Choose your type after contemplating all ins and outs.
  • Tips for choosing bottle shape – You might not think a bottle shape can affect your buying decision. Eventually, it does with a few parameters. For example, a wide neck can make cleaning easier and formula mixing convenient. An ergonomic shape can make the baby hold it till he finishes the whole meal. Another significant factor is a vent system in which the vent holes or vent attachment inside the nipple reduces air bubbles, thereby making the feeding more comforting.
  • Accessories to buy – With a bottle, you also need caps and covers. A bottle warmer can be a blessing when your child is fussy and take breaks during the feed. During travel, you can stow an insulated bag to keep the bottles warm all day long. Then, cleaning accessories like sterilisers, brushes, dishwasher baskets, and drying racks are to be considered actively.

We hope the tips will be helpful in your purchase. Along with that, a handy list of a few brands would be helpful too. Some mentions could be Evenflo, Babocush, Mothercare or Comotomo products. You can begin your shopping drive with any of these or find more on our shopping search engine. Plus, we also have discounted section wherein baby feeding bottles for sale are not to be overlooked.

Question & Answer

Is plastic feeding bottle safe?

We understand that plastic has been associated with safety hazards lately, but the quality of different products can differ. Plus, the regulations related to the production of baby bottles clearly state to use only food-grade plastic. So, it is completely safe to use and does not pose any threat to your child. Moreover, paying attention to the product’s brand and manufacturing can let you grab the best product for your kid. You can explore products, compare them, consult an expert, read reviews, and thereby make an informed decision.

Why is bottle-feeding not recommended?

Like every other product, there are pros and cons to feeding bottles. Speaking of the cons, it is time-consuming, and bottle equipment is an added expense. Some of you also feel that it affects mother-baby bonding. However, look at how either of the parents can feed the baby and develop the bonding. Bottle feed is also good when the baby is lactose intolerant or if the mother cannot make changes to the diet due to health conditions. Thus, it is a personal choice to be mutually decided by the parents.

How to sterilise baby feeding bottles?

You can either sterilise the bottle at a high temperature or with chemicals. If you are using high temperature, you can put the bottle on boiling water and then onto the stove, microwave, or electric steam. Regarding chemicals, you can use bleach or tablets. Some bottles are also dishwasher safe, so you just have to dismantle the parts and place them inside the dishwasher. There is no one process more effective than the other one. You can choose to sterilise whichever way you prefer.

Which feeding bottle is best for the baby?

To grab the best product, we recommend exploring different brands to see what fits your needs. For instance, Philips Avante feeding products are anti-colic and BPA-free. They also have a wide neck for easy cleaning. For those who do not know, the anti-colic feature prevents your child from swallowing air while feeding. On the other hand, if you are looking for a storage bottle for breast milk, you should see what the Medela brand has for you. It has the perfect product for pumping, storing, transporting, and feeding the milk.