About Insulators

Just so you know, insulators are also collectables, and many such in the hands of collectors are 70 to 145 years old. Since insulation has had its presence since 1870, you can predict the application being wide and diverse. From clothing to various industries, insulators are invisible heroes and fundamental products to be used.

To insulate means separating or covering with a nonconducting material to prevent electricity, heat, or sound leakage. So, insulators on line wires must meet three basic needs. The first one is them being fast-drying nonconducting material. The second requirement is to hold the line wire in place, and the third is to stay intact on the pole. This is about electrical insulation, and if you go looking for the best thermal insulators, you will find their requirements different.

Types of electrical insulation

Pin, suspension, strain, stay, and shackle are five types of electrical insulations. They all differ in shape, size, and applications. On a broad brush, pin, suspension, and strain types find their use in medium to high voltage systems. However, stay and shackle ones are for low voltage applications. You can explore all these variants at and buy an electric insulator online in the UAE. In case you find materials instead, you can check out the 3M brand for various types of insulating papers available there. More you can find upon visiting.

The basic group of insulator materials

Insulators are grouped by the number of different characteristics, and the first is the material. They could be glass, porcelain, or non-glass like wood, plastic, or rubber. Then, they can also be grouped as the number of parts. Some products are Unipart, meaning a one-piece insulator. On the other hand, you can see multipart products either cemented together or used together on the line. The third grouping is threading characteristics in which some threads with internal screw threads and some remain threadless with smooth pinholes. Depending on your budget, you can buy these types from cheap insulators to high-end ones.

The reason for different shapes of insulators

Many companies have patented their shapes, design, or other attributes. For example, one such shape has a 1/2″ pinhole used as an electric fence insulator. The reason for different shapes lies in the application. Some designs hold the lines wire more efficiently to increase the insulation ability. As line wires got heavier, the shape has to change to meet the requirements. As you go on buying pin insulators online in the UAE or any other type, you will notice the difference in shapes.

Five thermal insulator materials

The list of five materials includes fibreglass, mineral wool, cellulose, polyurethane foam, and polystyrene, out of which the last three are flammable. There are materials available other than these five. One of them is aerogel used by NASA to construct heat resistant tiles. There are also natural fibres like hemp, sheep’s wool, cotton, and straw that behave like thermal types. The most common application of them is in your winter clothes. We hope you are clear with the insulating material.

Tips on how to buy Insulators online

The applications of insulation are diverse due to which you will find multiple products available online. You need to choose the one that suits your purpose, budget, and personal preferences. It would help you if you consider a few points before starting to explore the products. Here, we have compiled some for your convenience.

  • R-value – This value measures resistance. An appropriate R-value can even lower your energy bills. For example, thermal jackets for very cold climates come with temperature written over it. So, after the written temperature, the jacket will not be insulated anymore and will allow heat transfer. Not all products provide the same percentage of insulation. You must keep it in mind before buying.
  • Soundproofing – If you live nearby a busy road, you will hear all kinds of noises all day. Therefore, to minimise airborne noises, you can insulate the walls with injection foam. You can spray them into the cavities of the wall, which leads to sound dampening. They also provide the R-value and air sealing benefits.
  • Flammability – Some products are more flammable than others, and as a homeowner, you should be investing in fire safety strategies. With that being said, you should avoid insulation products like cellulose because they can become flammable. You should always consider buying a product with high scores in fire safety standards. You can also ask an expert here to guide you towards the right product.
  • Allergens – Insulators can become allergens and pose a significant health risk. You should consider having products without cellulose, fibreglass, and rock wool. Here, a good alternative is injection foam with unique properties to eliminate the risk of irritants and allergens.

We hope the tips will help you make an informed decision. Along with the tips, you should also keep a list of worthy brands handy. A few of the brands’ mentions include 3M, Aspen, and IEC. You can find them all on our retail search engine . Other than expecting quality products, you can also check out insulators for sale online in the UAE.

Question & Answer

What is a glass insulator?

Have you ever seen telephone lines? If yes, then you must have seen dome-shaped glass things on top. Well, those glass things are glass electrical insulators. You can google if you are not aware of such a thing. So, by glass insulating, electricity or telephone calls do not leak into the pole or the earth. Without them, telephone calls would not be able to make even a hundred feet. Talking long hours or long distances would be just a dream.

What is a thermal insulator?

You are strolling outdoors and suddenly started to get very cold. What do you do at this point? You put on your jacket or shawl or whatever winter clothes you have. And these clothes keep you warm because they are thermally insulated. They reduce the transfer of heat outside and keep you warm. So, thermal types are all concerned with heat transfer, unlike glass ones that reduce electricity transfer. We hope you are clear with this type of insulation.

Why is rubber a good insulator?

Rubber types have been a thing since 1870 but what do rubber resists? Every type has a special power to limit the transfer of either heat or electricity. Similarly, rubbers resist water and electricity, and the reason for that is their tightly bound molecules. They are so compact and tightly bound that they refuse to share with neighbouring atoms. As a result, the electrons are very difficult to break apart. It requires a lot of external energy to break the insulation power of rubber.

Where to buy plastic insulators online in the UAE?

It’s been centuries that people are involved in the hobby collection of insulators, so they keep on finding more. You can be a collector, DIY enthusiast, or professional looking for a perfect product. You can find just the right thing on our product search engine. Here, you can find all kinds, different brands, trustworthy shops, and deals you can’t say no to. Above all, ours is an easy-to-use platform that lets you save your time as well.

With all the handy information you just got, we think you are ready to shop smart for the type you want. Our platform, is the one for a seamless shopping drive. Not just the right requirement of insulators, but you can also explore various electrical products here.

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