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Electrical equipment, cables and wires all go hand in hand. It’s needless to say that today you’ll find different types of wires for various needs. But, in many DIY electrical projects, particularly the ones carried out by non-professionals, there’s one crucial step that’s often overlooked. And that’s identifying the right wire and cable. Remember, regardless of the size of the electrical project, it’s essential to identify every wire and cable properly. And the easiest and most efficient way to do this is to start labelling your lines with the right cable markers or tags. In this guide, we shall look at some of the popular types of cable tags and a few quick tips to choose them wisely. 

Although labelling the wires seems like a simple task, it’s important for any electrics work. We bet, the last thing you want to do is to grapple about trying to figure out which wire fits where. And not identifying the cables can significantly hamper your productivity and can also lead to serious injuries. Hence, labelling your wire is imperative. Besides, labelling the cables and wires not only makes the wire identification easy but also helps you effectively keep track of which wire is which and which wire goes where. Besides, it significantly simplifies the process of altering or adding the cables to any given wire assembly down the road. That said, did you know that there are a variety of cable markers out there? Let’s take a look at some popular types that you can utilise in your project.

The different types of labels for cables and wires

Fortunately, you get several options of cable markers today. However, all of them are different versions of the three major types, which are heat shrink labels, self-laminating wire labels, and standard wire cable tags. Each of them has different characteristics and features. Thus, it’s better to understand them before you buy cable identification tags online. Besides, having adequate product knowledge helps you segregate the product easily. Moreover, it also makes your buying process a breeze. That said, let’s take a detailed look into their popular types.

The standard electrical wire labels

Standard wire markers are high-quality tapes wrapped around the cable with the help of adhesives. More often you’ll see plastic expandable rings version too. These wrap around the circumference of the cables. Further, these cable markers feature identifying marks like a number or colour. These help you easily identify a cable immediately. Plus, we all know that reading text and numbers on thin cables are difficult. The colour and number identification method makes the job much easier when compared to the prior. Moreover, this method is much simpler and more popular too. But, remember, you can use this kind of marker only for single cables, and not for cable bundles.

The heat shrink markers

Heat shrink versions of cable tags are slightly different from the above. It fits around the cables, and then shrink to the size and shape of the cable through heat application. This action ensures that the labels snuggly fit around the wires and cables regardless of their size. Moreover, you can confidently go ahead and pick these models if you cannot afford labels peeling or slipping off your wires. Furthermore, the advanced technology today brings you special military-grade heat-shrink labels. These tags come with a unique structure that withstands radiation exposure and thermal ageing. In short, you can invest in these labels if you’re in search of durable and long-lasting models.

Printable wire labels and pre-printed heat shrink wire labels

Pre-printed cable markers tend to be a wise choice if you do not wish to print labels yourself. This method offers hundreds of different types in more than ten other materials. Besides, it uses some of the best materials in town for this. For instance, it utilises vinyl cloth that offers repositionable markers with high adhesion. Additionally, it’s very conformable too. Similarly, you can also find a vinyl-coated polyester model that offers a low profile that’s great for small wire gauges. Another great material like aluminium foil offers a deposable and very conformable solution that is suitable for outdoor wiring. Moreover, they’re excellent for the automotive industry too.

Tips on how to buy Cable Markers online

Now that you know how useful the cable markers are when labelling your cables and wires, it’s time for you to shop for the best ones. But wait! How do you know which ones are the best among so many options out there? Of course, as experts, you can easily pick your ideal one. But, if you’re just getting started with the process of marking wires, it can be a bit overwhelming. Check out the few tips below to find out which wire marker label options are best for your next job.

  • Figure out your needs – Even before you start browsing for the markers online, you should sort out your needs first. See how many you need and what kind of labels you need to sort out your cables and wires. Since there are a lot of cable markers available on the market; it’s best to know your requirements first. Once you know what you need, then buying the perfect marker for yourself isn’t difficult.
  • Explore the marker types – Doing a bit of research on the product you intend to buy is a wise idea. Try and understand the various types and their features. Look out for the top manufacturers and retailers. Get to know the specifications and features in detail. If you know a lot about the product, it’ll be easier for you to purchase the best cable marker tags among the many out there. Besides, as long as you have adequate information you can confidently buy one.
  • Look out for the wire gauge size – Wire gauze size plays a vital role in determining that self-laminating perform well. Besides, they ensure the sleeve diameter fits the wire you’re using. Moreover, it’s the thickness of the wires that determine the kind of cable markers you need to use to make sure they’ll fit. Hence, make sure you carefully take note of the gauge size of your wires before you buy your cable tags.
  • Go for a durable option – None of us wants to go through the trouble of marking a wire, only to have them replaced often. This is why it’s imperative to get a durable option. You can save yourself time and headaches by ensuring you’ve selected the right materials. Also, while choosing the materials, see if the markers will be in contact with oil, water, or any other minerals. Also, check out if they have self-extinguishing properties.
  • Keep an eye on the materials – As mentioned earlier, you’ll cable markers in different materials. Most of them stand up to your biggest ecological changes. Polyolefin wire markers and sleeves, vinyl cable tags, and nylon tags are some of the standard and best-selling materials. All of them remain legible, offer excellent oil and dirt resistance, and provide superior resistance against chemicals too. Additionally, they’re all great for non-flat surfaces.
  • Consider the marker location – Will you be marking your cables before or after termination? Considering this is essential for properly fitting your tags. Because, if you choose to go with the before termination tags, you need to slip them over the open end of a wire. Whereas, you can use self-laminating and wrap-around wire markers before or after termination. In short, it’s imperative to consider the location of your tags.

Control and clarity are essential in any cable management and with the right cable markers in place, you can easily achieve that. You can quickly install the cable tags in a highly compact manner. This, in turn, helps you save space and time. Try and include the above tips during your search and product weighing process for their pros and cons.

Question & Answer

How do you label a charging cable?

Having multiple mobile sets is a norm these days. And each of these mobile units come with their own set of cords and wires. Keeping track of whose cords are whose, is indeed a daunting task. But, you can follow this simple trick to make the identifying process simple. You can wrap different coloured or patterned, decorative adhesive tapes around each family of chargers and cords. Not only is this trick quick and the easiest, but it’s inexpensive too.

What does the writing on wires and cables mean?

Quite often you shall find cables with letters, numbers and other markings on them. These tell you essential information about the wires. The information includes the size of the wire, type, materials used and the type of insulation used on the conducting wires. Apart from that, they also indicate the cable type or construction as well as the number of wires inside the cable. Above all, they help you identify the wires easily when carrying out a project.

What are the best cable markers?

The word ‘best’ in the case of cables markers define many things. This includes the best price, value for money, durability, and of course, the quality of the tags. Furthermore, they’re the ones that help you quickly identify any cables with just a glance. Brands like Partex, Brady, Craftmark, SES, and Snap-On bring you a wide range of high-quality cable markers. The products from these brands ensure the best quality and durability too.

Where can you buy the cheapest cable tags online?

Labelling your cables and wires have become imperative. And luckily, many manufacturers have figured that out. Today, you can find different types of cable markers on the market. And they’re available to you in various price ranges. However, if you wish to secure the best quality product with the best prices, then look no further than Our product search engine lays out several options at different price ranges for you to make a choice. Besides, you also get to buy cable marker kits online in UAE from your favourite online stores.