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About Meter Cabinets

Prevention is always better than cure. And when it comes to the power-based world of today, everything that contains or transmit power from one point to another needs additional protection. And so comes the meter cabinets on front.  

Electricity has become a basic need of the people living in these times. This is why we can see electricity meter installed in many homes. These meters are used to monitor and regulate electricity usage. In addition, many people buy units, also known as tokens. This is just like airtime and helps to monitor the usage. This is becoming popular from the otherwise inefficient and error-bound postpaid systems where the consumers have to pay after using the units. However, an electricity meter plays an important role in both cases, and so does the meter cabinets.  

Common types of meter cabinets that you can find online 

Meter cabinets or meter boxes are used at both commercial and residential level. They are an important part of any construction service and property owners to purchase. Considering the varying needs of users, the manufacturers are now offering a wide range of meter boxes online to match the needs of different commercial and residential users. These meter cupboards are made of different materials, shapes, sizes and are used for different purpose. Hence you can find everything from a surface mounted electric meter box to amazing cupboards to hide electric meter from the outside world. Here are some of the common meter boxes that you can find in the market.  

Surface-mounted boxes 

Surface-mounted meter boxes are common types of meter cabinets that we can see around. These boxes are used in case there is no cavity to build into. You can also use them where a new meter is retro-fitted to the outside walls of an existing building. These boxes are easier to install and are fixed to the solid surface – generally walls. Here the current range includes Mk2 or G70036. They are also specified for new installation and the Mk1 replacement cover. Here the supply enters the meter box via pipe known as a gas raiser tube.   

The recessed meter boxes 

They are normally used in new building housing developments. They are built into the cavity wall, generally moulded architrave protruding by about 60mm. They are normally available either in grey or white colour. Normally they match the size of generally available recessed electricity boxes. Here the gas supply enters the meter box using a pipe known as a raiser tube. This tube is inserted from the bottom of the box located on the right-hand side. This specific design helps to protect the line from ground level to its entry point on the meter box.  

Semi-Buried Gas Meter Boxes  

They are typically used in new build housing developments. A gas meter installation is required but in a less conspicuous location, the box being fitted at a w level and partly buried. Three different models available, National Grid version (G60032), Mitra’s version (G60039), and Connect version (G60055), which are designed to be used with different meters, and it is, therefore, essential to check with the meter connector as to which model is required, as each box type is manufactured specifically to suit different meter types. 

Universal Gas Meter Boxes  

They’re typically used in new build housing developments. These models can accommodate many types of domestic gas meters and can also be installed partially buried in the ground, at ground level or be wall-mounted. Universal meter boxes are already being installed as the optimum solution to house Smart gas meters. Two models are available, the Unibox (G02013) and the Multibox (G60034).  

Tips on how to buy Meter Cabinets online in the UAE

Buying an electric meter cabinet might be a bit harder than you think. Even though you don’t have to be a professional electrician or go through the entire electrical code of the country to buy an electrical plug, there are a few things that you should know about before you choose one. This is essential for ensuring safety and complying with the governmental regulations of the country you are living in. So here are a few tips that you can follow when you are shopping for them.   

  • Type of the meter – The first thing to look for when shopping for plugs is to make sure that you are getting the right type. Each country has its own electric code, and therefore the type of plug varies between countries. In the case of the UAE, the plug you should get is the type G plug that has square sockets for pins.

  • Voltage – Look at the voltage rating of the plug when you buy one. This also varies from country to country. Some countries use a power supply voltage of 230 V. These include countries like India and the UK. The power supply voltage in the USA is 110 V and is unique for the country. If you are buying the electrical plug to use in the UAE, then the rating should be 220 V. However, most plugs will support a range of different voltages.
  • Ampere and wattage rating – Basically, the Amperage of a plug denotes the maximum current that can pass through the plug continuously without causing any overheating or safety issue. Therefore, the ampere rating of a plug is an essential factor to consider when you are buying plugs. However, this is not as difficult as it sounds.
  • Features – Look at the safety features and smart features of the plug when you are buying. But always prioritise safety features in a plug over the smart features, however useful they are. These include fuse inside the plug, movable covering at the plug entrance, etc. Smart features include a built-in USB outlet, voltage regulators, and touch sensors.  

Apart from electrical plugs, some other electrical accessories and installations are a must-have for any facility. These include electrical cables, breakers, ELCBs, and many more. The good news is that you can find all of them easily using our product search engine. This will also let you compare the features and prices of different products and choose the best one among them. Finally, don’t forget to check out other products from the DIY category.  

Question & Answer

What is a 3-phase meter box?

A 3 phase meter box is used to protect your 3 phase meter. The power delivered through 3 phase is ideal for commercial setups of farms that use heavy machinery. However, professional fabrication and contraction are needed as it is really high strength power. Here expert recommends buying meter boxes with GRP making. These boxes are highly water-resistant. Also, they are of good quality and easy to wash, clean and paint.

Why is my meter box beeping?

When the units start exhausting, the prepaid meter starts giving alerts. These alerts are made using continuous built-in alarms that beep. Generally, the alert starts at about the 20k Wh mark. It becomes continuous and faster as you consume the tokens. When the token falls below 5k Wh, it becomes loudest and fastest at its peak. This continuous sound becomes irritating and annoying, specifically at night. However, there are many ways you can stop these sounds and maintain the peace of your place.

Can I lock my electricity meter box?

Yes, you can lock your meter cabinets. There are several reasons why people around the globe prefer locking their electric boxes. Some residential users do this to protect their privacy. In comparison, commercial users prefer locking their meter boxes to prevent property damage. If not done in time, this property damage can be expensive to fix. Also, if the power is disconnected for long, electric devices will malfunction and cause you other damage. So to avoid such disasters, people prefer and have the right to lock their meter boxes.

Where to buy an electric meter box online in the UAE?

Purchasing a DIY product demands some serious knowledge and considerations. Besides the fact that you need to have information about the item in detail, choosing an appropriate item from the list is also important. Luckily there are dozens of brands online selling quality products. You can find all these brands on any retail search engine. For example, at, you can find top trusted global brands like ESB, Legrand, Sintex, Square D, or Western Power.

This is precisely where you will also find products from brands like Control 4, Zigbee, and Insteon and explore global shops to buy products for all your domestic and industrial needs.