Looking for a TV but confused which one to buy? 

20 June 2019| 9 minutes
Looking for a TV but confused which one to buy? 

Has your old TV crapped out? We guess you are now ready to buy a new one, and you want it to be good enough. Either way, you want an upgrade. However, don't just aimlessly go for a TV shopping spree. That's because from LCD, LEDPlasma Tv to OLED Tv & QLED TV and Plasma you'll encounter endless options of television sets out in the market. With so many fantastic options and brands today, it is easy to pick from the amazing choices you have.  

The concept of buying a television today is not like it was earlier. Like a smartphone or a smartwatch, we now also have smart TV's. Yes, they can easily sync with your phone for playing content directly without the hassle of any wires. It is so quick, and you can also do the same with your laptop or other devices. It all comes down to your budget and your requirement. The technology, in this case, is also continually involving every minute and it is sure to leave you awestruck! This is one decision you want to take with care since it's a significant investment, and you don't want to go shopping for another one soon after, do you? Therefore, you might want to brush up on the terms, types, advantages, and disadvantages of at least a few TV types to make an informed decision.  

1. Why should you pick a smart television?
2. Are extended hours on television harmful for your eyes?
3. The pros and cons of various types of TVs
4. What are the differences between LED TV and plasma TV?
5. LCD TV vs Plasma TV: Which is the better choice?
6. The best place to buy TV in Dubai

Why should you pick a smart television?

why buy a smart tv

Just like all other types of gadgets have improved due to the best technology, the same is with televisions too. The concept has generally evolved so much over the years, from thinner and sleeker sets. You also don't need a 'set' in this case, since the speaker and booster are all on one. You can also hang them or place however you want, with so many additions and attachments. It has made it very easy and exciting at the same time too. However, speaking of smart televisions, this is ultimately a world apart. You can run this one just as you would while using a mobile phone or a smartwatch. It can make so many things easy and better too. Choices such as the OLED Tv, QLED Tv, Plasma Tv and more are trending today, so there is always unlimited choices and brands.  

Are extended hours on television harmful for your eyes?

are prolonged hours in front of the tv harmful to the eyes

We often tell kids not to spend too many hours watching television or any kind of gadget content. The reason is they emit bright light, and their fragile eyes might not be able to take the strain of this. However, for most adults, this is not a concern, especially when you watch it for an hour or two every day. Some people go a step further and check for added screen guards that further reduce the effect on ones' eyes. So, for kids, you can try to distract them from watching television but going for exciting books and toys. But for adults, if the watching time is limited every day, then it's not bad at all. Also, after eye surgery or if you have spectacles or suffer from concerns such as cancer, limiting it could be a good idea.  

The pros and cons of various types of TVs

different types of TVs

The subject of televisions is always something that sees different views. Some people don't even have it in their homes today, as they feel a good phone or tablet can quickly fill the gap. They also do it for their kids who might be young, since most of them get addicted to watching it for long hours. However, for many homes still today, a TV is a necessity. If you love smart televisions, or you like good old screens, better is your choice. Here are a few pros and cons of them.  

  • The LCD TV– The standard LCD TV is loved by man. This one has no pixel burn-ins and has a cooler running temperaturecompared to the others. It typically has less screen glare and works better at higher altitudes. It also has longer display lifeand the ability to produce naturally bright, which looks better in brightly lit rooms. The LCD consumes less power too. Some significant drawbacks are that it has a lower contrast ration as compared to the othersand the side-to-side viewing angle is narrowerIt also does not display deep black well; the deep motions, are not tracked properly,and individual pixels can burn and create small visible black or white dots.
  • The LED TV – Like many others, if you too think LED TV is a great choice, then these could be some critical considerations. It comes with better picture quality. The black levels are improved, and you can see the blackest colours. It is also energy-efficient and consumes very less energy compared to others. The contrast is much better; it has a higher lifespan than others and is the most reliable choice.However, it can be slightly expensive compared to other types and has a more dimensional depth and challenging to be wall-mounted. It also has less contrast ratio compared to othersIf you ask us which led tv brand is the best in the market right now, our answer would be Samsung. With this as your brand choice, you'll get numerous budget-friendly TV's that are both durable and stylish.
  • The OLED TV– Setting your sights on an OLED TV? Take a peek into its merits and demerits before you get one for yourself.This one does not suffer from motion lag and has the fastest response rate time of any display. It comes with screens with a near-perfect viewing angle. Every pixel on the screen is lit up independently. It also has a plexiglass-like material, which is extremely thin and light, as well as makes the OLED panel flexible. The OLED TV is the most energy-efficient choice. It is undoubtedly more expensive than others and very sensitive to water.It has shorter lifespan than its counterpartsand could have low visibility in sunlight. The go for OLED TV is LG as it's considered to be the smartest on the planet right now. 
  • The QLED TV– This one is considered as the brightness king, as it maintains a certain colour level despite having a very bright property. It also offers a more extensive colour space—punchy and very crisp. However, a major con is that the contrast ratio is not as good as the OLED TV. It also doesn't come with a wide viewing angleand the quality diminishes as you move off the centre. Since its launch, many fantastic brands have come up with their models of the best QLED Tv, and they have managed to get a good number of people who have taken to buying them too, over other options.
  • The Plasma TV– This one comes with a slim profile and can be wall-mounted. It is less bulky than rear projection television sets. The plasma produces deep blacks, thereby offering superior contrast ratio. It is less prone to reflection glare in bright roomswhich makes it a terrific choice. The disadvantages are that it has a more substantial screen door effect as compared to other TV setsand is more prone to screen burn-in. You will also see a gradual decline of absolute brightness takes place because phosphors lose luminosity over timeGenerally, it does not come in sizes lesser than 37 inchesand also consumes more electricity.

There are pros and cons of each type, and you will probably not be able to get all your preferences in a single model unless you have a huge budget. So, the best way to do this is to go with the one that ticks most of your boxes. You should also remember that newer technology and models will keep coming up, so you can always go for something more original later. However, compare process, check online stores and look for the most reliable sellers before you decide.  

What are the differences between LED TV and plasma TV?

led tv or plasma tv

The thickness for TVs is thinner than CCFL LCD TVs and are often less than 1-inch. However, plasma TVs are no less than 1.2 inches. When it comes to the screen size, LED TVs reach up to 90 inches while plasma comes in 42 inches and above. LED TVs also consume less power as compared to Plasma TV. Burn-in is very rare on the LED TV. Plasmacome with an anti-burn feature; however, burn-ins were common in the older versions of Plasma TV. Cost-wise, plasma TVs are cheaper than LED-lit TVs. Plasmas also have a better lifespan than LED TV. The later only has about 100,000 hours. The colour and brightness on LED TVs shift over the screen depending on the viewing angles, whereas plasma TVs look almost the same from all aspects. The plasma TV has a better contrast ratio than LED TVs.   

LCD TV vs Plasma TV—Which is better?

differences between lcd tv and plasma tv

As mentioned above, LCD and Plasma have their fair share of advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, the final decision of what type of TV to buy is really up to you. Scan through the latest TV models in the market to determine the one that will suit your taste and budget. It would also be great to refer to various TV comparison sites to get an idea. Jumbo and Menakartare amongst the best shops that provide an unbiased comparison of different television brands such as Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Sony, and many more.It also helps to check for the different prices and advantages that you can get from buying from certain websites, such as freebies, extended warranty and more. Make sure you carefully weigh out all the necessary factors you want and see if your television has them.   

The best place to buy TV in Dubai

buy tv online in uae

From mobile phones to high-end computers, the city is one of the best places in the world to purchase electronics. No wonder, it's also where you can shop LED TV online and other high-quality home theatre systems. You can surely check out Shops.aeto explore the biggest selection of televisions online from some of your favourite brands, such as Samsung, Elekta, Sony, and many more!Out there, it is effortless to make the best decision, since there are some of the best online stores in the UAE listed under this terrific product search engine, so you don't waste your time browsing them all. Check out Panasonic 80cm (32 inches) HD LED TVSamsung 40 Inch Full HD SMART LED TVLG 108cm (43 inches) Full HD LED TVSONASHI 55-INCH ULTRA HD LED TV78" SUHD Curved Samsung TV and the LG 123cm (49 inches) Full HD LED Smart TV.  

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