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About Burp Cloths

When you have a baby, their hygiene must be your top priority. Among so many products today, burp cloths are the most popular. From eating to using them whenever you step out, they are a must-have in your arsenal. Well, that’s because they keep your baby neat and clean.

Studies show that parents, instead of nannies, should feed their babies. One of the reasons is that it further nurtures their bond. More importantly, it is also a great way to understand your little one’s food preferences and style of eating. Mums and dads love experimenting with different foods and allowing their babies to taste different, delicious meals. Once the child gets to the age of a year or older, he/she is more open to food choices. Thus, parents no longer have to carry food for them while travelling or cook separate dishes; it’s fine for them to eat healthy home-cooked meals. Today, there are many options for prepping baby meals quickly if you don’t have a particular knack for cooking.

Different types of burp cloths you can buy today

Using a burp cloth is essential. Its also called a spit cloth and is used for wiping the baby’s drool, simply wiping his mouth (with a clean one) and keeping it close for messy hands after a meal. It is crucial to make it an essential part of their routine. You can buy quite a few, so the washing cycle is natural and also have them in the baby bag, in the car or perhaps your parent’s place, if you visit them frequently. You can also use one in the area of a bib if you can’t find one at the last minute. Tuck it in the baby’s tee or onesie, and you’re good to go. However, it won’t replace a bib because it’s not of spill-proof material, meaning you will have to subject it to frequent washing if this is the case.

All-purpose baby burp cloths

If you don’t want to spend time analysing and deciding which is the best baby cloth for your little one, perhaps it’s best to go with the most straightforward choice. Yes, the all-purpose baby burp cloth is the perfect option that a lot of parents use. Pick something simple and of a comfortable size. You can buy from a brand that you like, as almost all good baby brands have a selection of their best burp cloths. Make sure it is soft, not too long or short and easy to clean too. You can buy them in a pleasing colour; however, be aware of brands that have a problem with the colour leaching out. You can also experiment with a few choices and see what works well.

Personalised burp cloths

Isn’t it a wonderful feeling when something is made, especially for your baby? Well, a personalised burp cloth surely makes for the perfect style statement if you like that thought. It’s easy to find handmade burp cloths for sale which can be monogrammed as per your little one’s initials. Along with helping you keep track of them, they also add a special touch for photoshoots and birthdays. There are a lot of things you can do when it comes to personalisation. If they have a particular colour or cartoon preference, you can ask the maker to sew the design or dye it for a specific colour. Again, it’s best to brand from brands and people you trust to avoid issues with quality, colour and more.

Muslin burp cloths

Possibly the softest ones, the muslin burp cloths are super for infants. You can also use them for newborn babies if you find cotton still a little rough. Quick to dry and easy to wash, muslin is not a new fabric when it comes to children. They are safe to use and are incredibly delicate. Over time if you realise your child has sensitive skin, then you can go for muslin shirts and shorts too. However, for the winters, it’s not recommended. Coming back to burp cloths, you will easily find a lot of muslin options both online and in small stores. Since it’s one of the fabrics that are sadly starting to take the backseat because of the newer options, you can also make some yourself.

Organic burp cloths

Organic anything is a much better choice than the regular options. Be it food, beverages or now even costing and cosmetics, the primary fact that no harmful chemicals have gone into their making is the most significant difference. It’s best to start your baby with organic food and natural clothing you can. The few extra bucks you spend are worth it in the long run. You can find a lot of great options for organic burp cloths in many baby stores. If you prefer handmade burp cloths for sale, then it’s a wise thing to check if they are of natural make. Gerber burp cloths have a selection of organic ones, and they are a reliable brand to consider too.

Tips on how to buy Burp Cloths online in the UAE

Whether it’s online or offline, choosing burp cloths is something that every parent needs to do. With those these, you will continuously see the wash pile going higher. It’s better to wash the burp cloths than your baby’s clothing, as constant washes can damage the cloth quality too. They are exceptionally accommodating when your baby is learning to eat by themselves, as they (and you) can focus better on learning than worrying about stains.

  • Buy as per your baby’s age – New-born babies ate very gentle and probably needed something very soft. However, older babies who are learning to eat by themselves can do with a regular cotton bur cloth. It’s essential to decipher these things before.
  • Choose reliable brands – You don’t want issues like colour leeching or the quality deteriorating in just a couple of washes, right? So, although brands might charge less, it’s worth it if they offer something of excellent quality.
  • Should be easy to wash – The washcloth should not have a lot of washing instructions. Hence, materials like muslin and cotton are best as they are familiar and used generally as feed cloths.
  • Buy in bulk – You are bound to need a burp cloth very frequently, so it’s best to buy a few more than you think. Buying them in a volume is also very cheap, so you save money too. Eventually, you will have to stock up, so it’s best to do it in the beginning.
  • Cotton is the best – Cotton is the most preferred choice when it comes to choosing the right bur cloth. Even for baby clothing, it is well-suited. The fact that it is light, easy to keep clean and doesn’t cause sweating or irritability makes it a favourite choice for babies. So, choosing cotton or any of its derivative materials for burp cloths is a safe choice.

It doesn’t have to be a huge challenge to buy the best burp cloth. If you have friends who are new moms, consider asking for a suggestion. A lot of parents also face the trouble of losing their burp cloths, and if you do too, then tuck them in the baby’s clothing while feeding. If you want to keep one in the stroller, tuck it beneath the blanket or under his head. You can also knot it to the car seat and keep them all in a small basket or case, ready for use.

Question & Answer

What burp clothes are the best?

Burp clothes hold so much importance in a child’s life, especially when he is young. You will find yourself continually reaching out to it, sometimes without even realising. This is how convenient and dependable we are on these little pieces of fabric. They also do a lot when it comes to keeping your baby clean and happy all day long. Here are some of the best burp cloth choices –Burt’s Bees Baby Burp Cloths, Aden + Anais Rosie Pope Burpy Bib Multi-Use Burp Cloth, Three Two 1 Personalized Baby Burp Cloth, Luvable Friends Unisex Baby Flannel Burp Cloths, Milkbarn Organic Cotton Burp Cloths, Babysoy Organic Cotton Solid Burp Cloths, Little Unicorn Cotton Muslin Burp Cloth, Dwell Studio 2 Pack Burp Cloth Set, Bears and Gerber Baby 4-Pack Flannel Burp Cloth.

How can you make custom monogrammed burp cloths?

Making your baby clothes are one of the simple joys of motherhood. It’s best to start them early when you are still expecting because you won’t have a moment of peace when the baby finally comes! For this, you can take any simple material, like cotton or muslin; make sure you buy from a reputed store and equipment that is baby safe. Then, lay out the cloth and cut squares of 12×15″ after marking the borders. Once the rough squares are cut, you can make a small border of a centimetre and fold it in. Holding this, either hand-stitch or use a sewing machine to seal the edges and cause them neat. The burp cloth is ready to use!

How should you take care of burp cloths?

To start with, always choose a good brand and a reliable material, so it doesn’t wear out. You can collect the clothes and use a baby soak for 15-20 mins in a small tub. After this, use soft clothes brush to remove the stains. Wash it thoroughly with fresh water, and dry completely. You can iron them to make them easy to fit inside bags. Another way is to use a mesh bag and add the burp cloths, typing it tightly. Then put this in the washing machine on a gentle cycle.

Where can you buy burp cloths online in Dubai?

There are plenty of baby stores in Dubai from where you can get some good burp cloths for babies. With new moms, it’s always a challenge to go shopping with the baby. In this case, it is an excellent choice to buy them online. You can check out our product search engine featuring multiple local and international brands. These include Gerber, Twinkle Hands, Aden & Anais, Luvable Friends, Bumkins, Nuby, Chicco, Absorba, Kushies, Hudson Baby, and Little Unicorn. And the best part is, you can find more baby & toddler products at fantastic prices.