Frequency Controller

About Frequency Controllers

A frequency controller is a common name used for variable frequency drive or VFD. It is also known as adjustable frequency drive, variable-voltage/ variable-frequency drive, variable speed drive, microdrive, frequency inverter drive or AC drive.

This is a particular type of motor drive that is used in electro-mechanical drive systems to control AC motor speed and torque by varying motor input frequency and voltage. These devices are commonly used in applications ranging from small appliances to large compressors and other industrial applications. Systems that use VFDs are more efficient than using throttling control of fluid flow like damper controls in fans. In addition, unlike their ancestors, modern-day VFD devices come at a lesser cost and smaller sizes to fit in any mechanical setting.

Benefits of using VFD drivers or frequency controllers

With bearable cost and smaller size, the VFD controller has become a widely accepted device in an industrial setting. As a result, the potential for retrofits and new project installation is still higher. Moreover, the demand for energy-saving and process control continues to deliver higher growth. These smaller parts are efficiently serving the two main mechanical parts – fans and pumps. However, with current demands of lesser overall demand on power grids, many utility companies are offer rebates and, in many cases, products with virtually no cost to the user. In the meantime, these small devices are successful in offering the following advantage to the users.

Reduces energy consumption

Besides being a cheaper product for your electric system, the VFD is also efficient in delivering higher performance with minimum energy consumption. Also, if you do not want to run your application at full speed, cut down the energy costs by controlling the motor with a VFD. It gives you the flexibility to match the speed of motor-driven equipment to the load requirement. And when we speak of AC, there are no other ways to get the job done. So, if you have an AC based motor, you need to get a suitable VFD for lesser energy consumption and better performance at cheaper rates.

Increased production

These motors offer increased productions with their tighter process controls. And by operating your motor at the most efficient speed of your application, lesser mistakes will occur. As a result, the product level will increase, which will earn your business the highest revenues possible. For instance, if your industrial process includes any size or capacity of belts and conveyors, a VFD will eliminate the jerks on the start-up, allowing a higher and throughput. As a result, you will have better performance and increased productivity in less time.

Equipment like and maintenance

The VFD also has an impact on the lifecycle of the machine and every single of its part. Besides, it also keeps the engine in better working condition; thus, lesser maintenance needed over time. Ensuring optimal motor application speed does all of this. Furthermore, as the VFD offers better control over the voltage and frequency, it will offer protection from issues like phrase protection, electro thermal overloads, over and under-voltage. And at times, it is also an excellent way to decrease or eliminate the water hammer since it offers smooth acceleration and deceleration cycles.

Control over starting current

Generally, when an AC motor starts, it takes up to seven to eight times of motor current to start. This starting current flexes the motor windings, generating heat. Over time this heat reduces the longevity of the motor. But a VFD drive helps the motor to start with zero frequency and voltage. As the voltage and frequency are built, it magnetizes the motor windings that typically take about 50 to 70% of the full-load current. Additional current above this level depends on the connected load and the acceleration speed. In simple words, the entire phenomenon helps in a balanced flow of current hence lesser harm and extended motor life.

Tips on how to buy Frequency Controller online in the UAE

With such excellent benefits, it is evident that you have made your mind to buy adjustable frequency drivers online in the UAE. But do you have any idea about the types of best VFD drive motors to acknowledge that you can find online? We assure not all of you will have the idea of various options and brands that one will have to explore to find bets VFD drive price and quality in the market. And with so many options, finding an ideal VFD can be a complicated task, especially if you are a novice person. And to help such people, we are here with some tips on how you can buy the best VFD online in the UAE. First, let us review the factors you need to consider.

  • Check the HP and FLA of Motor – HP stands for the motor’s Horsepower and is a wonderful way to search for the right device for your application. At the same time, the FLA stands for the Full Load Amps. Therefore, you will need to compare the FLA of the motor with the amp rating of VFD you are considering buying. For all this information, you can refer to the product description section.
  • Check the voltage – For a three-phase circuit, it is necessary to match the voltage of VFD and motor with the available voltage at the site. But for a single-phase, the selection process demands a check for VFD greater than 3 HP, a drive built for three–phase input, and the one that is appropriately sized according to the size of your application.
  • Check the speed range – As a general rule, any motor should not be run at any less than 20% of the given speed allowed. If it runs lesser than that without any auxiliary motor cooling, it will overheat.  Hence, it would help if you had a VFD for your motor that keeps a balance in starting and closing speed of the motor, accordingly managing the temperature.
  • The control methods – VFD is all about offering you complete control over the speed of the motor. And there are many control methods available in the VFDs. Your options include open-switch, two-wire control, and 3-wire control systems. Each of these types is suitable for a specific variety of the circuit and applications. So, you need to know your application needs and capacity before buying one.
  • Consider the application type – The VFDs are majorly meant for two application types: constant torque (CT) and variable torque (VT).  Each of these has a separate rating. You can use the VT rating for fans and pumps. In contrast, the CT rating is best for general machine controls or conveyors. It is important to buy a VFD according to the application to get the best results possible.
  • Consider the altitude – The altitude of the VFD plays a key role in the cooling process. As the altitude increases, the air becomes less dense, which affects the cooling properties of air. Most of the frequency controllers are designed to perform 100% at altitudes of up to 1000m. But if you are on a higher altitude, you must go for an oversized controller.

For any DIY essentials, including high quality branded electrical products, you should know about the product. It is also important to understand the importance of compatibility of different elements in the circuit. If you are not sure about the product, look for professional assistance as a small displacement in the circuit can cost you a lot. In addition, you might lose your machine forever or any other loss due to the deficient performance of the machine.

Question & Answer

What is the best Frequency Controller in the market?

The ideal option for your particular circuit depends on the current type, along with a few other factors and technical specifications. However, some of the bestsellers include AC 220V 4000W SCR Voltage Regulator Dimming, the AC 380V VFD Adjustable 3-phase Variable speed motor controller or the VFD Speed Controller For 2.2kW Inverter. We highly recommend you consult an expert to find an appropriate frequency controller for your device in another case.

How does a frequency drive work?

If you are operating it from a continuous frequency power source, you will find an AC induction motor fixed speed device. A variable frequency controls the speed of this AC motor with different built-in frequencies. The magnetic fields in the motor cause current to flow in the rotor windings and produce a torque that turns the rotor. The speed of the rotor is also referred to as the slip of the motor. And higher the slip more the torque being produced.

What is the difference between VFD and Servo drives?

A VFD drive is a power control device that converts the power frequency or power source into another frequency with the help of an on/off function of the power semiconductor device. At the same time, a servo system is an automatic control system that enables an output-controlled amount of an object to follow an arbitrary change of any into a target or a given value. Its main task is to enlarge, control and transform the power according to the given control command.

Where can I buy a Frequency Controller?

Frequency controllers are an important part of any household. And keeping their role in offering comfort in mind, there is no space for any compromise as you will not want to overspend or slow down the fan at night or lose control over lights when the guests are around. So always head to a reliable retail search engine to buy trusted products from top global brands online. For instance, at , you can buy products from GE, Grundfos, Hitachi, L&T, and LG.

Moreover, you can find and compare prices of products from brands like HP, ABB, Schneider, Danfoss, and Eaton. At you can also find products from brands like Cal-Royal, Geze, or Securitron.

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