About Electrical Components

Whether it is about your home, the office or the factory, electrical goods play a crucial role. This is an umbrella term comprising all the electrical wiring and components installed in a building. The interconnection of components such as a capacitor, switches, transformers, inductors & many more electrics makes such a system work. They may vary based on their functions, design, material, price range and even brands. Let us explore how to choose the best ones.

A wide range of electrical components or electrics can be found in a circuit or a wiring system. Electrical cables and components can be spotted everywhere from home and offices to schools, shopping malls and hospitals. You can imagine nothing without electricity and its applications. Moreover, all the machinery and gadgets coming up to the industries require connections. Hence, it is necessary to know about certain components and accessories to choose not only the best but appropriate ones. On this page, we will unveil some more things that will help you buy electrical goods online in the UAE.

Exploring some crucial electrical components

A circuit or wiring system has a wide assortment of components. Some examples are switchgear, cables, poles, fuses, meter boxes, transformers, and capacitors. Each may have a different role to perform. For example, an electrical cable assembles wires that carry current, whereas a junction box houses the electrical connections. On the other hand, protection devices is an altogether different range of electrics that protects the system from short circuit, over-current, earth fault etc. Similarly, there are many more things to pay attention to while selecting the best electrical components. Let us explore them in detail.

Light switch

A light switch is a crucial electrical component used to operate electric lights and other permanently connected equipment in electrical wiring. You can also find light switches in vehicles, flashlights, and other equipment. In many countries, residential and commercial buildings have wall-mounted light switches that help you control the lighting in a room. However, its height and many other design factors can differ from country to country. The enclosure for the switch or the mounting box is usually recessed in the wall. However, surface mounting is also common, mostly in old constructions. You can find wall plates in many designs and shades to compliment your interiors or outdoors.  

Electrical outlet

An electrical outlet refers to a socket that helps you connect an electrical device to the electricity supply. You can find them usually installed on the wall or floor in a residential or commercial building. Sometimes, you can even spot them on the ceiling to power things like neon signs, garage door openers etc. However, the outlets’ types and voltages may vary from country to country. Not a single type will suit all your needs. So, adapters are available out there in the market to make the outlet versatile. It is an important electrical component without which it’s hard to establish connections. You can find a range of options under this category of electrics. 

Electrical wiring

Electrical wiring refers to the electrical installation of cabling and devices like switches, sockets, lights etc. Allowable wiring size and type work as per the circuit operating voltage and current capability. There may also be further specifications depending upon weather conditions like moisture level and temperature. Wiring systems in a home are simple, featuring low power requirements. There are no frequent changes. On the other hand, there are demanding wiring requirements in heavy industries to support large currents and higher voltages. Frequent changes are there in the equipment layout.  


Switchgear is made up of fuses or circuit breakers that protect and control electrical equipment. There are two main types of component present in the switchgear assembly. One is a set of power conducting components like circuit breakers, switches, fuses, and lightning arrestors. Another is control systems like the current transformer, control panels, potential transformer, and protective relays. The main function of switchgear is to provide protection. It also works towards the isolation of the circuit from the supply. Switch gears can be classified based on current rating, voltage class, insulating medium and more.

Tips on how to buy Electrical Components online in Dubai

If you search for the best components for your electrical work, then the options are endless. There are thousands of brands and sellers you can find in the market. However, only a few products will live up to your expectations. So, if you are overwhelmed with the options, keep certain factors in mind to choose the best and appropriate ones. Find some tips below.

  • Know your requirements – Electric components and accessories come in a wide assortment of options suiting various purposes. For example, a light switch is used to operate the lights and equipment, whereas a junction box refers to an enclosure housing an electrical connection. A transformer is an altogether different one that transfers power from one voltage system to another. Each component may have different works. Hence, it is necessary to know what you require for your system.
  • Check the current and voltage rating – Some components come with current and voltage ratings that should be considered. For example, while choosing a switch, you need to consider its current rating. The ones with 16A/20A are ideal for medium power consumption appliances like TVs, refrigerators etc. But the lower ones are for lights and fans. The high range is for heavy machines.
  • Choose reliable brands – To get reliable and quality electrics in your hand, go for the best brands. Some of the best brands for electrics include Alstom, Ameren, American electric, and Bescom. The good news is that you can find them all right here.
  • Look for them online – Online stores offer you a wide variety of options to choose from. Whether you are looking for basic components like switches and plugs or internal components like capacitors and transformers, you can find everything online. If you are unsatisfied with a particular collection, you can move to another store. Moreover, there is a convenience of getting the product at home.

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Question & Answer

What are the best power plugs to buy?

The best power plug to buy will be the one that best suits your requirements. They come in a wide array of options based on their size, shape, current and voltage rating, price, brand many more factors. If you are ins search of quality and reliable options, then you are in the right place. On our website, you can find over 500 online stores that sell the best electrics. Moreover, you can compare the features and prices of different products to find the ones suit your needs.

What is a remote light switch?

Remote light switches work similar to regular switches, but you will be able to control the light from far through them. It can be accomplished in a lot of ways, such as remotes, motion sensors and even through an app on your smartphone. However, choosing a remote control light switch may not be an easy task for you as there are so numerous options available out there. Some offer control through just a remote controller, whereas others can be operated through apps as well. Keep your requirements, budget, and brand preferences in mind to choose the best.

Where to buy electric components online in the UAE?

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