Cable Connectors

About Cable Connectors

Cables and cable connectors are ubiquitous in today’s connected world filled with communication devices. You are going to need them for your computer, car, TV, smartphone, internet, and whatnot.

A connector is actually the metal contact at the end of a cable that enables you to connect it to a compatible jack or socket. This will help you complete the communication circuit and allow the device to do whatever it is supposed to do. When choosing a new plug or a connector, there is a range of variables you need to take into account. The number and type of pins, as well as the amperage and voltage involved, are just some of them. Read this article to find out more about cable connectors. Having a better understanding of them will help you make the right choices while shopping for them.

Different types of cable connectors

Electrical cables were first used in the nineteenth century. Well, this is not surprising as it was the same time when Edison invented electricity. But those cables were quite simple. However, modern electrical devices have grown more powerful and complex. This has also created a need for different types of cables and, as a result, cable connectors. In order to be able to find the right type of connector for your need, you should have at least a basic idea about these connectors. Here is a list of the four most common types of cable connectors.

RCA cable

There is hardly any consumer electronics that use RCA cables today. Another way of putting it is that RCA is almost an obsolete standard. But if you have a television or DVD player from ten years ago, you might find that they use RCA connectors. RCA connectors have three leads on either side. There will be the yellow connector that carries the video signal, and the white and red one that carries the left and right audio. A typical RCA cable will be around one metre long, although there are some longer versions of the same.

XLR cables

This connection standard is used exclusively in professional audio gear. So, it is XLR cables that connect the microphone to the amplifiers and sometimes even amplifiers to the speakers. There used to be XLR connectors with seven different pin configurations: two-pin, three-pin, four-pin, five-pin, six-pin, seven pins, and the PDN connector. Out of these two pin connectors are obsolete because of the availability of better options that are affordable to the average consumer. Connectors with higher pin configurations are also useful in applications like stage lighting and video transmission.

USB connector

USB is the acronym for Universal Serial Bus. This connector has dominated the world of computer peripherals for the last twenty years and even today. Continuous innovations and huge improvements in performance from generation to generation have made USB connectors quite useful and relevant. The latest standard in the industry is USB 4.0 that uses USB-C for power supply. USB 4.0 can support a file transfer speed of up to forty gigabytes per second. This is four times faster than the thunderbolt connectors that can simultaneously transfer 10 Gbs of data in either direction.

HDMI connector

One of the oldest standards for digital video transmission used to be the VGA cables. They were ubiquitous in computers and DVD players. However, the downside was the small display resolution and also the lack of support for audio transfer. HDMI came out during the early 2000s with a huge leap in both video transmission speed and also added support for simultaneous 6.1 audio channels. The later versions of HDMI could also support internet connectivity as well. However, as we started watching videos in 4K and 8K, the DisplayPort standard seems to be the latest trend. DisplayPort 2.0 can even support 16K HDR video at 60 Hz.

Tips on how to buy Cable Connectors Online

At first, buying the right kind of cable connector might seem like a really simple thing to do. However, because there are hundreds of different connectors out there, trying to find the appropriate one can be overwhelming. Despite that, it is essential to use the connector that suits your device. However, it is going to be easier to find out if you know what criteria to consider in them. Here are a few things you should keep in mind while shopping for cable connectors online.

  • Type of connector – First of all, you have to figure out what type of connector you should be using. This is also the trickiest part of the whole process. You have to be really careful about the type of connector you choose. Using the wrong type of connector can mean either it doesn’t work or in the worst case, completely damage the device. So, using the wrong type of connector can sometimes be costly.
  • Compatibility – Even the same type of connectors usually has different generations. In the case of HDMI, there are HDMI 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 2, and 2.1. Not all of these are backwards compatible. That means, using a connector from a different generation might not work with your device.
  • Cable length – The length of the cable dictates how far you can place the device from the port. For household connections, a cable length of three-metre is going to be more than enough. Having a cable that is much longer than necessarily means you have to deal with the extra length. Industrial or office applications might require longer cables.
  • Quality of the connector – One of the things to be careful while buying a cable connector is the quality of the connector itself. There are many cheap connectors on the market that do not give you the proper fit. Some of them are too loose or too tight. This can seriously affect the performance of whatever device is that you are connecting. Moreover, a poor quality connector can sometimes damage the jack as well.

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Question & Answer

What is a network cable connector?

A network cable connector is any type of connector that is generally used for networking. Interestingly, there are many different network cable standards. The most common ones are CAT5, CAT5e, and CAT6 connectors. These are used for both digital and analogue signal transmission between low power devices. These connectors also have the ability to carry power so as to power the telephone or whatever low power device is connected to it. Another common networking cable standard is RJ45 connectors. Beyond these, modern fibre optic cables use connectors that are different from these.

What are fibre optic cable connectors?

Fibre optic cables are relatively new technology. Even though they have been in existence even back in the 1950s, it was only in the last decade that they became common among the masses. These days, direct to home fibre optic internet connection is becoming the new gold standard. However, there are sixteen different types of fibre optic connectors. Some of the most common types of fibre optic connectors include a bionic connector, ferrule core connector, plastic fibre optic connector, LX-5 connector, volition connector, and MT-RJ connector.

Where to buy cable connectors online in the UAE?

Cable connectors are an essential part of any digital and analogue communication. The quality and type of cable that you use can have a huge impact on the quality and reliability of the network. That is why you should be really careful about the type of connector that you buy. Moreover, you should also buy it from a good store as well. One of the best places to look for them is, of course, It is incredibly easy to find the right type of connector using our retail search engine. You will also get to buy them at really affordable prices as well.

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