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About Lamp Holder

Properly lighting your house can improve the mood and create a warm ambience around how rooms. You can also avoid issues such as eye fatigue and accidents in the workplace by ensuring proper lighting. However, it can be challenging to achieve proper lighting without the right lamp holder and lamp fittings.  

Without any doubt, lamp holders are an essential part of proper home lighting. Most people fail to consider protecting their eyes or increasing the aesthetics of their property when buying fixing for their homes. They come with features to help protect our eyes from direct light and also beautify our homes. Without this, one could risk damaging their eyes if they continually stare at the bare bulb. Another primary role of lamp fittings is directing light where you want it to go. Installing bulbs without it can be inefficient since the light goes out equally in all directions. That is why you need to buy a lamp holder for a standard lamp if you have a light installation project in your home. On this page, we will unveil more information so that you can pick the best ones. 

Different bulb holder types to suit different purposes 

Selecting a proper type is a critical step in the process of designing lighting equipment. When looking for a lamp holder for sale online in the UAE, you will have myriads of choices. However, one should consider aspects such as size, lumen, bulb life and energy efficiency while picking one. Although they differ, in terms of construction and designs, they all have a locking mechanism for holding a bulb in place. Also, the locking mechanism allows for a secure connection between a holder and a bulb. Before you buy lamp fittings online in the UAE, you may want to consider the aspects mentioned above. Once you understand your requirements, be right here for top quality and affordable varieties. It is always advisable to select a bulb first before reviewing a lamp holder.   

Protect your eyes with a brass lamp holder  

They have been in the market for many years, although many styles and finishes have come and disappeared. These are top-quality and durable due to their strong designs and material used for construction. Most homes use lamp fittings such as e27 lamp holders for wall lights. A brass lamp holder combines style, quality, and durability, making them the best lamp holder for wall light. If you have a lampshade with a smaller 28mm aperture, you should buy an adapter to ensure these brass lamp holders are compatible with it. When buying cheap brass lamp holders, ensure you consider aspects of your requirements. 

Properly direct light with a black lamp holder  

Although they are not so common, some people use black lamp holders in their homes. If you wish to create a vintage look around your home, then these black holders are the best option. With many designs and styles, black holders are commonly constructed using Bakelite. In most parts of the world, Bakelite has been replaced by modern plastics, which are used to construct modern black lamp fittings. However, some people still buy and use bulb holders made from Bakelite as a classic retro material for a vintage touch. For a stunning light fitting, load this lamp holder with a vintage light bulb. 

Improve the aesthetics in your rooms with a bulb holder  

As we all know, proper lighting in your home can significantly improve how your room looks. A lamp holder plays a very important role when it comes to lighting your home. These bulb holders can help concentrate or direct the light in one direction or a single spot. If you have a desk lamp, you need a lamp fitting that suits the design to ensure you can do your work on the desk without worrying about damaging your eyes. The only place where you can pass on installing it is a corner where the risk of staring at a bare bulb is low. However, bulb holders can be crucial in ensuring your light bulb last longer. That is why you need to visit our online shop whenever you need to buy the best heat lamp holder.  

Shunted versus non-shunted lamp holder  

Even though lighting is all around us, most people still do not understand some concepts. Lighting can be complex for anyone, especially people that do not have the basic knowledge concerning the topic. For instance, choosing between a shunted and a non-shunted lamp holder is a challenge to most buyers. These lamp fittings serve the same purpose, holding light bulbs in place, regardless of the minor differences. However, using the wrong type can be catastrophic as it can lead to the melting of sockets and, sometimes, fire hazards. That’s why you should involve a professional when buying a Havells bulb holder. You can visit for purchase once you decide on the best lamp holder that suits your needs and requirements.  

Tips on how to buy Lamp Holder

Buying it for your house can be a necessity or for aesthetic purposes. It can be challenging to find the best variety, as there are many decisions to make. For instance, you have to decide on colour, price, design style and other aspects when choosing it. If you want to create a beautiful and livable home, you need to invest a lot of time choosing a bulb holder. Below is a list of factors that can help you choose the best lamb holder for your home.

  • Consider requirements – When buying a lamp holder, you should always ensure you know what you need. With many options, choosing one can be overwhelming. However, understanding your requirements can help you narrow down your search to the best options.
  • Compare prices – The prices vary from one shop to the other. Often, the quality of a bulb holder determines its price. Therefore, you should always strive to find a balance between the cost and the quality.
  • Shop for it online – Shopping online is one of the best ways to buy a lamp holder for your needs. Most online shops have free delivery services on top of their crazy discounts and offers. Therefore, you can save lots of money while getting quality products when you shop online for them.
  • Check online reviews – Before buying it online, ensure you check out the online reviews. Online reviews can help you get the best quality lamp fittings as they represent how satisfied customers are with a particular product. Ensure you confirm if the reviews are genuine to avoid getting scammed.
  • Ask for recommendations – You can ask a friend or lighting professional to help you choose the best lamp holders. Asking for help is important, especially if you have less knowledge concerning lighting. Seeking recommendations can save you both time and money since making the wrong choice can lead to both money and time wastage.

Provided you know what your requirements are, buying a lamp holder shouldn’t be a challenging task. Since there is a lot of information out there, there is not much technical stuff you have to dive into. Still, if you need, ask an expert at the store or a friend of yours while making a selection. However, the guidelines above can help you make better decisions to choose the right type. Once you know what you need and you are in search of top-quality holders, you can find them right here on our product search engine. Find the best brands here like Philips, Havells, Deta, Legand, and Sonoff. For any of your needs, check out for affordable products.

Question & Answer

What are the different types of lamp holders?

Choosing a bulb holder for your home can be challenging as they come in numerous variations. Some of the common bulb holder types include Edison screw, bayonet base and wedge base lamp fittings. It is important to understand what types are suitable for use with a given lamp to ensure you choose a bulb holder compatible with your lighting system. Also, some adapters and reducers can be used to make lamp holders compatible with different bulb types. These adapters also offer energy saving benefits that make them the best option for use with larger bulbs. Check out our offers on different types of bulb holders at

Where to buy lampshade holders online in the UAE?

Once you have determined what you need, the next step is buying a lamp shade holder. Finding the right place to buy such products can be a challenging experience for most people. However, you do not have to worry because we at have a huge collection of lampshade holders offered by trusted stores. Over here, we have brought together over 500 online stores so that one can have a lot to choose from. Find reasonable prices and amazing deals here on just lampshade holders but also other electrics stuff. Moreover, you can also explore other things under DIY category right here. So, go ahead and buy now!

How to install a lamp holder?

Installing a bulb holder in your lighting system is the next step after purchasing. The lamp holder installation should not be a challenge, provided you have some basic knowledge about the product. When installing a bulb holder, follow these instructions: First, turn off the power to avoid the risk of electric shocks, remove the globe from the socket and test for power using a non-contact tester to ensure you are safe from electric shocks. After testing, you should disconnect the wiring and remove the socket. Finally, install the new socket, fix the globe and turn on the power.

What is a keyless lamp holder?

The keyless lamp holder is a simple ceiling fixture that is controlled by a switch. This light fixture has the special application of providing lighting in areas such as pantries, closets, basements, and some remote areas. They are called so because Edison developed the key to switch on and off the light. This brought the use of wall switches far from the fixture. When these became more common, the fixtures or lamp holders without the integral switch would be called “keyless” fixtures. It means no switch for operation.